Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Iran’s Young Rebels

If you can't see full report for any reason, take a look at here.

This is a nice report about underground music, censorship, women, sex, drugs, plastic surgery, student activism, and paradox of living in religious Iran. This is a nice report from Iranian society and shows us how people strive and live a dual a life in strict totalitarian theocratic regime of Iran. They have a personal life and a public life which are totally opposite of each other, in the public they are modest to Islamic rules and in private they try to be themselves. Can you imagine how much hard it is to have different masks, play different roles everywhere you go?

People are struggling for freedom that gives them chance to understand themselves and realize who they are and what they want instead they should play cat and mouse game with regime and somehow to get around of overshadowing regime’s restrictions. And unfortunately these behaviors brought us new set of alarming values at grassroots which is corrupted at core and aside from Islamic theocratic regime’s outcome, I am sadden to say this society doomed to fail.

Let me get back at this report and I should say that I really appreciate the fact that Zahra Eshraghi, granddaughter of Khomeini, a so-called reformist like most self-appointed ruling reformists, brought her biased opinion about her grandfather and said: “When he (Khomeini) was alive, we had freedom to choose how we wanted to live.” You gotta be kidding me?! I don’t expect honesty from ruling people, reformist or hardliner, after all Khomeini is her grandfather and she wants to keep new generation that have no memory of Khomeini's era, in ignorance.

In this interview Mohammad Javad Larijani is lying big like always but one of his sentences strike me harder when I heard he said “the limits we bar the freedom is not people, it is Islamic sentiment so nobody could offend the prophet but people can say everything they want against people in the power” Knowing that Omidreza Mirsayafi a blogger charged on “insulting religious leaders and propaganda against Islamic republic of Iran” and died suspiciously in prison. And you know what? There are many people in prison now on the same charges.

Censorship is a critical point of controlling society in totalitarian theocratic of Islamic Iran. People have imprisoned just for playing un-Islamic songs in their houses, cars and mp3 players and even now people are cautious because they paid huge price over very simple things that couldn’t imagine they would consider illegal.

By the way, Iranians don’t have universal healthcare, people have to get insurance or pay in advance to get medical care. People have died in hospitals because they just couldn’t afford hospital costs. That’s the dark reality of Iranian hospital system too.

Thanks again for this report.

Hat tips: Iran's Young Rebels


  1. I don't know where the source of your information is, but you are going harsh and far when describing Iran's realities. If you are someone who is directly affected by the mistreatment of the government or any of your acquaintances having been, then maybe I give you some credit to go that far. But let's be realistic and don't judge anything just becasue of the heck of it and having done criticisim. Who said that Iranins don't have universal healthcare system? Almost most of the Iranians living abroad go to Iran for their major treatements every once in a while just becasue of the lower costs and better quality of especilaized doctors available in Iran. Please don't fire everuthing up all together. You are not satisfied with 50% of the system, don't destroy the good parts. You know what? That's why we couldn't catch up. Because you want to fix everuthing at once, ain't happen my friend. If Americans and Europeans wanted to fix their problems like this, never would have happened.

  2. This is not personal for me, it is more than that. It is about future of a country and 70 million people in it.

    No Sir, we don’t have universal health care system in Iran. Traditionally people pay cash directly to doctors/hospitals, or they have insurance through their employers.

    There is no question that health care costs are relatively cheaper if you compare it with western countries. Again you don’t have much of options here; in most hospitals you have to buy everything for your operation in advance, i.e. threads, Bandage, sterile cloth, gauze in surgical suturing and everything else that needed.

    I didn’t fire everything; you want to defend that’s alright with me but you have to make sure you’re right about what you are saying first, then come forward and bring your case.