Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Iraq is Islamic Iran’s mirror

This is basically Islamic republic of Iran. Even their police outfit looks alike, what are they up to? Are they going to make another Islamic fascist state like Islamic republic of Iran?! Hope not because Iraqis come a long way from Saddam dictatorship and I hope they don’t get anything close to Islamic Iran. That would be deadly mistake but from steps that you guys take there, I don’t see any good sign. Sorry guys!

Iraqi police

Iranian Women Martyrs Brigades

Photos: United States Central Command, Jamejame Newspaper (Persian language)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Omidreza Mirsayafi’s memorial

Omidreza Mirsayafi's memorial service announcement

They killed Omidreza Mirsayafi and buried him to cover up this crime too but media and amnesty should pressure Iranian authorities and bring those responsible to international courts because we know there is no justice in Islamic Iran and there is no quick hope for that.

Reporters Without Borders called for independent probe into Omidreza’s death:

Reporters Without Borders calls for an independent enquiry into the death of the young blogger Omidreza Mirsayafi (http://rooznegaar.blogfa.com) in detention on 18 March. Mirsayafi was hastily buried in Tehran’s Behesht Zahar cemetery on 19 March without an autopsy being carried out. In a bid to find out how he died, his family has brought a complaint against the officials in charge of Evin prison, where he was held.

“The authorities took advantage of the family’s grief and distress to bury Mirsayafi without an autopsy,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We insist on a full explanation of the circumstances of this young blogger’s death in detention. We have been told that this is a case of homicide, in which case those responsible must be brought to trial and punished. We demand the creation of an independent commission of enquiry.”

Reporters Without Borders has learned that, according to the forensic doctor, the Evin prison documents detailing the time of Mirsayafi’s transfer to Loghman Hakim hospital and the time of his death contain irregularities.

“The Evin prison authorities and the judiciary authority want now to portray Mirsayafi as ‘depressive and suicidal’ but this new information suggests there was a failure to assist a person in danger. We believe the United Nations special rapporteur on freedom of opinion and expression and the special rapporteur on extrajudicial killings should go as quickly as possible to Iran to investigate this case.”

Reporters Without Borders urged the Tehran authorities in vain on 18 March to allow independent forensic doctors to carry out an autopsy, as his lawyer, Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, had requested. read the rest

Also here is Omidreza’s last letter to the organization.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Iranian American journalist in prison

On January 31, 2009, Roxana Saberi, an Iranian-American freelance journalist was arrested on charges of buying a bottle of wine but Iranian authorities charged her to “engaging in illegal activities” because she had continued to report for the foreign media long after her journalist credentials were suspended.

Buying alcohol is prohibited in Iran and people sentenced to flogging or would pay fine, depends on the circumstances but in Saberi’s case, it seems like she was caught for buying alcohol (immoral activity in Islamic Iran!) and Iranian authorities took advantage of situation to get rid of stubborn reporter who doesn’t care to Islamic rules.

Given the fact that freedom of expression and press freedom doesn’t have meaning in Islamic Iran so journalists and bloggers easily has been arrested, tortured and unfortunately in some shocking cases killed, in a larger scale we have to press Islamic Iran on violations of human rights to prevent such arbitrary arrests at core.

Thanks to media coverage and her dual citizenship status, they didn’t torture her physically (according to her lawyer) yet, but we don’t know is she going under psychological torture or not so your support would secure her safe return home to her worried father. Please support this campaign.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Detainee tortured to death

Ali Badozadeh’s body found tortured on the outskirt of Mahabad city, northwestern Iran.

He was accused of “cooperating with the Kurdish political parties, having information about his nephew’s activity and others who were involved with Kurdish political parties” and taken to custody for interrogation by security forces on March 18, 2009.

On March 25, 2009 his body found beaten, swollen and bruised. Also recently Omidreza Mirsayafi has died in prison under suspicious circumstances.

Unfortunately Kurdish minority has been facing systematic discrimination and ill treatments by the state since 1979 Islamic revolution.

Hat tips: Human Rights Activists (Persian language)

Iranian bloggers under death threat

Blogging can lead you to death in Iran, quite differently than what is going on in free world. Bloggers have been arrested on different occasions and spent their lives in prison, some of them still are in prison and some of them died suspiciously in prison.

Now in fear of ever growing Iranian blogosphere, they want to use these scare tactics to get people off of the blogs. But in the repressed society that media is government owned and freedom of expression is excessively oppressed, blogging is the last resort for people to express themselves.

