Saturday, September 19, 2009

Green Quds Day

This post is follow up from Quds day protests post. Carpe Diem, an Iranian blogger published some photos from Quds day showing masses of people protesting and heading towards Tehran university.

Karroubi between his guards and close cadres

They were pro-government protesters and people who are not associating with government or green movement among these people too. Also I have to remind you these photos taken from one of 7th routes (an Iranian blog) that people supposed to rally for Quds day purpose.

It would be nice if we could have some estimation of how many people who came out to defy government orders but it is not as much important as that people changed Quds hate festive to a day for Iranians and only Iranians. People chanted "No Gaza, No Lebanon, I die for Iran" when they asked to shout "death to Israel" and this a big change in Islamic republic.

Surprisingly armed forces and Basij militia didn't stop people during protest until prayer at noon that they attacked people with tear gas and batons. They arrested some of them. Trtpersian published following photos:

This photo look funny, one his guards protects Khatami's turban and Khatami covers his face!

And here is a photo from pro-government crowd that a revolutionary guard member leading them. This guy is quite a famous face in government gatherings

Unfortunately some people ablaze Russian flag and as much as I don’t like Iran is getting all this much close to Russia but I don’t want to see people switch burning flags. Emotional people are still angry at Russia accepting Ahmadinejad and congratulating him for second term presidency.

On the right side pro-government people burning Israel and USA flag and on the green side this people set Russian flag on fire. I see some people are turning this movement to a radical one. We have to wait and see where it is gonna head!


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