Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dad interrogated for his son role in The Wrestler

Goes around comes around!

This story blows my mind once again about Islamic Iran and how moron authorities in Iran react while they keep living with their hypocrisy.

Here is the story, Armin Amiri played Ram’s role in “The Wrestler” movie in the US then Iranian authorities took his dad for questioning. In the movie scene he broke the Iranian flag so they took his dad, a retired, questioned and detained him for 36 hours. They called his son a traitor and insulted him on playing gay role in another movie. First he didn't do anything wrong, second, what it has to do with his dad?!

I really try to understand this level of sensitivity for breaking flag scene but at the same time I can’t grasp where this level of hypocrisy comes from?! If breaking flag is such a taboo that you hardly accept even a movie scene, why would you burn American and Israeli flags in Iran? What does give you right to burn, break and step on other countries flag?!

Only bunch of Islamic hypocrites and cowards are running Iran and as long as they are having control over our country, there is no end to people’s suffer. I should add it here too, in any discussion with Muslims; I found they are very biased towards Islamic countries’ problems and very soon they divert to the US or Israel. As long people in that region don’t grow up and don’t judge themselves, politicians and leaders we will see Muslim countries remain backward and will go to the abyss.

Hat tips: The New York Observer

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