Friday, September 4, 2009

Can music overcome violence in Iran?

I don’t know anything about this topic but seems Heiko knows how music can play a positive role in Iranian struggle for democracy. I guess a montg ago he wrote me:

Salam Fariborz,

I live in Germany with a mixed family background. I want to support and encourage all Iranians in a non-political way to overcome the separation of their nation with a positive self-belief.

Together with European Universities we have developed a method to digitally transform words into music. I have designed a soundtrack in Farsi (he meant Persian language) and I would like to spread it into the Iranian online community.
We exchanged some emails and he sent me a song. It was interesting song. It reminded me of Kitaro music, a new age genre. Here you can listen to small part of this song:

This soundtrack contains Persian (Farsi) positive words that are synthesized with the music.

Then he continued:
My idea is to build a strong positive future vision for the Iranian community to finally solve the conflicts in Iran itself. We have done so in Eastern Germany and e.g. Ukraine, or South America and it always works out positive results without any political interference. Like Gandhi I am convinced that strong passive moral powers are much more effective than violence.

As I said earlier I don’t know anything about this topic so I leave it to you and your inputs very much appreciated. Let me add that couple of days ago I saw a program from PBS about “Playing for change: Peace through Music” and it reminded me again of Heiko so I thought I should share the story with you guys too.

By the way don’t miss this song that so many musicians and vocalists united to inspire people.


  1. Thank you for this post. I was groovin', cryin' and prayin' to Stand By Me. I've included it on my Face Book page.

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  4. @Rhinocerouslip Bumcrack

    I am so sorry I guess you deleted the comment after a long time getting no response from me.

    I just came back after a long long delay and I had your great input about this post on my mind, and I meant to reply to you. I wish you could revese it and give me the chance to reply. Thanks