Sunday, February 8, 2009

Would Obama have a grand bargain with Islamic regime of Iran?

I am not sure how it’s gonna affect human rights situation in Iran but if it opens up Islamic Iran to the world and pushes it to commitment to international laws and treaties then I am sure it will have significant affect on every aspect of Iranian lives but at the same time, there is a possibility that a grand bargain would change Islamic Iran’s human rights situation to something worse, like Saudi Arabia which in fact by looking back to Islamic Iran’s behavior during past 30 years.

I guess a grand bargain with Islamic Iran can convert "hostile Iran" to ally for the US and at the best, Islamic Iran will behave like Shah Regime towards people.


  1. But then, Americans are dreamers! And who can ever blame them for trying? It's the land of dreams and hope after all isn't it?

    I hope very much that it will always be that way, and I hope very much that Iran will be opened up for the people and not for just those in power. There is so much greatness in Iran.