Sunday, April 19, 2009

Politics of Roxana Saberi’s case

Roxana Saberi an American journalist convicted for spying for foreign intelligence services sentenced to 8 years prison after a short trial behind closed doors.

She initially accused of buying Alcoholic drink, then working without press credentials and finally with espionage! But her dad believes that they coerced her to confess, a method that Iranian interrogators use all the time either with physical torture or mental torture they push people to the edge then would ask people to say whatever they want and instead they will make easy for them to get out, and because they isolate people and don’t let them to have lawyer at first, so accused would fall for anything and end up saying things that they have never done that.

Known Islamic Iran’s regime for past 30 years, politics affected her case, either they want to exchange Roxana with Iranian hostages in Iraq or Mr. Ahmadinejad will support her rights to his advantage to gain some attention for upcoming elections.

Unfortunately judicial system in Iran has nothing to do with justice and this regime have proven records of human rights abuses. Iranian regime publicly takes hostages from peaceful civilians and uses them as pawn to get what the want and this is not the first time.

That should alarm all of us. We need to send our strongest message against these atrocities; it should stop now and forever. Civilized world shouldn’t stand on the sideline and watch regimes with abusing human rights record get away with this sort of behavior. will keep you update about her status and case.


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