Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deepening political fraction in Eid Fitr in Iran

The end of Ramadan in Muslims marked by an Islamic holiday called Eid Fitr, in Iran it called Eyde Fetr. It supposed to be at the end of Ramadan and beginning of a new Islamic month called Shawwal but Different Muslim sects announce different days end of Ramadan and celebrate different days.

Above video shows, supreme leader’s chief of intelligence officer Mr. Vahidi is trying to place Rafsanjani next to Ahmadienjad in Eid Fitr prayer, while Khamenei leading the prayer but Rafsanjani refuses to stand up next to Ahmadienjad who is responsible for rigged also he called Rafsanjani and his family corrupt on state-own TV.

Due to differences of interests among Iranian Shia clerics and neighboring Sunni clerics (except that majority of population in Iraq, Bahrain and Azerbaijan are Shia), Pakistan and Afghanistan; Iranian Shia clerics usually used to announce one day later than Sunni clerics as Eid Fitr. Also you need to take into account that there has been a historical hostility among Arab countries and Iran that in fact played major role in development of Shia sect and of course different Islamic ceremonies and traditions. (map of Sunni and Shia Islam)

But this year was a little different. As a result of fraction in Islamic republic establishment in aftermath of presidential election crisis Ayatollah Khamenei’s position as supreme leader is threatened by reformist clerics and some clerics threatened to remove him from the position backed by Hashemi Rafsanjani. So in a tit for tat move, Khamenei indirectly threatened dissident Grand Ayatollahs’ authority (I would prefer) by declaring Eid Fitr on Sunday September 20, 2009 the very same day that Sunni clerics declared Eid and it celebrated among majority of Sunni Muslims in neighboring countries and Shia Muslim followers of Khamenei.

But Iranian dissident ayatollahs didn’t follow and approve Khamenei’s choice of Eid holiday and they declared the day after as Eid Fitr so their Shia followers, mostly Iranians celebrated Islamic holiday (Eid Fitr) one day later on Monday September 21, 2009. It is not really hard to observe the moon and find out when Ramadan finished but it is all about clerical politics and differences among them. This last move proves that fraction is deepening among ayatollahs.

Khamenei who’s “Grand Ayatollah” title has been in question and doubt by major Shia clerics since 1989 and nowadays he faces widespread protests, and criticism for threatening protesters over presidential election dispute and afterwards for killing, torture, rape and show trials of reformists and protesters, either has to accept defiance and cut a deal with reformist clerics to rule the country and crush the rest of people who naturally doesn’t subscribe to ayatollahs, reformist ayatollahs or any kind of mullahs at all. Or he has to deal with reformist ayatollahs asap and the crushing noise calm down the public for a while.


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