Islamic regime is founded based on Islamic values and anything that threat that ideology is damned by authorities so I suggest Iranian bloggers specially atheists bloggers should be very careful at the meantime and ladies’ blogger try not to express yourself at all, they will charge you on prostitution. Guess most bloggers generally fit in corruption cases. Islam doesn’t need you to write, go pray! Don’t you want to pray? Okay let's go prison.

Nuclear bomb and relationship with the US dilemma

On March 16, 2009 the secretary general of Iran’s Hezbollah group, Mohammad Bagher Kharrazi said “whenever we develop bomb then we establish relationship with the U.S. If we shouldn’t develop bomb then we shouldn’t have relationship and if we can have relationship so we should make bomb too.”

But the main question is; are they going to develop nuclear bombs or warhead as clearly they state? Or is this just a pretentious claim out of desperation? Whatever it is, it doesn’t sound good and unfortunately it is repeatedly said by ayatollahs. Since they solved this dilemma, what would be the next step?

Nuclear bomb won’t do anything good for Iranian people it just fulfill mullahs’ dreams and give them sense of security over regime change policy of the US against Islamic regime. But would it bring safety and security for people? I don’t think so and there we should stand against idea of nuclear weaponry development.

Hat tips: Shabestan News (Persian language)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Turn off lights for an hour

Earth Hour is a project for saving the planet earth by turning off lights for an hour. Well, it first started off from Sydney, Australia in 2007 and now it is global movement. It is easy to participate, whenever you are on Saturday, March 28 just switch off your lights from 8:30 - 9:30pm.

I noticed on the world map it doesn't show anybody from Iran, I am wondering nobody participated yet, or just they don't show Iranian participants. click here!

Khatami is Ahmadinejad at heart

Former Iranian president Mohammad Khatami is very eloquent man, no doubt but his policies has been very same policy that supreme leader Khamenei and President Ahamdinejad are running. Some would argue, he is moderate and different than radicals in Islamic Iran but as I argued over and over that he is the same thing. Only difference between him and Ahmadinejad is, he speaks nicely to foreign national on his overseas tours but inside of Iran, he follows and speaks very same policy.

Michael Rubin from the American Enterprise Institute has an informative article about Khatami which he clearly explains Khatami’s hypocritical speeches inside and outside of Iran.

Let’s see what Michael found out about Khatami:

On March 9, 1999, during his first visit to Europe, Khatami told the Italian parliament: "Tolerance and exchange of views are the fruits of cultural richness, creativity, high-mindedness and harmony. One must recognise this opportunity." Back in Iran, though, his message was different. He banned Israeli and Jewish non-government organisations from participating in the Tehran preparatory meeting ahead of the UN Conference against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance.

Then, speaking to Iranian television on October 24, 2000, he declared: "If we abide by human laws, we should mobilise the whole Islamic world for a sharp confrontation with the Zionist regime. If we abide by the Koran, all of us should mobilise to kill."

While proponents of dialogue latch on to Khatami's call, the former president's own aides depict his dialogue as tactical, and insincere. Speaking on June14 last year, Abdollah Ramezanzadeh, Khatami's former spokesman, told a university audience: "We had one overt policy, which was one of negotiation and confidence-building, and a covert policy, which was continuation of the activities."

As Michael pointed out Khatami wasn't sincere in his pormises:
Many of Khatami's foreign supporters suggest he was sincere in his desire for reform, but Iran's power circles constrained him. Iranian civil society is not so sure.

On February 27 this year, Iranian civil rights activist Emad al-Din Baghi recounted how "Khatami forgot all his promises of reforms" on his election.

Answering hardline critics in Qom last month, Khatami affirmed that his support for the revolution trumped any other principle. So much for the "defence of democracy".

Khatami is part of Islamic republic and I was wondering how politicians would be fooled by his speeches instead of looking at his track record:
As University of Virginia political scientist George Michael noted in a2007 Middle East Quarterly article, "it was under Khatami that Iranian policy shifted from anti-Zionism to unabashed anti-Semitism".

Dialogue is not always a panacea. Not every partner is sincere. While some are too radical or violent to engage, the more dangerous are those such as Khatami, who have mastered the art of public relations. They should be judged on their actions, however, rather than their rhetoric.

To do otherwise is simply to become a useful idiot enabling the furtherance of values and actions antithetical to liberalism, tolerance and democracy.

Check out Michal's article "Khatami is just Ahmadinejad with a silver tongue" on The Australian

Families detained over Nowruz gathering

On March 20, 2009 families of imprisoned students, wanted to celebrate Nowruz ceremony with their loves ones, somewhere close to notorious Evin prison. Authorities violently raided the peaceful gathering.

