Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poverty Increasing in Iran

I read nytimes and I like how they put out there opposite opinions and that’s kinda like a playground for grownups.

On April 9, I read this opinion about “increased standard of living and declining poverty in Iran” from Salehi-Isfahani who presumably is a professor of economics! I was astonished to read a miscalculated ad misinformed result from an economic professor then I dug the net and find out this professor using “$2 per person day rate” international norm for absolute poverty instead of using Calorie-based stats provided by Central Bank of Iran. (link)

On March 18, 2009 Hossein Raghfar Iranian Economic professor and poverty mapping expert said to Farsnews agency "with a possible 35 percent inflation and skyrocketing prices, a family of five living in capital would be in absolute poverty if they can’t make 8,500,000 Rilas monthly income”. Also minimum wage for Iranian Blue-collar workers announced which will set at 2,635,200 Rials ($268) monthly.

"This time last year, we predicted that that the poverty line for Tehran would be around 7,800,000 Rials for a family of five in last year, and we saw that the Central Bank released the same figure for the country's major cities later on in the year," he added. He continued “defining national poverty line in Iran is meaningless due to extreme differences in distribution of income, development and lack of balance across the country”

Despite that fact that Ministry of Welfare and Social Security is responsible to provide poverty threshold but they have been kept quite since 2005 and has not announced any data since then but they keep suggesting “According to International norms people who earn $1 per day fit in the absolute poverty population and so we don’t have such thin in Iran and nobody leaves in absolute poverty”

I guess we should experiment something with these guys and then we will ask their opinion about poverty and poverty line. For instance let's pay them $10 daily and compare to international norm of poverty line they won’t be considered in absolute poverty and let’s see how they are gonna end up living in metropolitan areas in Iran and trust me they will starve to death because they won’t afford to pay rent with this amount of money.

Hat tips: Nytimes, Iran's poverty line increased, FarsNews Agency (Persian language), IRNA (Persian language)


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