Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Protesters tortured in prison

Thousands arrested in aftermath of presidential elections in Iran. Some of them are famous like Maziar Bahari, Kian Tajbakhsh, Abtahi and so on but most of detainees are just ordinary men and women who merely protested peacefully against fraudulent election results. They are unknown to many of us, they don’t get news coverage and they get worst treatment in prisons.

Interrogators usually keep well-known people in solitary confinement and put them through excessive mental torture. Islamic regime needs them for coerced televised confessions so they get a little different treatment but all in all it is prison and torture.

So now that you hear this news, think of ordinary people that brutally tortured and kept in highly crowded prison cells in a very hot temperature.

Iranian MP, Dr. Pezeshkian criticized brutal torture of protesters and said: “Mr. Rouholamini’s son was the person that security forces knew him but still his fate become this. So we are worried for ordinary people.” (Translation from Persian language news)

Mohesn Rouholamini died in prison, autopsy showed that he lost his teeth and his jaw was broken. His father is a regime insider and advisor to defeated conservative candidate Mohsen Rezaee.

People in prisons need your attention now.


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  2. Do you think President Obama should request for opposition prisoners to be released? Is there a way for American people to put pressure on the Islamic Resgime. Tell me who to complain to. I'm good at that.

  3. With the American history of interfering with Iran and putting their beginnings of democracy back decades who would believe them. Unless you want war keep the Americans out. Afterall, Mosadeqh in 1953 was taken from power as the democratically elected leader of Iran in 1953 by the USA and the UK. The Shah of Iran was empowered by the USA and UK when they brought him out of exile to rule Iran. In the 1980's Iran was invaded by the USA puppet Saddam of Iraq. Iraq was heavily armed by the Americans and many military advisors were on the ground giving information gleened from American spy satellites.
    Watch Jamail Dahr on Iraq
    Rich Ventura

  4. I am aware of America's involvement in Iran. That's what makes the current situation so delicate.