They thrashed families and detained more than 10 people.

Students imprisoned on recent clash between them and militia over reburying bodies in university.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Nowruz greetings from Israel with hate?!!

This greeting came from President Peres from Israel:

“With great happiness I would like to wish you, on the occasion of your holiday of Nowruz, a holiday of renewal that brings joy and hope for a new day, for better days, and for a new and blessed year. What a joy it is, this, your historical holiday that you have celebrated and kept for generations.

The people of Israel have lofty historical memories from the period in which Iran thrived in a variety of fields and contributed to the world, among other things, Cyrus's ancient Bill of Rights, and to the Jewish people, our right to return to our land from the Babylonian Exile in order to establish the Temple in Jerusalem. Iran and its people therefore have a special place in our heritage.

Our relations with the Iranian people have also known good times in the modern period. We shared our experience in agriculture, industry, and scientific and medical development, and we cultivated the best possible relations.

To our great sadness, relations between our countries are at their lowest point. This derives from the leaders of your country, who are driven to act in every way possible against the State of Israel and its people, and even to threaten us with their intention to destroy us. I ask myself how a noble people like you can be caught up in a blind hatred like this, how you chose a leader who scorns the people who were murdered by the Nazis, and who wants to destroy and kill another country. You believe in God, and we believe in God, but in a God of life and respect, not a God of death and hate. I am sure that the day is not far when we will return to good neighborly relations, and effective cooperation will blossom once again, in every arena, for the benefit of our people and our shared futures.

At this time, when the current regime in Iran is calling for the destruction of Israel, we call for Iran to prosper. We remember Cyrus the Great, who is noted in the Bible as the liberating king, and we remember that our people lived in Iran for many generations, sharing in the building of the land and contributing to to its welfare and culture. We are certain and hopeful that the darkness and the evil will disappear from the world for the good of all of humanity.

On the occasion of the new year, I turn to the noble Iranian people in the name of the ancient Jewish people, and I wish that they will return to reclaim their rightful place amongst the enlightened nations of the world. They will be respected and not hated, and just as they have in the past, I am certain that they will make great cultural contributions in the future.”

If I would greet a country I wouldn’t mention anything about Abrahamic god which is source of vengeance, hate and a blood shedder entity. Richard Dawkins draw a perfect picture of that god:

“The God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.”
So I would make sure there is not a reference to the god in my greetings. Yup! Aside from god section the rest of message was great, thanks and Happy Nowruz to you too!

Hat tips: Haaretz.com

Ayatollahs back in the day

Photo shows Mohammad Reza Pahlavi (monarch of Iran from 1941, until February 1979) with an ayatollah. Many believe Mr. Pahlavi was very soft on ayatollahs and their rhetorics.

People believe he was tough enough on mullahs; they couldn’t establish themselves and overthrow him. He often gets blame for that.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Dad interrogated for his son role in The Wrestler

Goes around comes around!

This story blows my mind once again about Islamic Iran and how moron authorities in Iran react while they keep living with their hypocrisy.

Here is the story, Armin Amiri played Ram’s role in “The Wrestler” movie in the US then Iranian authorities took his dad for questioning. In the movie scene he broke the Iranian flag so they took his dad, a retired, questioned and detained him for 36 hours. They called his son a traitor and insulted him on playing gay role in another movie. First he didn't do anything wrong, second, what it has to do with his dad?!

I really try to understand this level of sensitivity for breaking flag scene but at the same time I can’t grasp where this level of hypocrisy comes from?! If breaking flag is such a taboo that you hardly accept even a movie scene, why would you burn American and Israeli flags in Iran? What does give you right to burn, break and step on other countries flag?!

Only bunch of Islamic hypocrites and cowards are running Iran and as long as they are having control over our country, there is no end to people’s suffer. I should add it here too, in any discussion with Muslims; I found they are very biased towards Islamic countries’ problems and very soon they divert to the US or Israel. As long people in that region don’t grow up and don’t judge themselves, politicians and leaders we will see Muslim countries remain backward and will go to the abyss.

Hat tips: The New York Observer

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Press TV claims Israel will fall in 20 years

Franklin Lamb in an interview with Press TV talked about a CIA report which has been made available only to a certain number of individuals including US Senate Intelligence Committee!

Lamb said that report suggests two-state idea is not democratic so only one-state solution will survive and even goes further and forecasts about departure of Israelis from Israel and returning Palestinian.

