Friday, January 30, 2009

Iranian President’s advisor in the US talks about right approach to Iran

Whenever I hear or read that Iranian President Ahmadinejad has a plan to travel outside of country, I know he would say something crazy that could hurt more Iranian people because unfortunately he is representative of our country, Iran whether we want him or we don’t, which neither I want him nor other previous presidents.

Hooman Majd was Ahmadinejad’s advisor during his trips to the U.S. and by listening what Hooman said during interview, I picked up some issues which apparently Ahamdinejad would share same issues. Let me get to my points on this interview:

At 4:34 he says:
“well, as far as their concern the cost was worth it because at that point they didn’t think either the United States or Israel was going to war with Iran over those words; or their calculation was right.”
Does it mean that Iranian regime wrote Ahmadinejad’s speech before his travel to Newyork? Did they really calculate that a war wouldn’t happen over “wiping Israel off of the map” sentence? Did they forget more sanctions and shame for Iranian foreign policy during so-called calculation? And if we take Hooman Majd’s account into consideration, so Iranian regime managed for all international outrage, disgrace and shame and well, sanctions on their owns?! On what purpose? In fact, Iranian regime didn't gain anything and unfortunately people has been suffering from these sanctions, so tell me what Iranian regime did benefit out of Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric?

At 5:20 he says:

“I think the government is very well aware of it and that’s one of the reasons I think the government isn’t as restrict, um...with social behavior as they would like to be sometimes.”

Let me see that I got it straight, did he say that Iranian government wants to be restricted more than this? So what exactly they have in mind? Do they want to turn Iran like Taliban era? I guess it would be their ideal, isn’t it?

And here at 5:50 he contradicts himself by saying:

“and it also means it’s an opportunity for the United states because these young people all watch American Television, they all have satellite dishes, they all are on the internet.”

He continues at 6:11 about Bush administration:

“The people of Iran we love them and he says then I wanna talk directly to the Iranian people. So he goes on voice of America Television which is run by the US government but it considered by even young people at Iran as a propaganda device of the US government. President Bush, if he had wanted to talk to the Iranian people, to these young people who would actually be quite receptive to what he has to say, all he had to do is go on Iranian Television.”
It is full of contradiction, first he admitted that Iranian young people watch American Television but then later said, “VOA considered by even young people at Iran as a propaganda device”! Let me clear this one, anyone who has access to satellite dishes which most people use satellite dishes and it’s due to boring TV shows in government TV channels. About political debates, VOA considered as a reference among Iranian people and anyone who got satellite dishes and a bit of interest in politics, they wouldn’t miss VOA. So Bush was right to address Iranian people on VOA. There are some young people, usually brainwashed by ayatollahs or member of government, militia or IRGC, they consider VOA as propaganda and that’s true but it wouldn’t make any difference for them if even US president would come on Iranian TV much because they are under Islamic Iran propaganda that considers Bush as evil or worst.

Last but not least, a president advisor specially public advisor should has strong knowledge about body language and manners in political conversations which unfortunately he lacks which obviously you can see throughout in the video clip but at 7:30 he shows how he is clueless in what is he saying and how he should say it.

No wonder why Ahmadinejad behaves strangely, aside from his own lack of political knowledge, he packed with advisors who are clueless as much as himself.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Iranian bloggers: a new nation on the web

Watching this amazing piece (Iran: A nation of bloggers) developed by Aaron Chiesa, Toru Kageyama, Hendy Sukarya and Lisa Temes, students from the Vancouver Film School, give others who don't know much about Iran a little bit of information and that's really appreciated.

In video says:

"Iran is a third largest of country of blogger with over 700,000 blogs in 2005 and 100,000 actively maintained."
which is correct but I should clarify something here that not all 700,000 are against Islamic regime of Iran. Some of bloggers are apologist of Islamic regime of Iran and some others are as fanatic as Islamic regime and sometimes worst. But I can say largely Iranian bloggers are secular and not so much religious (compare to very much religious people).

Thanks to John Kelly and Bruce Etling from Harvard University, they mapped Iran's Blogosphere in two spectrum Politics and Culture and their finding shows:
In contrast to the conventional wisdom that Iranian bloggers are mainly young democrats critical of the regime, we found a wide range of opinions representing religious conservative points of view as well as secular and reform-minded ones, and topics ranging from politics and human rights to poetry, religion, and pop culture. Our research indicates that the Persian blogosphere is indeed a large discussion space of approximately 60,000 routinely updated blogs featuring a rich and varied mix of bloggers. Social network analysis reveals the Iranian blogosphere to be dominated by four major network formations, or poles, with identifiable sub-clusters of bloggers within those poles. We label the poles as 1) Secular/Reformist, 2) Conservative/Religious, 3) Persian Poetry and Literature, and 4) Mixed Networks. Mapping Iran’s Online Public: Politics and Culture in the Persian Blogosphere

Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC), a branch of Iranian military recently announced:

IRGC’s official press organ, Sobh Sadegh, writes that it considered the Internet and other digital devices including SMS as a threat to be controlled. It announced that the 10,000 blogs will promote revolutionary ideas. IRGC considers the Internet as an instrument for a “velvet revolution” and warned that foreign countries have invested in this tool to topple the Islamic Regime. Internet and Democracy
After censoring blogs, imprisoning bloggers, even execution of bloggers and drafting a new bill considering death penalty for bloggers who write against regime, religious figures and Islam; now they publicly are coming to fight us on the online scene, how good it will be?! Well, put these besides their whole group of experienced fanatic religious and conservative bloggers that have been defending Islamic republic on the blogosphere, it proves that Islamic totalitarian regime is frustrated and uses all means to stop bloggers.

