Friday, July 31, 2009

July 30 protests in Tehran Iran – cont.

Let me comment on some of these videos from yesterday July 30, 2009 protests in Tehran.

After Supreme leader, Khamenei’s though stance against protesters on Friday Prayer on June 19 and blaming presidential candidates Mousavi and Karroubi for bloods on streets, people hold him liable for slaying of protesters by Basij militia backed by revolutionary guards. People’s abhorrence towards supreme leader now is more than ever on public scene and vote fixation problem is growing to bigger problem that existed long time before vote rigging and it is about Khamenei’s leadership.

In following video people chant “Khamenei is a murderer, his leadership is false (vain, void, expired)”. Targeting Khamenei and his son, Mojtaba in slogans is something that alarming for all conservative parties of Islamic republic and revolutionary guards, although I believe revolutionary guards are flexible and with their unlimited resources they fit on either side.

“Khamenei shame on you, leave the monarchy!” people are chanting in the beginning of this video. Yeah monarchy! It is not surprising that Islamic republic of Iran has not been republic at all. In fact supreme leader with absolute power made him a dictator and perhaps an Islamic Shah and his form of government could be called theocratic monarchy of Iran.

People joined to protests at anyway possible. Drivers honked car horns in support of protesters. We heard some new sort of revolutions developing out of Iranian civil movement towards democracy, some called it twitter revolution others called it facebook revolution, so why shouldn’t have honking revolution next to all of this self proclaimed revolutions. In this civil movement, people use every tool at their disposal but tools don’t make revolution, it is people make things happen.

People were everywhere and some set garbage bins on fire to reduce tear gas chemicals in front of Saeei Park in Valiasr Ave.:

Police arrested two protesters and beat them on the street:

People didn’t let it go and continue protests in night time. In this video shot in infamous Yousefabad district in Tehran, eyewitness said that Basij militia later in night attacked people and fired guns.

People chant “Death to dictator, (supreme) leader or doctor (Ahmadinejad)” in Motahari - Valiasr junction in dusk. Ahmadinejad has PhD and many of his supporters call him Doctor Ahmadinejad.

Also check out protests on Thrusday July 30 and protests in memorial park (Behesht Zahra) and you can find many more videos in peive17 YouTube channel.


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