The CIA report predicts "an inexorable movement away from a two-state to a one-state solution, as the most viable model based on democratic principles of full equality that sheds the looming specter of colonial Apartheid while allowing for the return of the 1947/1948 and 1967 refugees. The latter being the precondition for sustainable peace in the region."

"So I think the handwriting at least among the public in Israel is on the wall...[which] suggests history will reject the colonial enterprise sooner or later," from Press TV

I personally don’t believe in Press TV’s propaganda because they are very biased towards Islamic goals and wiping off the Israel out of map. I don’t see any problem if people of that region come together and live in peace in one-state solution and there is a possibility if both parties grow up and instead of firing missiles, try to make peace. Indeed it won’t be easy but it will work, if all of them commit to this idea.

By the way, Jews have been there from a long long time ago and there won’t be any reason to separate them from their country as well Palestinian. They can live in peace and there won’t be any mass migration or falling of any group.

I left the main important question in the end, how Press TV came up with "Israel will fall in 20 years"? Where 20 years came into picture? What is your take on this?

Hat tips: Well-Come to New-York City (Persian language)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Against oppression of human freedom

By Firghter Poet

Obama remarks in celebration of Nowruz to Iranians

This is very honest and up front friendship message by President Obama, and I hope radical Islamic leaders to stop destroying this country’s future and for the sake of peace in our region, and majority of Iranian people who struggling to make ends meet, and our crumbling economy take one step towards peace.

Hopefully I don’t ask too much from you and hopefully this is not me wishful thinking!

By the way, Mr. Obama, Happy Persian New Year to you too and thank you for taking peaceful step towards Iran. Once again you earned high regards from Iranian people with this respectful and admirable message. It is better to say you win people's heart again.

Hat tips The White House blog

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Iranian blogger suspiciously died in prison

Iranian blogger, Omidreza Mirsayafi has died in prison under suspicious circumstances. He was just 28 years old blogger who criticize Islamic republic of Iran and its ayatollahs, Khomeini, Khamenie and Rafsanjani in a short essay.

Prison authorities said he committed suicide with high dose of medicine. I don’t buy it, how on the earth he had access to high does of medicine at the first place? It just doesn’t add up because in prison they don’t permit people to have shoelaces to prevent any possible motive for suicide and it is against prison policy to provide any medicine that prisoners could hurt themselves. Prisoners in Iran only would get regular medicine for headache and stuff like that. There is no doubt that his death is fabricated.

It is good to know that he wasn’t a political blogger at all; he was just a regular guy who mostly wrote about music which he had interest into and only his two or three posts were considered insult to ayatollahs like Khomeini, supreme leader and others. He was sentenced to two and half years prison term a month ago on charges of insulting religious leaders and propaganda against Islamic republic of Iran. He gave up his password in the interrogation process and they have deleted his blog content and filled it with totally new content (http://rooznegaar.blogfa.com Persian language blog) but we can find his original content in web archive.

This is the third suspicious death among political and prisoners of conscious in Iranian prison recently. I wrote a post about death of Amir Hussein Heshmat Saran in prison.

I strongly condemn suspicious death of our citizens in prison and I condemn sentences that come from lack of free speech in our society.

Hat tips Hra (Persian language)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Iran sweeps shelves out of USA and Israel products

In couple of days ago, Islamic Iran’s police once again issued an official order to remove anything marked with USA and Israel name or flag from the shelves. It continues “including products with English terms like ‘USA, USA ARMJ (I guess they meant Army), BEAR USA’ and destructive cultural pictures and phrases like ‘Play Boy, Rap, Heavy Metal, Halloween’ and star and cartoon names like ‘Barbie, Spiderman, Superman, Robinson family and etc.’

In this notice they asked Iranian police to aggravate their control over producers and distributors of products that fit into above criteria and report periodically, at least every 15 days to the public places control department. Note that the public places control department controls any place that people go and come; it can be shop, private company and even offices.

This order sent to police stations and retailers guild.


Iranian feminists’ movement

This BBC report on Women’s Day aired on early 2007 but I thought I should have it here since women situation in Iran didn't change for better and the issues discussed in report still remains.

By the way women rights activists didn't celebrate international women's day 2009 in Iran, I had to put this old report up.

Also I recommend a nice article by Syma Sayyah for Iranian feminists.

I fight to death against Islamic declaration of human rights

Dual language, Persian language, English language interpretation follows
(Direct link to video)

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi says: “I don’t believe in cultural relativism. I think that Human Rights is universal and international standard for living and this is why I do not believe in the Islamic declaration of human rights and I do not accept Islamic human rights. If we accept that the muslins can write an Islamic human rights declaration then we have to accept that other religions do the same thing and from now on we will see Buddhist human rights declaration, Hindu human rights declaration, Jewish human rights declaration and so on and so forth which will result in the abolishing of human rights and if the standards of human rights abolishes then the weaker people in the world will be the ones who will suffer.

