Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Storm or counter strike shutdown Tehran?

Today, people supposed to strike and don’t show up at work in Tehran but by declaring two days off due to dust storm, authorities managed to stop people from striking at the first place. People are saying this is government plan to neutralize strike. This theory makes a little sense because we know that dust storm came from Iraq and Saudi Arabia which hits west and south western areas of Iran rather severely, yet authorities didn’t shutdown any cities except for Tehran. Hmm!

Reality check: Tehran is extremely polluted city, seriously it is hard to breathe in normal working days, so setting aside of what controversial theorists would say, it would be safe and rational to call it off in this situation. So why didn’t they shutdown Shiraz and Isfahan cities? They are polluted too, not as much as Tehran but still they are very much polluted cities, yet authorities left them on their own and public offices are very much active there!

I leave the conclusion for you.


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