Saturday, April 4, 2009

Toilet Prayers in Islam

In Islam there is a rule for everything even entering toilet! First there is a prayer that keeps Muslim safe from invisible evil spirits, remember they are invisible and lots of them are in toilets, and there is a another prayer before they come out of toilet. Don’t ask me why?! I am not making up stories. Muslims should enter to toilet with left foot and come out with right foot! Just take a look at following photos:

On toilet doors read (translation from Persian language): “enter with your left foot”

On toilet door reads (translation from Persian language): “exit with your right foot”

So here is the prayer before entering toilet “O Allah, I seek refuge in Thee from wicked and noxious things.” and prayer before leaving toilet "Thy Pardon. Praise be to Allah who relieved me from the suffering and game me health."

I don't know why there is not a prayer to digest all our foods at once and somehow magically remove urgency for toilet at the first place?! Instead of having prayer to seek refuge from invisible evil spirits! I guess muhammad didn't know about evolution by natural selection theory.

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  1. پاینده ایران
    با درود
    با تارنمای شما از لیست امضا کنندگان نامه به خامنه ای آشنا شدم با اجازه شما را لینک نمودم در صورتیکه مرا لایق دانستید شما هم این کار را انجام دهید.
    با سپاس
    میثاق آزاد

  2. i dont agree with mollahs and their activities but as a suggestion i should tell u please dont tell anything if you are not sure. your comment "they are invisible and lots of them are in toilets" seems like a joke rather than a logical report.maybe people who dont have information about islam beleive u but what about people who know the main reason of these prayers?

  3. It is just satirical way of explaining. let's get serious here, so would you explain to me how prayers before and after toilet help people from invisible things?! What was it "wicked and noxious things"?!! What are they anyways?

    How prayers do good on supposedly wicked and noxious things?!!

  4. There are many different places you can look that will give you more details about this topic

    You may also realise that phrasing makes a major difference in interpretaion.

    Invisible does not mean it does not exist. Modern science has proved this as you cannot see oxygen, carbon dioxide, cells with the bare eye.

    There are some things such as atoms and energy that we cannot see even with the most advanced technology. This does not mean they are far-fetched and don't exist.

    It is also necessary to consider that Islamic knowledge is best found through Islamic sources.

  5. It has ben proved scientifically that if you die while walking you would fell where your right foot is found.

  6. You are right! Science is always at best helps backward religious non-sense to be proved!

    What a load of……

  7. Its so you are protected from jinn etc
    And Fariborz. Science is just the easy way out you idiot, go run off to darwin and his pet apes
    you abnoxious gay chicken leg

  8. Who said Darwin? I didn’t mention Darwin. Do you think so science comes from Darwin?

    Alright then if science is easy way out would you explain to me why did you resort to epithet? I guess you can’t use science to explain things so you might need to use Allah words.

  9. Scientific proof is only a side effect man! Real reason is the invisible....either u believe or not.

  10. I give you a slap. And I ask you I didn't see the slap.

  11. Wait... that exit prayer... it was ALLAH who permitted you to go? I thought you could do that all on your own.

    The gods work in mysterious ways...

  12. Yea you r right. God is mysterious and we need God and not vice versa.

  13. if you want your religion to be respected, respect others as well, if you don't have any religion, other who has should respect that either!