And unfortunately Islamic countries are the weakest and I think that politically it is not to their benefit to support an Islamic human rights declaration. (The translation is not correct here, the correct translation would be something like this “and unfortunately Islamic countries are weaker and I think that politically it is not to their benefit to weaken Human Rights by defining a new declaration.”) Therefore as we see an Islamic human rights is both unacceptable theoretically and politically.”

My friends, ladies and gentlemen, the threat of Islam is closer than you think and if we don’t fight back now, they will spread their fanatic ideology all over the world. They want to impose their definition of human rights that permits public execution, amputation, stoning and a lot more savage punishments on people who hold another ideology than Islam, like atheists.

This is very alarming and I hope those hypocrites who believe in cultural relativism know that the Islamic fanatic wave will catch up with them soon or late.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Voting for a bad candidate to avoid a worse president in Iran

I received an email about presidential candidates for upcoming election on June 12. Presidential candidates handpick by an appointed body of 12 conservative jurists (Council of Guardians). You have to be ruling elite to be nominated for presidential race and that is the big problem in the way of democracy in Iran. There are worthy and competent people who would attract much of votes but Council of Guardians rejects their application like what they have been doing in history of Islamic republic of Iran.

I heard from a dozen of people, they say they are willing to vote for anyone, just to stop Ahmadinejad from second term. The email that I received resonates with their instance.

Here is the email:

If I were American, I’d save money for the jobless days I might have.
If I were Canadian, I'd think Iranian women wear veils.

If I were French, I’d paint Paris.
If I were Sudanese, I'd kill those who try to rape me.

If I were Afghan, I’d try to get into the parliament.
If I were Iraqi, I'd hope for a better tomorrow.

If I were South African, I’d adopt a little girl who’s lost her parents because of AIDS.
If I were British, I could always wait for the right time.

If I were Portuguese, I’d try to get abortion legal.
If I were Italian, I’d choose Florence to live in.

If I were Russian, I’d feel cold even in front of my fireplace.
If I were Dutch, I'd be proud of my country's art history.
If I were Ghanaian, I'd boil rocks and pretend I'm making dinner until my children fall asleep.

But I'm Iranian, and I'm tired of voting for a bad candidate to avoid a worse president.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Steven Colbert takes on Iran and commercializes Ahmadinejad

Now that’s funny!

Is Obama naive on Iran?

There is no doubt that mullahs are very manipulative just by looking what they have done and how they played on nuclear issue, shows us their real intention:

In a statement posted on the Expediency Council's Web site in May 2006, Rowhani, who was Iran's top nuclear negotiator under Khatami, explained that Tehran had for years been working very deliberately and very incrementally to complete the fuel cycle. That objective was established in 1989, the year Khamenei became supreme leader. Centrifuges, other necessary equipment, and nuclear technology were then brought into Iran during Rafsanjani's presidency, and the centrifuges were upgraded (thanks to reverse engineering) under Khatami. Throughout, Rowhani explained, it was the supreme leader who set the policies.

Although at the end of Khatami's presidency Khamenei ordered the suspension of uranium-enrichment activities, he is unlikely to do so again. In a speech to university students earlier this year, Khamenei explained why not: "Today, whoever demands a temporary suspension from us, we tell them: 'We had a temporary suspension once already, for two years. . . . What was the use? . . . Suspension turned into something sacrosanct that Iran had no right whatsoever to touch! . . . ' And, at the end of it all, they said, 'Temporary suspension is not enough; you have to close down the nuclear business altogether'!" Even if Khamenei committed to suspending Iran's nuclear operations again, such work might not actually be halted. "It is true that we accepted suspension, but not in order to close things down," Rowhani told Etemaad newspaper in November 2007 of Khatami's agreement to halt nuclear activities in 2004. "During the suspension, we built the centrifuges, we built the Arak plant. . . . Whatever was incomplete, we completed under the shadow of suspension. The West was demanding a suspension so that we would close things down, but we suspended things in order to complete the technology." And the Iranian government was ready to go further, even under the reformist Khatami. "For my own part," Rowhani recalled, "I said at several meetings with the officials in charge of the technical side, 'Whenever you are ready for enrichment, let us know and we will break the suspension.'" The Latter-Day Sultan, Power and Politics in Iran By Akbar Ganji from Foreign Affairs, November/December 2008

The question that still remains unanswered is how Obama is going to deal with Iran?