Islamic Iran has been the enemy of internet but they couldn't beat us by blocking our blogs and sites, people would find new ways to go around and visit their favorite blogs but Islamic regime fears more specially with new generation of bloggers who are against religion and anything religious. I see a new trend is emerging among Iranian bloggers, agnostics, atheists, humanists and all are coming out and expressing themselves and their ideals although they can’t use their real identity but it scares the hell out of ayatollahs in Iran.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ayatollahs, here is evidence holocaust was real, don’t deny it

Ayatollahs and Mr. Ahmadinejad who haven't miss a chance to lie to people about everything and you blamed Jews on every problem that we striving with it, just to let you know Holocaust is real and your counterparts in other Islamic countries not only approve it also madly support it.

I hope after watching this horrific videos, you don’t deny Holocaust anymore and don’t wish about destruction of Israel again. Hope it helps Iranian foreign policy a bit.

To Ayatollahs: if you don’t want to listen to this mufti’s insanity because it’s just like yours, please watch it from 4:35

Iranians chose Iran instead of Gaza

While Propaganda of Islamic regime of Iran never ends, they put up these posters to enlighten (read brainwash) Iranians about Gaza situation and seek their support which thanks to people, I mean majority that doesn't want to do anything with Gaza, Palestine, Lebanon or any other area while a huge percentage of Iranians are living under poverty line. Take a look at photos of Iranian children labours living in boxes during cold winter.

A talented Iranian put this poster with another poster together (in following) and uploaded to Balatarin (a dig like persian language content sharing website) and asked "Which one would you help?"

The right poster shows a member of municipality helping a street child, which this one should be Iranian authorities first and foremost concern. People don't want their petrol money go to Gaza, Palestine or anywhere else while they are trying to survive under skyrocketing inflation rates, widespread poverty and injustice.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Iranian leader didn’t have feeling for his country

In the video reporter asked from assistant of late leader Ruhollah Musavi Khomeini, "What does Khomeini feel about going back to Tehran?" just remind you that he was going back after he spent more than 14 years in exile.

He answered: "Nothing. No feeling. Don't answer them." but his assistant translate it "doesn't make any comment".

I don't know didn't he have any feeling for Iran? or didn't have any feeling for people who waited long time in airport to greet him? or didn't have any feeling for the country who he wanted to destroy during his leadership until his death? When I look at the result, he has done more destruction than construction. They have executed in mass many young and educated Iranians under his belief and his alike Islamic so-called scholars. Nasty things happened under his league. It is not something that you forget or forgive; they have been destroying this country, masses and brainwashing of millions under Islamic sharia.

On February 1, 1979 he returned to Tehran and greeted by several million Iranians and shortly after on February 11 Iran's military declared itself "neutral" then Islamist took power in Iran.

Since that moment millions of Iranians are displaced all over the world in exile and people inside, still dream of those old good days before Khomeini.

Friday, January 23, 2009

is it flag of Iran or Islamic Iran?!

In this photo US President Barack Obama waves as the flag of Islamic Republic of Iran passes in front of him during the inaugural parade in front of the White House in Washington on January 20, 2009.

And the flag raises questions among Iranian again and again; is that our flag or is it Islamic Iran's flag? Let's take a look at flag of Islamic Republic of Iran and see what's on it:

In the flag of Iran entry in wiki we can read:

In 1980 a new flag was introduced with the additional emblems expressive of the Islamic Revolution. The emblem in the center of the flag is a highly stylized composite of various elements representing different facets of Islamic life: Allah, the Book, the Sword, the five principles of Islam, balance, unity, neutrality, and the universal government of the downtrodden. Along the edges of the green and red stripes appears a stylized version of the Kufic script used for the Qur'an. The phrase Allahu Akbar ("God is Great") is repeated 22 times. This is the date in the Iranian calendar on which Islamic Revolution triumphed over Pahlavi dynasty in 1979.

This basic design has been used since the beginning of the 20th century. The coat of arms of Iran has been placed in the center of the white band which is meant to have multiple meanings, but is essentially a geometrically-symmetric form of the word Allah as well as overlapping parts of the Islamic phrase "la ilaha illa Allah" (there is no god but God), forming a monogram.

So Iranian atheists, agnostics, skeptics, humanists, and all in together civil society who believe in separation of religion and state are totally against current flag because this flag doesn't represent us. It is a shame that some non-sense Arabic Islamic terms like "God is Great" and "there is no god but God" would be on Iranian flag. Unfortunately it shows how ayatollahs has been trying to change Iranian culture with some Arabic Islamic religious superstition since revolution in 1979 and it's more unfortunate when we find out that after revolution, liberals and leftists that supposed to be in favor of separation of church and state, not only didn’t criticize this new flag but they tagged along Islamists in Iran and that

Farnaz an Iranian blogger very nicely wrote:

The Allahu Akbar ("God is Great") phrase repeated 22 times, 11 times along the bottom edge of the green and 11 times along the upper edge of the red, and that 11 is the sign of February 11 1979, the unfortunate month that the revolution took place.
She asks:

1. Why there should be Arabic language on Iranian flag? Is there any problem with Persian language that they didn't use it?

2. Isn't it that Iran existed long before Islam and Allah?
Iran has more than 7000 years old history but Islam is 1400 years old and so Allah.
3. Does the flag belong to every people of a nation? I am an atheist, I don't even believe in god, let alone Allah, there are some Jewish, Christian and so on, why there should be sign of a religion on the flag that has nothing to do with all of us?

4. Why there should be ideological slogans on the flag?
Finally she asks:
Now you tell me, either I am not Iranian or this flag isn't Iranian flag?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Did Obama addressed dictatorship regime of Iran in his inaugural speech?

