Friday, July 17, 2009

Protests on Friday prayer

July 17, 2009 - Mousavi supporters took to the Friday prayer that Ayatollah Rafsanjani led in. He was like always played on middle ground, asking establishment to address protesters demand about election, releasing prisoners, and consoling families of people that killed in protests. Also he criticized Guardian Council for the way they handled complains on the election results.

During his speech, huge crowd that were on the side streets of Tehran University chanting against dictator and Ahmadinejad attacked by armed Basij militia and security forces.

In following video, people are chanting “Iranian die but doesn’t accept humiliation” and “Death to dictator” then they threat Hashemi Rafsanjani by chanting “Hashemi if you hush up then you are perfidious” so they waned him to speak up. Also they chant “Death to dictator whether it is Shah or Doctor (Dr. Ahmadinejad)”, “Until Ahmadinejad is president, everyday will be protests”, “Coup d'├ętat government! Resign! Resign!”, “God is great”, calling Mir Hussein Mousavi and booing armed security forces.

In this video again people chant “Mousavi”, “Political prisoners should be freed”, “Hashemi if you lie! You are perfidious!” and “Police support us!”:

At 1:57 people chant “Death to Russia” because Russia and China were first countries to congratulated Ahmadinejad as a new President of Islamic republic of Iran when he attended a summit in Russia and people are furious about it:

All other countries should take this very serious and don’t accept Ahmadinejad as a new President of Iran.

In this video people chant “Russia leave my country alone”:

And in this video people chant "Death to China":

Clash between security forces and people during Friday sermon:


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