U.S. flag goes Iran

U.S. flag usually doesn't go up in Iran. I mean most of the time either it is burning or people stepping on it but now this time it is up. Don't get too excited, it is wrestling match so they couldn't come short on this one.

Would Islamic Iran have Israeli team in Iran and hold their flag high, in near future?!

Photos from TRT

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Executed souls can’t make change

I was talking with some who recently moved out of Iran and it seems they lost their faith in this country; I am better off to say they lost faith in themselves. They don't believe they can change this country to better, to a modern nation. Their spirits amputated and there is no prosthetic for that.

Executed souls can't make change.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Iran is running out of onion!

Photo shows some fruit prices and vegetable prices

I know, this title sounds funny but in Iran when it comes to prices, everything is funny and retarded. Nowadays people in Tehran have to pay very high price for onion while on the other hand, imported coconut has the same price and people are shocked to see they have to pay way too much money for onion.

There is not one single accountable organization to come forward and explain why on the earth Iranians can’t enjoy their onions with reasonable price! Like always people say when regime can’t control prices inside of the country how can they lead this country in this world?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Iranian-American journalist discussed Iran

In this video Azadeh Moaveni, an Iranian-American journalist discusses on her personal experiences living and working in Iran, including how, after facing the threat of arrest, she fled the country to protect her family's safety.

Overall is relatively good discussion but her excitement about contraception program shows that she doesn’t know about birth control program during Shah but I can open up that section a bit.

In 1960s during Shah era, Iranians noticed that their population is growing fast and their resources are limited so they started a birth control programs. Ayatollahs were opposed to this program so they issued some sort of religious decrees to families that birth control policy is against Islam and will of Allah so many families went against contraception program and made more than usual kids!

Then after Islamic revolution in 1979, Khomeini and other ayatollahs insisted to have large families because revolution needed fresh men and women and Iran-Iraq war needed more martyrs, army men and women. Thanks to ayatollahs, by mid-1980s our population almost doubled from 30 some million to 60 million.

So the contraception program that Ms. Azadeh Moaveni is talking about is renewed program that once denounced by same ayatollahs and of course their followers and now everyone is paying the price of those mistakes.

Check this paragraph to see the degree of insanity among these ayatollahs and how they governed Iran after revolution.

[Between the Islamic revolution of 1979 and 1996, Iran’s population almost doubled, from 35 million to more than 60 million. Faced with internal and external threats to the revolution, including the 1980-1988 war with Iraq, Iran’s spiritual leaders regularly extolled large families as a way of preserving the revolution. The legal age of marriage was dropped to 9. Today, at least 43 percent of the population is under 17. Despite official support for larger families, many Iranians in the early 1980s found themselves faced with soaring inflation and eroding wages, a common deterrent to large families. Dr. Alireza Marandi, then Iran’s Deputy Minister of Health and its current Minister of Health, recognized that Iran’s population growth rate was rocketing out of control. At the time, considering the very conservative religious climate, Marandi did not deem it wise to bring the population issue into public debate. Instead, he quietly kept alive a prerevolutionary program of distributing free condoms and I.U.D.’s while maneuvering for an opening. One word from the Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and all contraceptives would disappear throughout the country. In 1988, after the Cabinet approved birth control by a single vote, Marandi asked for a public statement supporting contraception. But the internal opposition was so strong, the Cabinet vote was not announced. Instead Ayatollah Khomeini suggested a public discussion that sent Muslim scholars digging through their texts for religious sanctions that could be cited in support of birth control. The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality: Iran by Paula E. Drew, Ph.D.


Who elects supreme leader in Iran? Not people!

Probably you wouldn't know this but there is an Assembly of Experts of the Leadership who elects supreme leader in Iran. Now I want to show you some of them, probably you notice right there that they are expert on crack.

Since 1989 following the death of Ruhollah Khomeini is Ali Khamenei elected by assembly of Experts. Supreme leader is the most powerful position in Islamic Iran and it is chosen by 86 elected Islamic scholar and people of this country has no say in it. Theocracy is the right word here.

No words

Theme belongs to Bill Conti.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Religion and superstition

I read in the news that five suspected witches killed in Kenya and just remembered that last year around this time a woman sentenced to death for witch crafting in Saudi Arabia.

I came to this knowledge that superstition and stupidity at core, lead people to believe in nonexistence, out of reach superpowers and witchcrafts. Essentially religion is the same thing; lead you to believe in invisible almighty superpower(s) and has done nothing but spreading lies and keeps people backwarded with fairytales, and kill human with stupid barbaric religious laws.