Well, let's quote some of Obama's Inauguration speech and see what exactly he said towards Iran and/or other countries:

We are the keepers of this legacy. Guided by these principles once more, we can meet those new threats that demand even greater effort -- even greater cooperation and understanding between nations. We will begin to responsibly leave Iraq to its people, and forge a hard-earned peace in Afghanistan. With old friends and former foes, we will work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat, and roll back the specter of a warming planet. We will not apologize for our way of life, nor will we waver in its defense, and for those who seek to advance their aims by inducing terror and slaughtering innocents, we say to you now that our spirit is stronger and cannot be broken; you cannot outlast us, and we will defeat you.
Does he considers Iran a new threat that demands even greater effort? As he said, he will work tirelessly to lessen the nuclear threat. So Iran is a threat and he wants to meet it by greater cooperation and understanding between nations.Seems he addressed terrorists too by promising defeat.
To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect. To those leaders around the globe who seek to sow conflict, or blame their society's ills on the West: Know that your people will judge you on what you can build, not what you destroy. To those who cling to power through corruption and deceit and the silencing of dissent, know that you are on the wrong side of history; but that we will extend a hand if you are willing to unclench your fist.
I am not sure about last line here though. Those leaders who he addressed here usually have a fist hand towards US and Iron fist towards people. So is Obama going to shake hand with those corrupted government if they unclench fists towards the US?! I hope I got it wrong and I hope this administration do not sacrifice Iranian's interest by making ally from Islamic dictators in Iran.

Anyhow, as fellow blogger Iranian Freedom put nicely together:
Often - when some tragic mishap befalls the US or when some act of terror or aggression is carried out against the American people - the clerical leadership in Iran will characterize it as “yet another slap in the face” or “another punch the chin” of the Great Satan. If it means anything to this hateful regime, the election of Barack Obama to the presidency of the United States is truly a “slap in the face” or “punch in the chin” of the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Yay, Islamic regime in Iran got the first slap in the face.

Iranian-French journalist talks her mind about Iran and nuclear issue

Iranian-French journalist Lila Azam Zanganeh in a very passionate interview speaks her mind about Islamic regime of Iran’s nuclear issue on 2006.

I noticed some misinformation in what she said, so I thought I should have clarify them.

First, she refers to Mr. Ahmadinejad infamous 18-pages letter to Mr. Bush and considers it a waiting signal “to be addressed”; I guess she never read that letter before. Here is the letter if you didn’t get the chance to read it. In the letter, Ahmadinejad portray himself as a virtuous man who speaks from above and try to convince Bush that he has been wrong and he (Bush) is in contradiction of his religion by what he has been doing while looking back at Ahmadinejad’s presidency, he was lying from day one and Islamic regime oppressed more people than before. Ahmadinejad is not in any position to advise anybody while his government abused more human rights, oppressed more people, imprisoned people, brutally has suppressed people and so on.

Second, she said “…and part of reason why people have been talking about nuclear bomb is that gives them a sense of identity”. Here you needed to differentiate who are you talking about? Majority of Iranians don’t care about anything nuclear and they want peace and stability in their economy and society. Majority of Iranians have nothing to worry about it except simple food that they have to work very hard for it. Which people were you talking about? Many Iranians are fed up with atrocities of this regime and terrible economy situation and they wish “if America attack and get rid of this regime, we will have better life”.

But they are small minority of militia and regime and their associates and their families, they want nuclear bomb and it gives them sense of security, not identity! And I don’t call them people, they are regime and militias.

Third, you said “if there are military strikes against Iran the consequences can be devastating both for the population of Iran”. Well, Iranian people don’t think it’s gonna get worst than this if there would be a military strike. As I stated earlier many believe that a military strike actually sets them free. I don’t think so this regime would be open up to any peaceful negotiation with civilized world, or at least it wouldn’t make any difference to population in Iran. People can’t choose what to wear; economy is almost dead in Iran, people are living in fear of Islamic regime and under brutal repression, so it’s not gonna get worst than this.

Fourth, you said “we should trying open up Iran” and at the end of video you added “we have to let time run its course. I think there is a great hope for democracy in Iran but it’s not going to be tomorrow.” So you think so people should live under Ayatollahs atrocities for 40 – 50 years for the hope of democracy. Please go back and live in Iran if Iran’s current situation is something that you can live with. Don’t dictate your so-called long-term strategy for people under repression; people have had enough of this.

Fifth, you bragged about Iran’s situation like “You have women in Parliament. You have women lawyers as we know because of Nobel peace prize of 2003, Shirin Ebadi. There’s an electoral process. You have a thriving civil society in Iran”.

It’s sounds funny when some brag about something that they have no clue what are they talking about. O.K. let me clarify this section too.

Women in Parliament in Iran are all associated with regime. None of them defended any bill that rightly come form people and for people. Even in some cases like choosing “National Dress” to oppress more Iranian women, all these women in Parliament were actively participated while they should have stood by and say people clothing is not our business. So these members of parliament, all in together are just part of Islamic regime and it has nothing to do with civil society.

Shirin Ebadi was under huge pressure from day one that she got Nobel Peace Prize till today. They shut down her office and even they managed to attack to her house too. So don’t even talk about thriving civil society because Islamic regime of Iran has been abusing power to oppress all movements including human rights movements. Read this link

“There’s an electoral process” are you kidding me?! Have you ever studied Islamic regime of Iran politics during past 30 years or just you’re talking because they gave you a chance to talk? How can you call it there is an electoral process when regime has barred many people from participating in the electoral process at the first place?!

