Sunday, March 15, 2009

Executed souls can’t make change

I was talking with some who recently moved out of Iran and it seems they lost their faith in this country; I am better off to say they lost faith in themselves. They don't believe they can change this country to better, to a modern nation. Their spirits amputated and there is no prosthetic for that.

Executed souls can't make change.


  1. I am one of Iranians who has lost his optimism...

  2. I don't agree with you! There are still many people inside Iran attempting to make change. Students, journalists, .....they are all in the hope of a better future for their country. Those leaving Iran might have become disappointed but what percentage of Iranians have left Iran? If you wanna discover the truth, ask those who stay in Iran despite all of the difficulties not those who reached the end of the road and left the country.

  3. I didn’t intend to minimize what activists are up to, in fact I am proud of them but they are exceptions. I wrote about most young people who just don’t have confidence to stand for their rights which unfortunately they are in majority. In totalitarian regimes, they destroy people’s courage, execute their souls and they inject their doctrine in school system and that was my point that we have to stop it. Think if we most people would stand up for their rights, would you think mullahs were our faith?! I don’t think so.

    We have to work on our children’s character and put more emphasis on principles and at the same time, we have to open their minds and reduce the indoctrination that they get in schools everyday.

  4. By the way don't look at the percentage that left as a figure, look at what brains we lost. They are our real treasures, you know.

  5. What treasures you are talking about my friend?! I've been in Canada since 4 years ago during which met a huge number of the treasures you're talking about. Yes, you are right. They've been the most talented individuals sometime coming from the best universities in Iran. But, what are they now?! You've been here as well my friend. You know what I'm talking about. Doing a phD or whatever in the best western universities doesn't prove anything. What I've seen here is the people with sheer idleness moving towards nowhere as fast as possible. The only things they've learned are to drink, to go to parties, talking about the most nonsense subjects all the time. Some selfish, proud people just thinking about their own personal life, making more money in the future, finding a better girl/boyfriend, buying a better house and more expensive car who never ever care about what is happening for their homeland. They don't even care about their families back home anymore! Are these the treasures you are talking about my friend?! Our real treasures are still in Iran. Those who chose not to sell their love and hope for their own personal future. They are my real hope even though no one calls them "big shots"! Ordinary simple people who never give up and have no claim to fame!

  6. At some period in life, people focus on personal advancement and people take different agendas, and I do not to judge anybody’s personal choice.

    Everywhere people move out, come back but what makes our people to go out and not look back again? The answer lies within our society, regime structure and etc. and as long as we don't work on our school system, tomorrow won't be any different than today.

    The issue that you’re referring too is different topic and if you want to, you can post something here and you’re very welcome.