Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Iranian bloggers under death threat

Blogging can lead you to death in Iran, quite differently than what is going on in free world. Bloggers have been arrested on different occasions and spent their lives in prison, some of them still are in prison and some of them died suspiciously in prison.

Now in fear of ever growing Iranian blogosphere, they want to use these scare tactics to get people off of the blogs. But in the repressed society that media is government owned and freedom of expression is excessively oppressed, blogging is the last resort for people to express themselves.

Islamic regime is founded based on Islamic values and anything that threat that ideology is damned by authorities so I suggest Iranian bloggers specially atheists bloggers should be very careful at the meantime and ladies’ blogger try not to express yourself at all, they will charge you on prostitution. Guess most bloggers generally fit in corruption cases. Islam doesn’t need you to write, go pray! Don’t you want to pray? Okay let's go prison.


  1. Hope it will get better soon...

    Derek - Warsaw

  2. That is terrible, but sometimes things have to get worse before they get better. I am optimistic for the future of Iran.

    Daniel - Seattle, WA USA

  3. Hey buddy, good comments, good to hear u after many years.

    you made it on march 09 and it really went true after june

    Good Luck