Please instead of electoral process call it “Islamic dictatorship regime electoral process”, this is appropriate term for Islamic regime so-called electoral process.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Children labours living in boxes during cold winter in Iran

You can see these children on the street selling almost everything and making a box their home during this cold winter while Ayatollahs would talk about other people on the other side of the world. These kids are owner of Iran and everything in Iran belongs to them, they shouldn’t scrunch in the box in this cold weather.

Photos from Way to Freedom

Monday, January 19, 2009

Will Islamic Republic of Iran survive to see 40th anniversary?

My short answer is “hopefully not” but if world politics continue to support dictators as it does today then unfortunately it will survive.

Here in this video Richard W. Bulliet, Professor of History from Columbia University speaks about “Three Decades of the Islamic Republic of Iran” in School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA) in Columbia University back in April 21, 2008.

His view about politics and dynamics in Islamic Iran is up-to-date and it worth watching it:

The Left and Mullahs in Iran

One may argue over many flaws of Communism and its historical mistakes or ideological inadaptability to democracy. However, in Iran, Communism has been stained with co-religionists and this is a sticky stain which has not been removed since the 1979 revolution.

After the Iranian revolution (the most popular leftist movement of contemporary Iranian history), Marxist-Leninist “OIPFG” (People’s Organisation of Fedayeen Guerrillas) is a typical example of such stigma. Needless to say, there were leftist intellectuals and small groups who did not bow to the supremacy of Khomeini. The word “left or leftist” only designates (in this article) the pro Soviet political bodies, called Tudeh Party and a faction of OIPFG, called Majority. They were both orchestrated by the Kremlin to unconditionally support the “anti-American” IRI. Majority was created due to a split in 1980 within the OIPFG. The other part of this organisation, called Minority, continued fighting along with several other leftist groups against the “bourgeois” IRI—all this opposition was systematically and gradually slaughtered, dispelled, or dismantled by the regime.

The OIPFG was founded by some young educated or student revolutionaries at the end of 1960’s. It proclaimed its struggle in 1971, when a group of armed Fedayeens captured a rural police station called “Siahkal”. Regarding the absolute dictatorship of the Shah’s regime, they believed that acquiring freedom and social justice can only occur within armed struggles of the revolutionary vanguard, which in turn will end up with a mass revolution. Other “non-violent” ways were considered complaisant and ineffective, both due to the failed experiences of Tudeh Party and Front National (a large pro- Mossadegh spectrum). Thus these two main opposition groups were not able to mobilise people against the Shah’s absolute dictatorship – at that time, terms like terrorism, adventurism, petit bourgeois utopia, etc. were not labels of such armed movements.

Considering the international unrest of 1960’s, France and Germany were overwhelmed by student demonstrations in May 1968, almost causing a revolutionary situation in France. Numerous left-wing groups emerged in Germany, Italy, France and other western countries. Armed groups like IRA in North Ireland and ETA in Basque were involved in armed struggles. Revolutionary activities in Latin America attracted popular support in European youth. Their struggles were considered a “heroic” exercise of people’s freedom. Even European states (especially those headed by Socialist or Social Democratic parties) had to consider the sympathy of their intelligentsia for such revolutionary and anti American movements. Castro’s idea of “bullets, not ballots, were the way to achieve power” had political sense. Régis Debray became Mitterrand’s adviser for Latin America. He was a co-fighter of Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967 and a revolutionary author whose book” Revolution in Revolution” inspired the Fedayeens.

Needless to say armed struggles then were spared from any connotation of terrorism or political Islam. A great number of Western youth with leftist or alternative worldview had sympathy for Palestine Liberation Front and hence used to wear a Palestinian scarf as a popular sign of their solidarity with Palestinian militants. The Front represented more than a passing similarity to the today’s appealing Islamists of Hamas and Hezbollah.

Although the socio-economic conditions that favoured armed struggles in Latin America were not similar to those of an Islamic society like Iran, Fedayeens’ armed struggle was largely inspired from the revolutionary experiences in Latin America. They theorised that armed struggles would promote a mass revolution in Iran, as happened in Cuba. There is no single page of history from the early founders of Fedayeens dealing with Islam and its role in such a revolution. In their analyses, an important social factor like Islam is completely absent.

Contrary to some priests in Latin America, Mullahs in Iran could never reconcile with collectivism, socialism and materialism of the left. From Safavid Dynasty to the Shah (except under 16-year Reza Shah‘s reign), The Iranian clergy or Mullahs have always created a common bond with monarchy. This alliance was later used by colonial powers to keep the status quo. A 16-year period under Reza Shah aside, Mullahs have been growing their socio-political power since the compelling “Shiitisation” of Iran by the Safavids in 16’s century. In the 60’s, Ayatollah Khomeini opposed the Shah’s land reform and right of voting to women, and hence he led an Islamic movement opposing Shah’s “un-Islamic reforms.”

Neither Tudeh party, a pro-USSR party, nor Marxist-Leninist OIPFG, could introduce Marx’s “Religion is people’s opiate” into their social analyses--instead, they considered “anti-imperialist” Muslim movements as their strategic allies. No wonder that after the Iranian revolution, both ex-rivals (the Tudeh Party and a majority of Central Committee non-pro Soviet OIPFG’ called Majority, despite their deepening friction) came together to unconditionally support “anti imperialist” Khomeini and his Islamist movement-- until these two “profane atheists”, like other leftists, succumbed under Khomeini’s Islamic sword in 1982.

Their blind support of the Islamic regime reached a treacherous level of collaboration with the repressive organisations and right-wing paramilitary thugs of the regime-- who were nationwide identifying and arresting “agents of imperialism”. Many thousands of these “agents”, including a number of minors, were executed. In reality a great number of the victims were teens or young people, who were murdered for demanding basic democracy.

