Monday, May 11, 2009

Iranian Judo judge recognized Israel

Mr. Mohammad-Reza Minoukadeh was a Judo judge in Beijing 2008 Olympics who happened to judge a competition that an Israeli athlete was competing. Guess the outcome? The story unveiled in Iran and Iranian Judo Federation expelled and ousted him from all his responsibilities in Iranian Judo Federation.

I think International Judo Federation (IJF) should react and punish Iranian Judo Federation accordingly and don’t let them go away with this. Iranian authorities are illegally asking athletes and judges to refuse any competition that Israelis play and if someone dares to ignore this unwritten rule will be punished in Iran. I addressed this issue in “why Iranian athletes refuse to compete with Israeli athletes?” but Islamic Iran is paranoid and individuals are paying the price and it’s not fair. International community should use all its power to stop this kind of behavior from Islamic regime in Iran.

Hat tips: Fars News Agency (Persian language)


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