Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Petition to free American journalist

Roxana Saberi is an American journalist who has been imprisoned in Iran since late January. She was first arrested for purchasing wine (which is illegal in Iran) and held without charges for over a month. On April 8 she was suddenly charged with espionage and on April 18, based on a closed, one day trial, Ms. Saberi was sentenced to eight years in prison for spying for the United States, a charge the White House denies as "baseless."

Please sign the petition to Free Roxana Saberi.


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  2. there is one thing I don't understand: if alchool is forbidden in iran, who was selling her the wine? (I suppose buying is as illegal as selling) were they arrested too?

    sara (portugal)

  3. @ Sara

    It could be a bogus story. Police forces usually know retail alcoholic drink providers in black market and for some cash (it is not bribe though because police "asks" for money), everything is fine with corrupted police.