Working class, that these pseudo- leftists pretended to support, lost the little rights they had won during the revolution and in vain attempted to keep after the revolution. Their new independent trade unions were banned and replaced by Islamic societies formed by the Ministry of Labour. Their profit share and bonuses which were established under the Shah were nullified. The right of strike was rejected. Wages stayed low, many factories were shut down; and their workers were fired without any unemployment benefit. Because of protests, many workers were arrested, jailed, and executed by the Islamic regime, whereas this spectrum of left continued supporting the Mullahs’ regime.

For this body of the Iranian left, terms like human rights, individual freedom, women’s rights did not belong to their preoccupation. There have been divisions based on class, ideology, and any class related antagonistic factors. In this perspective, they argued that domestic capitalists consistently represented the interests of Imperialists, but the role of Mullahs and its traditional ties with feudalism and traditional capitalism has been selectively ignored. In his famous book (History of Thirty Years), Bijan Jazani, a founder of Marxist-Leninist OIPFG, gave an overwhelmingly credit to Ayatollah Khomeini, as a “revolutionary” Mullah of “petite bourgeoisie”. The 14 century-old Islamic laws, Sharia, under Khomeini’s “Velayt-e-Faghih” (God’s state which was described in Khomeini’s book was amazingly ignored by the left from then on). Khomeini had these fascist, misogynist, and anti- socialist ideas before the 1979 revolution, but he was accepted and praised by a spectrum of the left as a symbol of struggle against the Shah. To conclude, Islam as a divisive or a monolithic factor was not taken by the left into consideration.

By contrast, religion has been used by colonial or key powers as a dam to discourage democracy and modernity. Although, to some extent in the Middle East and North Africa, Islamic movements were a factor of unity, but they were tolerated by colonialists to prevent democratic alternatives. The Islamist movements had no effective solutions for the objective problems. The state of economic dependence, with or without Islamic solutions, cannot be removed. There can always be commercial monopolies, supported by colonial powers. The only solution to guarantee economic independence is rapid development under a democratic and secular state--otherwise Islamic states like Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, or Iran, economically remain (dependent) client states of foreign powers.

Colonial powers have respected and even propagated religion in Iran, as a means of conspiracy. Shiite Mullahs in Iran, like Christian missionaries in Africa, are known for being protégés of the British colonial administrators; they both have been preaching to bring people closer to God, but not closer to freedom and progress. Colonialism would keep their colonies the most undeveloped, the most illiterate, and superstitious. Such backward attitudes are at hand through religion. Plundering and looting of the colonies, without such social preconditions, could not be easily committed in the history of colonialism.

In the Islamic colonies, the missionary’s role was in fact replaced by the Islamic Ulama, which could be adjusted better with the long-term colonial aims. The colonial officials did not intervene in matters pertaining to Islam or Islamic traditional practices. However, the separation of religion from the practical affairs of government and law was a colonists’ wish. It was, in itself, interference in matters pertaining to Islam. In the case of Iran, it is believed that all through the 20th century, the British Empire had to deal with a number of influential clergy to mutually help each other’s influence. The peak of this mutual help was the 1953 coup which was planned by US / UK against the Iranian PM, Dr. Mossadegh, who by nationalising the Iranian oil industry, was challenging the British oil interests in Iran. They utilised the most thuggish and reactionary Muslim elements of the “Bazaar” (traditional business, closed to the clergy), and the leading clergy to help the coup. Dr. Mossadegh is the only democratic PM of the Iranian recent history and because of this coup the US / UK reinstalled the Shah as a despot.

Even after the first successful Iranian constitutional revolution in Middle East history, Iran could not free itself from the influence of Mullahs. Soon, the written constitution that predicted power in an elective authority lost its sense. With the support of the Mullahs, the power remained as a divine gift in the hands of kings who were considered since the Safavids “representatives of Hidden Twelfth Imam, the Mahdi, on earth” and since his occultation, Mullahs were considered the only interpreters of the Imam.

Despite division of Iran into “spheres of interest” between England and Russia, Iran was not officially colonised, but the country lost a natural way of progress, democracy, secularism, and independence. As documented in F. William Engdahl’s book A Century of War - Anglo-American Oil Politics and the New World Order, Britain’s interest in the Middle East was piqued when her leaders realised that oil would replace coal as the energy source of the future. At the turn of the century Britain had no first-hand access to oil and was dependant upon America, Russia or Mexico for her supplies. This was quickly understood as an unacceptable situation and through intrigues involving British spy Sidney Reilly and Australian geologist and engineer William Knox d’Arcy, Britain was able to secure drilling rights to Persian oil from Persian monarch Reza Khan. D’Arcy paid what amounted to $20,000 cash for rights to tap Persian oil until 1961, with a 16% royalty from all sales going to the Shah. The British company that Reilly persuaded d’Arcy to ally with then became known as the Anglo-Persian Oil Company, a forerunner of the mighty British Petroleum. To put an end to this plundering, Iranian oil was nationalised by the Iranian popular PM Dr. Mossadegh. Two years later in 1953, Mossadegh was overthrown by a US / British coup and, with the help of the leading clergy led by mighty Ayatollah Kashani—an influential Mullah, who had already sworn to let topple the democratically elected government of Mossadegh.

More than the institutions, like army, the civil service and the judiciary, which have systematically been set up in the colonies, British colonialism needed religion to better control the vast territories they had acquired during the nineteenth century. Sects and cults furthermore were created. Sectarian conflicts were incited. All these measures paved the way for keeping the state of economic dependence, event after their physical departure. An example of such a “decolonisation” is the independence of India in 1947, which turned into a division of the Indian subcontinent into two and then three countries based on religious conflicts. This finally gave birth to an Islamic state in Pakistan under President Ayub Khan at the end of 1960.

