Friday, May 8, 2009

Amnesty demonstration against Delara’s execution

Unfortunately Iranian authorities secretly executed Delara Darabi on Friday May 1 which was weekend in Iran. Amnesty and other human rights organizations protested her secret execution along frustrated Iranian human rights activists. Following footage belongs to Amnesty Norway demonstration against Delara’s execution in Norway.

I wrote an article in about Secret Execution of Delara Darabi which ended with:
And I have been sad, upset, angry, angry, angry...

She is a second juvenile offender executed so far this year and at least 130 juvenile offenders sentenced to death are awaiting execution in Iran.
Since Islamic revolution in 1979, ayatollahs have handed down death sentences in unfair courts and corrupted judicial system that is a tool for carrying injustices in the hand of ayatollahs. Crumbled Iranian society has more to say about it.


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