Sometimes I wonder what would happen if one day humans decide to throw their holy books in garbage bin and think of themselves as one of species and live with it.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Canadian Journalists Support Iranian-Canadian Blogger

Canadian Journalists for Free Expression sent following letter to embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran and called for release of Mr. Hossein Derakhshan. Here is part of the letter:

I am writing on behalf of Canadian Journalists for Free Expression (CJFE), a non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to promote and protect press freedom and freedom of expression around the world.

In the spirit of the coming New Year on March 20, a time of forgiveness and rebirth, CJFE calls for the release of Iranian-Canadian blogger Hossein Derakhshan, also known as "Hoder," who has been held in Iran at an unknown location since November 1, 2008.

Derakhshan, known as the 'blogfather' in Iran for his work as a pioneer in Iran's blogging movement, was arrested in Tehran shortly after his return to Iran from years of work in Toronto and London. No official announcement was made by the government of Iran on his detention until December 30, 2008, when judiciary officials confirmed they were holding Derakhshan but did not specify the charges against him.

It has been reported by local media that Derakhshan was arrested on suspicion of espionage for the state of Israel. Derakhshan, who holds both Canadian and Iranian citizenships, had travelled on at least two occasions to Israel on his Canadian passport; Iranians are forbidden to travel to Israel.

It has also been suggested that Derakhshan may have been detained because of his blogs. His online diaries have been critical of the Iranian authorities.

CJFE calls on the government of Iran to immediately and unconditionally release Hossein Derakhshan and drop all charges against him. (link to letter)

I know some of us still don’t believe that he is in prison, specially after that photo but hey, let’s take the worst case scenario and assume he is in prison then we should try to protect free expression whether it is for us or for people that write against us. By defend his rights; you’re defending your rights too.

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Scalded headscarf on international women’s day

Sara Azmeh Rasmus, a women rights activist burned her headscarf in protest to gender apartheid in Muslim countries. She took off her black headscarf and set on fire among many who came to celebrate International Women’s day in Oslo, Norway. She burned her headscarf by saying “Let me set a fire for equality, freedom, love and peace” some people applauded her and Muslim extremists cursed her.

Muslim extremist threw snowballs to stop her but at the end she could carry on successfully her mission. They got violent and authorities were called in. Later she told press that Muslim extremists threaten her life and threaten to set her ablaze.

Also an Iranian women activist who were carrying a “No to Hijab” placard, were attacked by Muslim extremists.

Norway seems give in to the bunch of extremists. Why would they let any Muslim fanatic to put his/her foot in the country? If they don’t want to change, take them to the North Pole.

Here is another video of the event.

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Update on July 21, 2010: The video on YouTube was deleted so I had to upload it from my archive and change the link. Also now you can watch the video with English subtitle in here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Crab Revolution - Animation

English subtitle

(Link to original video)

Does it remind you of anything in our contemporary history?

Hollywood delegation liked Iranian food

Well, no one says no to Persian food :-)

Video from CNN

Monday, March 9, 2009

Women’s Day

In 1910, March 8 was celebrated for the first time as the International Women's Day (IWD) in many industrial nations. As a proposal of the Socialist International, the day demanded the rights of women to vote and hold public offices, their right to work and vocational training and an end to discrimination in jobs.

Since then, the International Women's Day is commemorated on March 8 and is a national holiday in several countries around the world. It symbolises a long-standing struggle of women of all continents and ethnic, religious, cultural and social backgrounds.

IWD is a symbol of women as an integral part in the making of history. It symbolises a denial of all forms of religion- and culture-based gender-discriminations, which consider women less worthy than men. The day is rooted in the historical struggle against the Dark Ages of European Church and in the demand for "liberty, equality, fraternity" during the French Revolution.

IWD has today assumed a new global dimension for the establishment of women's rights in developed and developing countries alike. Nevertheless, the growing international political Islam, strengthened by countries like the Islamic Republic of Iran, is a serious barrier in the way of achieving its goal. Despite many coordinated efforts globally, the international community, including the United Nations, practically ignore the fate of hundreds of millions of Muslim women, who are conscious or unconscious victims of Islamic misogyny.

According to the World Health Organisation, 85 to 115 million girls and women have undergone some form of female genital mutilation in many Islamic countries, including 28 African nations, despite the fact that it has been outlawed and condemned by the international community. More than 90% of women in Egypt are the victims of this barbaric practice. While 8th March was historically a secular symbol against the dominance of Catholic Church in the West, it should now become a worldwide struggle against the misogyny of Islamic Mosque. Today, the horrendous shadow of Islamo-misogyny has spread its wings over a great sphere of the globe, where hundred of millions of women have fallen into its clutches.