The establishment of communist states in the 20th century was for some Muslim activists like MEK (People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran) a pole of anti-colonialism, a political alliance to bolster an anti-West, whereas for Shiite Mullahs (like Khomeini), “communism is the atheism” and hence was demonised as a “Kufr” (profanity). The emergence of Marxism was seen by Islamic movements, especially by the Iranian Mullahs, as an alien demon to fight and keep away from the mental and physical presence of Shiite society. Although Islamist political entities have Stalinist methods of organisation, they are more characterised by their anti-communist than anti-West. After all, the legacy of communism reminds them that the problem of atheist culture will be more dangerous than the western colonialism. Communism has always remained the main challenge to any Islamic political body in the favour of the colonial power of British Empire or US hegemony.

This anti-socialist character of Islamic movements in general and particularly that of Shiite Mullahs in Iran was the missing link, which could not connect a big spectrum of Iranian left with the reality. They fell into the Khomeini’s tramp, what finally cost them thousands of lives besides a bad reputation.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Why fanatics set Obama on fire in Iran?

During US presidency race, Iranian officials publicly showed they prefer Obama as US president first and foremost because they noticed John McCain policy towards Ayatollahs in Iran is not soft and it would threat Ayatollah’s existence.

Fanatics in Iran didn’t expect that Obama would be Presidency race winner so they bet on him but it shocked them when he won the presidency race and second, it shocked Ayatollahs more when Obama’s team said “they engage with Iran” rather than isolating Iran. Yeah, so now Ayatollahs don’t have anything wrong to say about new Administration direction towards Iran, so Ayatollahs backfired, first by attaching Obama to Zionist organization and then by firing his effigy.

Well, I am not sure how Obama is gonna deal with Ayatollahs but I am sure about one thing that Obama team shouldn’t take Ayatollahs as peaceful people who look for an open-arm America to reach to peace inside Iran and in the region. I hope new administration don’t sacrifice right of people in favor of some sort of agreement with fanatic regime.

Photos from REUTERS/Stringer (IRAN)

Iran will dispatch students to Syria

Headquarter of “Students Supporter of Islamic Resistance” in Iran announced they will dispatch students to Syria for supporting people in Gaza strip from next week.

They didn’t clarify how many people they intend to send to Gaza but it seems it’s just a new lie from Islamic militia backed by Ayatollahs in Iran. Well, as we all aware of Ayatollahs understood that they shouldn’t involve directly in this fight so these kind of rhetoric by militia in the name of students wouldn’t buy them any credit, rather it discredits them more than past.

Indeed ayatollahs have benefited from Gaza war more than any other country. They have oppressed Human Rights organization in Iran, attacked Mrs. Shirin Ebadi’s house, raided human rights protest for peace, imprisoned more than eleven Shiraz university students, planning to stone 10 more people and etc. Well, so why shouldn’t they ask Muslims in the world to rise up and attack Israel while they can enjoy freedom of censorship to oppress any Iranian who asks for basic human rights?

News from RajaNews (Related to IRGC and Basiji militia)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Ayatollahs in fear of peace, attacked a rally!

Basiji militia and Iranian security forces raided a rally against ongoing violence in Gaza which was arranged by an independent group called Mothers for Peace. Normally Iranian authorities don't have problem about anything that goes against Israel or supports Palestinian but it seems they couldn't let a group of educated human rights lover would run a rally and ask for peace!

There is no doubt that ayatollahs are against peace in that region so any rally for peace or against violence in Gaza from peace lover people wouldn't sound right for ayatollahs who are supporting Hamas fighters all the way.

Also attacking Mothers for Peace rally comes after Basiji militia members attacked Nobel Laureate, Mrs. Shirin Ebadi's house and accused her of being traitor for not condemning Israel and supporting US and same sort of non-sense remarks. I should emphasize there is real fear of her assassination at the meantime.

In the clash between security forces and Mothers for Peace, plainclothes security force took cameras and attacked couple of people violently and ended the rally by force.

Hat tips Focus on Iranian Women (Persian language), Women's Field (Persian language)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Does Iranian police attack and beat students?

I saw some commentators wrote under some snapshots that Iranian police just watching students’ protest and they didn’t attack nor beat students at that time. So commentators by looking at photos thought Islamic Iran is a democratic country and wrote about west propaganda and blah blah. Well, unfortunately I can’t remember where exactly I saw those comments but at least I can clarify the issue here.

If you look at recent student protests in Tehran that I have snapshots here too, you will see guards just watching students and try not to involve with them. But they didn’t want people get in university and make it a bigger protest.

Yeah, police didn’t attack at that time but here we have footage that shows in another incident guards just was waiting for night to come. Take a look at it:

Iranian police usually take photos, movies then they identify protestors and hunt them later at anytime. This is their main strategy to capture opposition in Iran.

Hat tips Evin209

Ashura is symbol of superstition

I read your comments about Ashura between Iranian community in New York and noticed some of you might have thought that I am against freedom of religion. Well, you are misunderstood. In my opinion Ashura is symbol of superstition and stupidity among certain religious sect and the outcome of mourning during Muharram is just getting some food and wasting time with religious non-sense.

What is the point of beating yourself? or flagellation?! or cutting your head?! Honesty, nothing. It's not gonna clean your sins (!). so yes, it's non-sense activity that I am against it and If you guys wanna do it, just don't bring it on the streets.

