Sunday, June 28, 2009

Militia playing with fire, getting on fire

This video shot on June 20, 2009 when a group of Basij militia shot live bullets towards protesters from rooftop of a mosque so people set the mosque on fire. I should explain that most of mosques are Basij militia stations in Iran.

Winston reported that 8 basij militia died in mosque fire.

I predicated the day that Iranians realize how religious tyranny got power from their religious belief so they would turn back on the religious non-sense and destroy religious signs, symbols, mosques and clergies. I guess my dream slowly, very slowly is coming true. I guess Iranians are getting out of religion a bit and that’s a good start to get rid of theocracy.

Dark ages didn’t disappear by chance, Europeans suffered centuries under oppression of religious tyranny and when people realized that religion has kept them from growing, they got rid of it and they paved the way for modernization.


  1. This is incredible. I pretty much just pumped my fists in the air while watching that. My roommate thought it was pretty weird.

    This is unfortunate in another sense, however. Islam, like most religions, has great words and ideas for making the world a better place. It has clearly been manipulated by humans, and THERE lies the fault in Iran: Humans, not religion. Look at where humans are and you'll find manipulation and corruption; it's hardly exclusive to the world of religion.

    I'd love to see a moderate, weighted voice come out of this, not another swinging of the pendulum out of reaction. Even in America, even now I think the pendulum has reached its highest point and is ready to begin swinging the other way: the discontentment with the material world, the pursuit of freedoms in more and more feverish ways seems to imply that we did NOT acquire what in theory we just did. I guess there's really nothing I can say on this subject that either the Bible or American Beauty hasn't said already though...

  2. (or watching AND reading that, I should say).


  3. Harpo

    Indeed humans carry sole responsibility of what are they doing and Humans need tools. Religion has been greatest tool to manipulate, deceive, slave and put misery in people’s life. Islamic Iran is just an example of how religion can turn a country upside down, and keep people backwarded.

    And at large scale, we can’t expect good things come out of it because religion is based on lies.

  4. I have to agree with you on every point except it being all lies. Quite the contrary, I would claim that each religion contains a shred of truth to it, and the existence of God is evident in everything.

    So what's the answer to perversion of such a thing? Be strong. Be smart. Think. Read for yourself, pray for yourself, be humble to the nature of truth, that it carries on with or without you. It requires strength not to be carried away with something easy (which I believe we can agree is a good thing).

    Perhaps the problem materializes when ideologies BECOME culture... Think music. Things are good until everyone starts doing them, then it becomes a matter of ego-association. This is how everything gets butchered: herd-mentality culture.

    As soon as cultural self-identity becomes a force in our lives, we start being lemmings. And the odds are, eventually you're going to get a lemming leader jumping off a cliff.

    But regardless, let's join together in rejoicing at a group of people fighting tyranny. And I'll continue praying and you'll continue writing, and by the grace of God, we'll love each other and be united in encouragement no matter what our individual views are.