Sunday, August 30, 2009

Montreal World Film Festival goes green

Well-known Iranian director, Jafar Panahi is in charge of the international jury of the 33rd Montreal World Film Festival and he brought green moment from Iran to the gala.


  1. I wish Mr. Jafar Panahi much luck in the festival.

    I would also like to point out that it was recently brought to my attention that I used a pic from your site on my blog The Peace Tree and did not give you credit. The error has been corrected and my sincerest apologies to you.


  2. Montreal World Film Festival goes green

    I am proud of iranians, their patience and wisdom.....and you are doing a good job writing and informing world about your country and standing up against islamic regime crisis in Iran.

    Please keep writing

  3. @ thepoetryman

    No worries, I have to thank you for that amazing poem that you wrote somewhere on this blog. I am pretty much sure that I am going to use it in a post yet to come.