Let me show you some graphic scene from Ashura:

Photos from Our Shout

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Islamic regime continues child execution

Although Iranian judiciary announced that they banned juveniles’ execution, still judges sentence juveniles to death penalty.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Basiji militia against Coca cola and Pepsi

It reads "Coca cola, Pepsi, Fanta with
flavor of Palestinian children's blood"

The man belonging to the Basiji militia group holds a placard against so-called "Zionist corporations" during the Basiji militia group sit-in strike in front of the International Mehrabad airport in Tehran on December 30, 2008. Members of the Basiji militia were camping at the airport to obtain permission from Supreme Leader to go Gaza to fight against Israel.

All this bizzare (not for Basiji though) moves from Basiji happened after ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran's supreme leader criticized Muslim governments for silence, called Israel a "warring infidel" and issued a religious decree that said anyone killed while defending Palestinians in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip against Israeli attacks would be considered martyr.

But Khameini show off didn't go well by canceling any trip from Basiji to Gaza, ha said to members of Basiji militia "Our hands tied up in Gaza situation and we can't let you leave border to fight with Israel" and he asked them "end the sit-in strike immediately".

That's a result of a Supreme leader who thinks he is Allah's representative on the earth. I guess people should remind him again that your Allah is rotten too.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Ashura between Iranian community in New York

When a bunch crazy people decide to bring their backwarded religious tradition with themselves to New York, some of you lucky enough to watch it and some of us, like me, would hate it again and again by all my gut.

Guys, Guys it is not true, nothing is going to happen after this ceremony, don't waste your time. Just go read a book, write a music note or enjoy your time instead of this crazy thing. Damn!

Trust me these people believe in foolish superstitions like this:

At least many Shia believe that taking part in Ashura is to be absolved of sin. A popular Shia saying has it that, `a single tear shed for Hussain washes away a hundred sins.` from Day of Ashura

Stupid and meaningless Ashura in New York and Montreal

As always I have stated Ashura mourning is stupid and meaningless all the way, well it besides that the whole religion is stupid and non-sense. Honesty, just take a look at what are they doing, just wasting time and energy to show off and make fool of themselves. Unfortunately these foolish ceremonies have expanded between different communities and races and now South Asian communities take it more seriously than others. It is an alarming situation if people open their eyes and minds.

OK, let me tell you I have had best parties ever during Muharram and honesty I didn't give pay attention to foolish Islamic mourning or any religious thing and I tried my best to enjoy that time somewhere else and that's the way it should be.

History doesn't say that Husayn ibn Ali, the grandson of Muhammad who was killed in the Battle of Karbala deserves to mourn for! He was a bully person and was struggling for power. I just fail to see, why should people mourn for this?! Anyway just take a look at this bunch of stupid people in New York and Montreal and don't forget not to attend to foolish ceremonies like this:


New York

Ashura tent burnt before Ashura

I explained about Ashura and Muharram and it's significance in Shiite culture but before recent Ashura commemoration (couple of days ago), a huge tent that was supposed to be used for Muharram mourning in the Tehran city center next to City Theater, rumor says burnt by people.

This area is very busy place in fact a business center for itself. Businesses were not happy from the whole ceremony thing and artists were very angry at Ayatollahs because they shuted down City Theater for damages when Tehran's Municipality built a religious cultural complex in its parking lot back in 2003.

The other thing is many religious minority people are living in this region and they were not happy with the religious cultural complex and this tents too. So speculations are high and no one took responsibility yet Iranian media wrote it was an accident.

You know, I kinda liked when tent burnt to the ground because all the time they have been lying that Ashura mourning are for someone that Allah loves him so bad so Allah watches you and blah blah blah fairytales. I really love it when I see all Islamic fairytales go blank and/or any other religious fairytales.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Shiraz University students protest over imprisonment of their classmates

Shiraz University students protest over imprisonment of their classmates and ask for their immediate release from prison. On placards read: "University is last barricade for freedom", "Release imprisoned students" and "Since there is prison, we are all locked up" and etc.

Hat tips peykeiran

A 17 years old killed by police in Iran

This is dead body of Hamid Rezai who shot by police during the recent confrontations in Khomeynishahr city near Isfahan city. Government officials attributed his death to a gun shot from a hunting rifle however witnesses dispute this. He was just 17 years old.

Warning: This video is very graphic.

Hat tips Hrairan

Friday, January 9, 2009

We are men and women of war

This video is from Shiraz University students were protesting against Islamic Republic dictatorship regime on March 2008:

This slogan that they repeat it is: "We are men and women of war, We fight to the end".

This is the road to hell

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Someone executes this little fellow!

A pro-Hamas, pro-Palestine fan in Iran has a placard of Hosni Mubarak the president of Egypt in her hand that reads on top of the photo "Someone executes this little fellow".

Pro-Hamas people believe that Hosni Mubarak has some kind of deal with Israel to get rid of Hamas so they hate the guy's gut and ask publicly to execute him. C'mon! is she asking for terror and looking for a terrorist to kill president of Egypt?! But, hey what can we expect when Iranian supreme leader says more horrifying things than this!

Hat tips ISNA

Listen Ayatollah, Iranians need attention more than Hamas

Ayatollahs seem to forget Iranian people need more attention that Gaza and Palestine. The above photos shows belonging of new-homeless family and you can see these scenes in the city nowadays.

Economy is going down more than light speed and rent is skyrocketing so here people loose their home and there is not any shelter to keep them out of freezing winter and yet again, Iranian regime supports Hamas more than Iranians in need.

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Isn’t it ridiculous statement for a prophet?

Photo reads: "Prophet Muhammad: A woman who wear perfume and go out of the home, the angels will curse her till she returns home." Be honest, isn't it ridiculous?

This one installed inside of a government building but you can find posters like this everywhere in Iran, inside and outside.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Iranian Student: Who is traitor?

