Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Iran sweeps shelves out of USA and Israel products

In couple of days ago, Islamic Iran’s police once again issued an official order to remove anything marked with USA and Israel name or flag from the shelves. It continues “including products with English terms like ‘USA, USA ARMJ (I guess they meant Army), BEAR USA’ and destructive cultural pictures and phrases like ‘Play Boy, Rap, Heavy Metal, Halloween’ and star and cartoon names like ‘Barbie, Spiderman, Superman, Robinson family and etc.’

In this notice they asked Iranian police to aggravate their control over producers and distributors of products that fit into above criteria and report periodically, at least every 15 days to the public places control department. Note that the public places control department controls any place that people go and come; it can be shop, private company and even offices.

This order sent to police stations and retailers guild.



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