Thursday, July 9, 2009

People & Power - Iran: inside the protests

Al Jazeera came up with an insider look on aftermath of Iran's June 12 presidential elections and the crisis. It covers stories of violence against protesters, students and journalists.

This film, from French documentary maker Manon Loizeau, gives a unique behind-the-scenes perspective on the protests and the Iranian government's tough response.

At 17:22 a fully accredited journalist from Canada reports that he was beaten and arrested by security forces. I hope those leftists who still bashing these reports, stop fantasize and accept that these events are really unfolding whether you accept the reality or choose not to!


  1. This video was informative, with the statement that it was worse than Gitmo, it also shows how the Iranian people with their limited exposure to the facts that Al Jazeera still promotes propaganda that hinders the truth in the minds of the rest of the world. That's tragic, and with that there can be no hope for the Iranian to be free from brainwashing that's been done to them, the battle for freedom is within the mind as well.

    American woman

  2. No, one can't believe everything Al Jazeera says anymore than Fox. Actually, Al Jazeera is probably less biased than Fox.

    To paraphrase an NPR commentator, this Iranian Revolution is a marathon, not a sprint. May the Iranian people find the strength to once again knock down tyranny and find a true democracy.

  3. Best wishes to the brave Iranian people seeking a more just and free society in Iran.