Friday, July 24, 2009

A young protester dies after his last shouts for democracy

This video contains disturbing graphic content, please be warned if you are going to watch it.

He is one of protesters who got shot and killed by Basij militia during June 20 protests against fraudulent election results. Families of protesters that got shot and killed are barred from holding any commemorative ceremonies.

Please take a look and see for yourself that people are giving their lives for democracy and if you have freedom to share these stories please spread the word of falling people and let’s keep their dreams alive by giving hope to people who are dreaming a very basic right of every human being.

Also this video from same day that a young lady who got shot by militia.


  1. The demoralizing phantom holding the cudgel can strike us
    Like a rapist would, or screech like an injured swine,
    Or reflect our disgraced and beaten will, as the ghouls have.
    The vapors cannot cleave from our hearts our children’s dawn
    Or their passion tendered willingly as falling rain from heaven,
    Like Gibran’s silver thread’s fetching them laughter in front of misery.

    They are the heirs, the warriors to lift Damocles’ blade from the sky and
    Mightily point it as proof they’ll not breathe another minute next to fear.
    They will evermore admonish the failing ghosts of this day’s shadow
    And fend off the hounds of cruelty with the strength they’ve resurrected.
    There will be no reason to shrink from this; their destiny; they’ve seen
    Her floating over their heads, grace and harmony hanging by a thread.

    © 2009 mrp/thepoetryman

  2. Thank you for sharing this awesome poem