Angry Iranian students protested for their rights to have student council in university, some called them traitors. This student gives a speech and defines who is traitor in Iran. Video is in Persian language but I translated some parts of it.

If Ahmadinejad comes here students show him what he deserves. He says "Traitor is a person who draws our nation to war. Traitor is a person who dragged our economy to current situation (which is in dire situation). Traitor is a person who takes from this nation's throat and spends on Lebanon, Palestine, Ecuador and El Salvador."

Iranian-Americans for peace

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A group of young men and women arrested by police in coffee shop

This group of young people that you will see in the video has done nothing wrong; just they were having coffee and ice cream and etc. in a coffee shop. Well, according to Islamic law they are criminals because they having coffee with another sex!

They can get punishments like jail, flogging in public or something else.

Nothing short of insanity!

Palestine or Iran?!

Pro-Hamas crowd that belong to Basij militia is using these kinds of slogans (above) in front of embassies in Iran. It seems they don't understand that the biggest losers are these crowd that carry Palestinian and Hezbollah flag in our land Iran. An Iranian should be proud of carrying Iranian flag, not Palestinian and/or Hezbollah flag!

Nowadays it's more Palestinian, Hamas and Hezbollah flags over Iranian flags, although I have problem with Islamic Iranian flag but still its flag of Iran.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Death to Palestine, a new slogan in Iran

This group of pro-Palestinian probably Hezbollah's member in Iran were shouting "Death to Israel" but all of sudden, the guy made mistake and said "Death to Palestine"....that's very funny. They say while you're lying sometimes unconsciously your mind would say the truth.

Anyway, he found out so he changed his slogan to "Death to America". Whether you like it or not, most Iranians disagree with regime's commitment to Hamas, Hezbollah and other terrorist organizations. In fact people are fed up with regime's spending on foreign groups while Iranians are in economic hardship.

Video is in Persian Language

American University Professor stepping on flag

Hamid Mowlana, American University Professor and Ahmadinejad's advisor stepping on American flag. Hamid Mowlana has been very conservative figure and his articles have published on right wing daily paper Kayhan from a long time ago.

Iranian bloggers were very upset to see him as an American Iranian citizen stepping on American flag. But I thought first, he wouldn't care about it at all because he got Iranian president's advisor position. C'mon, you have to think alike to accept such a position from Ahmadinejad. Second, that flag is painted on the floor and he couldn't (because he works for hardliner fanatic Ahmadinejad) say "I won't step on it, this is my flag too"! or could he?!

Moral of the story is if you are a fanatic Islamist, no matter if you have lived most of your life in the US (regime of Iran sees US as natural foe), still you can be advisor for President of fanatic Islamist regime like Iran.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Keffiyeh in support of Hamas in Amsterdam!

On 3rd of January, Some people in Amsterdam gathered in a demonstration against the Israeli attacks on Gaza and protest veteran Mohamed Rabbae criticized Dutch politicians for largely failing to act.

Protesting against war and death tolls in war are great, it shows that people would love to stop these evil things, but hey where these groups have been when Hamas would attack Israel with missiles?! Honesty, I hate to see any civilian people get killed in the middle of crossfire between Hamas and Israel but why don't you guys, ask Hamas to get out of city and leave people alone?!

The demonstration is good but you need to ask yourself, why didn't you say anything when Hamas using missiles against Israel? I am not taking side; just I am asking you to be fair for a minute.

By the way, during demonstration they were selling Keffiyeh for 2 euro and it’s not a good sign. To me, Keffiyeh is a sign of Hamas, Hezbollah and Iranian supreme leader and IRGC; just like they were showing their support for these fanatic groups.

Hat tips News from Amsterdam & photo on flicker

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Attack to Nobel Peace Prize winner house

Following photos prove that finally fundamentalists attacked to her house and they wrote on wall "Shirin = USA", "Mercenary writer shame on you", "Down to USA and American crone".

Bunch of fanatic men and women were shouting death to Shirin Ebadi marched to the street, attack to Mrs. Shirin Ebadi's house and wrote on the wall, while Mrs. Ebadi called police and two police men were just watching them and did nothing to stop them!

Seems Iranian fanatic regime still is very angry at Human Rights defenders who their work used by UN General Assembly to issue a resolution that condemns human rights abuses in Iran.

She is in a real danger, there are some rumors suggests that she is an apostate. By spreading this rumor, they want get her killed and according to Islamic law, there won't be any penalty if a Muslim kills an apostate.

Hat tips: Campaign4Equality

Friday, January 2, 2009

A leader of Hamas busy making chaos in Palestine

This is a video clip that made back in mid - 2007 (I guess) about Hamas, just look how they make noise and chaos in the middle of city! Well, their leader, Nizar Rayan is dead now and he can't destroy anymore.

He had four wives on the earth; I am not sure how many wives Allah is going to give it to him when he goes to heaven or hell?! I bet you something that most of his soldiers probably at top have just one wife, why didn't they ask him, how could he manage financially support four wives and 12 kids?!

If the would look into it, they wouldn't fight for this guy. There are rumors about that "Israel wiping Hamas from Gaza strip and the next move would be Hezbollah and/or Iran"; I am not sure how much it's true though.

Hamas is the big terrorist

Even Palestinians know that Hamas is responsible for this war too. Even imagination of innocent people to be under bomb or missile fire on both sides, is very horrifying but I know for sure, Hamas uses civilians to shelter behind them and so here is the result, death toll for innocent.

Indeed, Hamas is the big terrorist in this war and Palestinians should take them out of power either by force or politics.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009

I wish dictator regimes somehow would accept rights of people and honor them with the rights that they were born with, specially Iran which is very important to me.

May this New Year all your dreams turn into reality and all your efforts into great achievements!