Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Behind the veil: Inside Iran

Ann Curry from Dateline NBC says: "We're in Iran, and as we make our way, we're expecting what most Americans probably would expect. A place of rage----especially toward the West, which is increasingly concerned about Iran's nuclear ambitions; where freedom of expression is non-existent. But we soon discover there is another side to this Islamic Republic beyond those chants of death to America."

On second part of video, I couldn’t help to notice that Hooman Majd takes a little loose social behavior of north hills of Tehran as “another sign that Iran is evolving”! Keep in mind that Iran is under totalitarian theocracy and people should obey tight Islamic social behaviors in public. Sometimes I just wonder how Americans get wrong ideas about Iran and other countries but now I noticed that consultants without knowledge deliberately confuse them.

Let me clarify the misunderstanding. North hills of Tehran have been one of a major weekend attractions for People even before Islamic revolution. Even back then that people enjoyed every freedom; foothills of Tehran would provide upper-class almost no restriction that they might get in public eyes in the city. After revolution people oppressed by tyranny of Islamic authorities and Islamic laws enforced onto them so people tried to get away on weekends to somewhere that can leave everything behind like authorities, religious police forces and so on and forget about them at least for a while and those foothills in north side of Tehran have been major getaways for them.

Authorities have cracked down on and off immoral behaviors on hills too but it didn’t last long. They couldn’t stop people from coming on hills and couldn’t force them to respect restrict social laws. I think authorities have known very well that they can’t restrict all the way so they allow middle-class and upper-class who ask for social freedom enjoy a little freedom in foothills of Tehran instead of annoying them to the point that they may rise for another revolution.

Hat tips: NBC and thanks AliSanaei83 for uploading videos on youtube.


  1. It was very interesting. As an Iranian I can confirm that this report is a truth about inside of Iran.

  2. MSM at it again. half truths and damn lies. They portray an idiot like Khatami as if he's an angel. Don't they know that mass murder of dissidents happened under his watch in late 1990s? Don;t they know he cracked down on students 3 times? MSM disgust me

  3. granted it is MSM

    MSM couldn't care less about human rights situation in Iran specially when it comes to so-called reformers

  4. Winston

    Take a pill, go for a walk, smell a few roses, etc. to repair the self inflicted psychological damages.

    Your schizopherenia can be treated you know.

  5. @ Anonymous

    What's the deal with you? Why would you say such things?!

    I don't give a damn if you swear me, but you should be polite with other commentators.