Thursday, July 30, 2009

Protests on Thrusday July 30

Armed forces and Basij militia on Tehran streets:

Protest continues in Vanak Sq:

People have betean and teared-gas by armed forces and Basij militia.

Police force beats people with baton and club. Gun shots heard on Tehran streets and on this particular video. Can you see a police man on 0:47 that shoots directly at people?

Also here is a cell phone video shows people demonstration while chanting death to dictator.

Also take a look at protests in Behesht Zahra post.

People chant "Mojtaba (supreme leader's son), we wish you dead, and never become the leader". Reports suggest that he is behind of vote fixation and extreme crackdown on opposition and protesters:

Also in this video people chant "Political prisoners should be freed".

And here the popular chant of these day is "Death to dictator":

Today Tehran’s street was full of outraged people that even didn’t given time and privacy to mourn for their loved ones, for the youth and young that have died on the bloody streets and in detention centers behind closed doors. And here another protest in Terhan streets:

And in this video, people chanting "Our supreme leader is a murderer"!

And it wasn't only in Tehran; there were protests in other cities like Shiraz, another video from Shiraz, Rasht, Isfahan, Arak and Ahwaz. Also this video gives you a rough estimate of crowd in cemetery in Tehran.


  1. Just like Nazis in Germany in 1930s.

  2. I guess it is worst than that; Islamic Iran is an Islamic version of the worst ideologies of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and finally Fidel Castro.

  3. Chert nagoo aghay Fariborz, Stalin va Mao commuist boodan, Hitler nemad sarmayedari, mesle in regim, Bush v kheiliha dige
    inha ro kenare ham gharar dadan kalashie!!


  4. Mr. Anonymous, dictatori mazhabi az dictatoriha dige kheli khatarnak tare ast. mazhab faghat bahanei ast baray koshtan mokhalefan va tasallot ba jan o maale mardom.

  5. Damon,

    ehtemalan shoma dorost motale nakardin! man dar morede noe hokomat sohbat nakardam. in comment ham dar morede vaghaye akhir ee va nahveye barkhord ba mardom. shoma agar raftar hay khoshonat bar Stalin, Hitler, Mao and finally Fidel Castro kenar ham begzarid, mishe raftarhaye parania jomhoriye islamic!

    agar ham mokhalfe nazari hasti, dorost benevis, baraye khodet khube!

  6. @Damon

    hala ke bahse social&economic system hokomat ro matrah kardi bayad in ro ham beduni ke noe hokomat Islamic republic of Iran az 30 sal pish ta be emruz dar navasn boude. yani Islamic republic az Islamic socialism ke dar avvael enghelab ta avvakher jang ba Iraq edame dasht be Islamic capitalism dare rooye miyare.

    * in nokte faghat mahze ettela shoma