Saturday, May 23, 2009

Facebook and Twitter blocked in Iran

Today morning Iran blocked users from accessing Twitter and Fcebook. Well, facebook was blocked as being illegal since 2006 but Iranian authorities unblocked Facebook on February 2009 to give the impression that they are willing to unblock sites and provide more freedom but we knew it wasn’t the case.

Now that they found out Facebook and Twitter became human rights and political platforms against not only government but also regime, so government decided to block these sites. Good news is Iranian users came up with other ways to use these sites.

Islamic Iran has a long history of censorship and internet censorship from day one. Isn’t it a typical behavior of totalitarian/theocratic regimes? By the way, don’t miss this poster about Ahmadinejad and a computer mouse!

Hat tips: All Facebook


  1. How come they still tolerate Blogger? I mean what's stopping them from blocking every thing? Are they afraid of a revolution?

  2. Blogger was on and off blocked but usually they block individual blogs.

    "what's stopping them from blocking every thing?"

    They want people have a little access to internet and at the same time they want you to get restricted materials like political opposition, atheism or anti-religion, sexual contents and so on. Ayatollahs know very well that they can keep young generations busy with excitement of bypassing internet filters but if authorities shutdown all internet, eventually people will fed up and probably another revolution would be on it is way. People quite adapt themselves with less of everything rather than radically asking for what they should have and what is their right to have.