Monday, July 6, 2009

Islamic Iran propaganda about protests

Islamic Iran’s state-own media was busy long time before election but let’s look at one of their recent attempts to associate protests against fraudulent election result with foreigner agencies, particularly CIA.

In above video, Islamic Iran compares Iranian protests with the Venezuelan coup attempt of 2002. Any impartial observer would know that it is ridiculous to compare these two events, for following reasons:
  • Coup in Venezuela was done by military that led to pro-Chavoz uprising.
  • In Iran pro-Ahmadinejad armed forces brutally suppressed anti-Ahmadinejad uprising which were protesting for their votes, or it is better to say anti-fraud-election protests.
  • Also Carmona was a pro-US government but Mousavi is not pro-US, he is moderate but he is not pro-American. In fact, if he was pro-US, he couldn’t stand any chance to get approval of Guardian Council for presidential candidacy at the first place. The Guardian Council has barred anyone that they suspect that would be a threat to Islamic revolution.

By comparing death of the women in Venezuela and in Iran, PressTV pushing lies to the extreme, I am just fed up that they are airing false information about people who got shot in Venezuela and Iran. There are established facts that people who got shot in Venezuela, specially the woman in the footage at 2:27, wiki states:
There is no consensus as to who was responsible for the deaths on April 11, 2002, and this remains one of the most controversial issues in Venezuelan politics today. The opposition version of events puts the blame on Chávez, or at least on his supporters. Several private television channels in Venezuela showed footage (following photo) of people using handguns to shoot from the pro-Chávez counter-march being held on Puente Llaguno, an overpass that crosses one of central Caracas's busiest avenues; it is unclear who they are shooting at but the commentary and juxtaposition with separate video of the dead made for a clear story. These shooters were four pro-Chávez political activists identified as Rafael Cabrices, Richard Peñalver, Henry Atencio, and Nicolás Rivera. They were captured by the police and jailed for one year as they awaited trial, but charges were dropped before the trial began. Rafael Cabrices died from a heart attack three years later, August 30, 2005.

Courtesy of Wiki

In case of Neda Agha Soltan young Iranian lady, with commentary and juxtaposition of two separate videos of the dead we can see that armed forces from up the street shot at the direction that Neda and her music teacher were walking down the street:

Also in “Who killed Neda?” we have interview of the doctor who was right in the scene. If you didn’t watch the footage of Neda’s last moment, click here.

I asked following questions from Islamic regime’s propagandists but still none of them come up with an answer. These questions say it all:
Why only protesters got shot? Why most of them got shot in head, neck and chest? If people (or as state-own media puts it rioters!) had gun, why they didn’t shoot any Basij militia? Why didn’t they defend themselves in front of Basij militia snipers? Why didn’t they shoot riot police? Video footages speak loud and clear that armed forces are the one who shoot at people.

Press TV stop lying!

Hat tip: IranNegah


  1. Mousavi is a hardline regime insider who was vetted and cleared to run for office. And yet the regime felt so threatened by him that they resorted to massive election fraud to keep him out of office? THat's nonsense. There is no actual evidence of election fraud in Iran -- see for the compiled list of claims and counter-claims.

  2. You know what? I should have reponded eariler to Levertts article in politico then perhaps you wouldn't say what you said.

    They didn’t resort to massive election fraud because they felt threatened!! indeed, this is non-sense and I didn't imply anything like that. No, there are other reasons, ok, I'll write my argument very soon.

  3. "There is no actual evidence of election fraud in Iran -- see for the compiled list of claims and counter-claims"

    By the way, I disagree on your comment; in fact there are many actual evidences that fraud took place in recent presidential election.

    I know where gets the arguments and reasoning, as I said wait for my article to publish then you can't resort to those phony reasons.

  4. Last week NPR devoted a segment of All Thing Considered to having Iranian Americans phone in their feelings about what has been happening in Iran and it was wonderful to listen to. As the mother of an Iranian American, I have been through the gammet of emotions associated with the election and aftermath. Please keep writing and getting the truth out. It is important for the world to know that Iranian doesn't equal terrorist. Regardless of Mousavi's background, it is clear that the Ahmedinajad administration and hardliners feel threatened by the notion of an open and free election and the Iranian people have demonstrated their desire for an open and free society. I hope this is only the beginning to a new day in Iran.

  5. PRESS TV gives me a headache when i read it. To call them journalists is absurd to the maximum. They are like the Nazi propaganda broadcasts of WW2. The readers comments are not much better. Most seem to be unrelated to the topic and punched in capslock by paranoid rodents. Aliens invading earth with flying saucers and death rays seems more credible than the crap i read on there.
    Truthful inspired comments occasionally appear but they are quickly deleted for more neanderthal rubbish to appear instead.

  6. Your account of what happened in Venezuela is pure bunk! Anyone who was present at the infamous marches on that 11 of April (like myself) knows that the named thugs fired on the crowd on Chavez's orders. There is no ambiguity as you say. Unfortunately you too are repeating the rewritten history that Chavez supporters wrote once the coup was overturned.
    On that day about 1,000,000 people took to the streets. Once his thugs opened fire on the crowd, the army rebelled and refused to follow up by activating a so called contingency plan to kill and quell the crowd. Chavez was arrested for treason and put in detention. You may say what you like about Carmona. At the very least he was a fool who was egged on by a small fraction of the opposition. However, there was no doubt that the march, the killings and the fall of Chavez were spontaneous. Unfortunately actions by Carmona later bent the whole thing out of shape and led to a counter coup.
    There is every reason to compare the "puente llaguno" killings to the ones that led to the death of many protesters in Tehran. Like the dead in Caracas these people were also victims of their leaders' blind ambitions.
    In both cases lovers of freedom who manifested their love of democracy paid the ultimate price and the whole thing was followed by a more brutal repression.
    Even worse, the 3 brave policemen who had tried to defend the unarmed protesters from the bullets of the criminal elements on that bridge have been condemned to 30 years of prison in the kangaroo court of Chavez. The killers? They have been rewarded handsomely for their perfect aim.

  7. ^^ hey, read it again! you misunderstood!

    According to historical footages, shows that Chavos supporters, thugs or whatever you name it shot at people. This is the same thing I am saying but still I don't think we can compare uprising in Iran with Coup in Venezuela.

    There are different on many factors.