Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ramadan: Stinking month

I never knew when it is coming. I know it sounds odd but it is true. I never knew when it is Ramadan until I notice many people have some stinking mouth smell. At first when that gulp of stinking air comes to your face, you might think, probably this person had raw garlic and onion for breakfast (!) or it could be dental or gum infection but when you notice there are more stinking breath air that flows around and hits you hard in your nose then you realize that could be Ramadan!

They say they want to purify themselves during Ramadan but I don’t understand why they don’t take care of that stinking breath at the first place?

The other thing about Ramadan that’s very common about Muslims who fast is they pack their belly with lots of food in early morning and they don’t eat for whole day and after that, they eat like crazy and stuff their belly again. I can’t really comprehend the purpose of this kind of fasting!

They say Ramadan is a festival of giving and sharing with poor. From my observations I have noticed every Ramadan grocery and confectionary prices goes high and they make substantial profit. I haven’t seen any Ramadan prices go down and poor of society could actually feed themselves. They are already short on basic foods and during Ramadan they will face more hardship than other months and they have to rely on hand out of strangers that called Nazr, a good deed! Isn’t it amazing that Bazaar people are looking forward to Ramadan more than others?!

All in all I can say the idea of Ramadan is just stupid. I know Ramadan is going to finish soon and I couldn’t found time to write much about it so far this year but I guess made some people happier until now.


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