Monday, July 13, 2009

Reporter describes prison term in Iran

41 journalists arrested since unrest over presidential election results on June 12. Iason Athanasiadis, a Greek-British reporter was among them which held for three weeks in Tehran’s Evin prison. Here is his account of imprisonment in Iran:

He is lucky because Iranians don’t get such nice treatments in prison. In fact torturing detainees during interrogation is common routine and unfortunately Islamic courts consider coerced confessions as strong valid evidence against detainees although detainees renounce confessions under torture but Islamic judicial system fail to recognize it. Sadly many people have sentenced to death and executed since Islamic revolution in 1979 only on the basis of their confessions under torture.

These days that streets are empty of protesters, Islamic regime is busy arresting people, torturing and inducing them to make public televised confessions. So far we have had two televised confessions that showing detainees condemning their participation in protests. I don’t buy these confessions, many people don’t but it doesn’t make any difference to regime. While protests on the streets are slowly fading away but pressuring and torturing detainees to make false confessions get stronger.

Iranian-born political historian Ervand Abrahamian in his book "Tortured Confessions", 1999, page 5 wrote about public confessions:
torture became commonly used in the Islamic Republic because of its effectiveness in inducing political prisoners to make public confessions. Recorded and edited on videotape, the standard statements by prisoners included not only confessions to subversion and treason, but praise of the Islamic Revolution and denunciation or recantation of their former beliefs, former organization, former co-members, i.e. their life.

We know where they are heading to, Islamic regime wants to show that foreign powers involved in people’s protests. We know it is about people and their vote and we know detainees are going to pay huge costs if they left alone in prisons so I think International community has to step forward and strongly condemn this sort of inhuman behavior of Islamic regime and Human Rights organizations should ask to release of all political prisoners immediately.

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