Saturday, September 26, 2009

A summary of New York protests against Ahmadinejad

If you happened to miss out what Iranian protesters were doing in New York, let me share these videos with you.

This is a good report from NYPost about protests in New York on September 23 that shows different Iranian fractions protesting Ahmadinejad and it is not all green supporting Mousavi & Karroubi. Well mostly green, I guess.

Iranian protesters angry at Ahmadinejad and his atrocities didn’t want him to enjoy a good night sleep in New York. They took the protest behind his window in front of InterContinental The Barclay New York at night of September 23.

Protests continued on second night on September 24 in NYC:

It gets interesting when Iranian delegation in hotel were recording video from protesters. You might ask what do they want to do with this video?! It is should note that the green protest in New York organized by people who are families of reformist party members and dissident mullahs (ayatollahs) which in fact were part of establishment until recent pro-conservative purge within Islamic republic of Iran. So any evidence that proves dissident reformists and ayatollahs’ relatives involved in protests outside of Iranian border (which brought shame to Islamic government) could be used against their relatives inside of Iran.

There were other Iranian parties which green organizers (mullahs and reformist relatives) don’t get along with them, they don’t like their anti-regime slogans and so on so asked them not to be on their way. They call it green democracy.


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