In many Islamic countries, women, fallen victim to rapes, are often killed by their families to preserve family honour. Honour killings as a legacy of Islamic traditions have been reported in Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Turkey and other Persian Gulf countries.

Rape as a means of humiliation, confession, and torture has been used against women in Iranian political prisons. Rape of girls before execution is systematically committed, interpreted as an Islamic principle that "it is a sin to kill a virgin".

Since the installation of the Islamic regime in Iran (IRI) in 1979, a fast-growing majority of the Iranian women, identified as "bad-hijab" (mal-veiled), have been suffering from the atrocity of the IRI fanatics in their day-to-day life, and more recently, from organized Islamic "Morality Police".

Since 1979, physical assaults, arbitrary arrests, acid-throwing, harassment and psychological pressure have become the part and parcel of women's life in Iran. The Islamic Republic of Iran has clearly specified that, for women, no other sort of dress is acceptable except the Islamic hijab.

The first public demonstration of Iranian women after the Iranian revolution was short-lived. On 7 March 1979, on the eve of the IWD, Khomeini decreed that all women employed by the government must wear the "chador" (an all-enveloping black veil), an extension of the four walls of home. Thousands of women filled the streets in protest. For three days, they marched and rallied; on the third day, they staged a sit-in protest at the Palace of Justice, demanding a legal guarantee for their right to choose what to wear and where to work, at home and in society at large.

Khomeini's supporters, armed with knives, attacked the women; they cursed them, yelling "Wear your head or get your head rapped." They stood at windows along the parade-route and exposed their genitals, saying, "This is what you want, you whores!"

When Iranian women, for the last time, gathered to celebrate the IWD peacefully in front of Iranian parliament on March 8, 2007, the Morality Police attacked the gathering of some 700 women's rights activists; they hit them, while the security forces arrested a number of them.

These examples of women's rights violations in Iran make it clear that the International Women's Day is not tolerated by the misogynistic IRI. Quite contrary to the claim of some reformists of the regime that men and women enjoy equal rights, opportunities, and responsibilities in all aspects of life in Iran, a growing gap in the women's rights from that of men always remains a reality.

Over the years, conferences, demonstrations and commemorations have been held globally to reflect on the progress made in women's right. It is now time to call for what has not been made. International Women's Day should now be made a rallying point against Islamo-misogyny, poised to damage the achievements gained in the history of women's rights. Although the Charter of the United Nations proposes gender equality as a fundamental human right, the organisation is reluctant to create standards, programmes and goals for advancing the status of women equally worldwide. For example, the UN avoids condemning the enforcement of hijab on women in Iran.

Of course the UN Charter, signed in 1945, was the first agreement to affirm the principle of equality between women and men. However, the Charter was prepared before the advent of the international political Islam. Today, the global community is affected by political Islam. Consequently, the UN needs to adopt new resolutions to defend the rights of women in Islamic societies. Women in Islamic societies need international support. In the light of many conclusive reports of misogyny in Islamic countries, the UN must react effectively without delay.

The UN, which condemned the Apartheid regime fairly in the past, is now expected to condemn the gender apartheid of Islamic regimes in support of women's full and equal right. It is time for the international community to challenge the misogynistic Islamists across the globe. Confrontation of the widespread violation of basic rights of women in the Islamic world has been long overdue but ignored. Safeguarding the women's rights is now essential to regaining the sense of International Women's Day.

Many daily examples of misogyny in Iran show that the IRI by imposing different status for men and women has reduced the women's role to a means of procreation. Today, the struggle for equality, justice, peace, democracy, secularism, and development is not separated from the struggle against misogyny.

Soon after the revolution, Mr. Abolhassan Banisadr, the first Iranian President, who had lived in France for 15 years, was asked by a television interviewer if it was true that women's hair emits sexually enticing rays and if this is why Islam requires the veil. "Yes, it is true" was his reply.

Concerned of backlash from women against ongoing misogyny and outside scrutiny, the Islamic regime responded by forming its own women's group. This group produced a newspaper, "The Moslem Women," the main task of which was to inculcate misogynistic norms and pseudo scientific arguments into mind of women. Through the twisted sense of women's freedom and origin of women's rights, its real role is to promote the regime's misogynistic policy, especially for imposition of hijab on women.

The international community must reject and denounce these kinds of state-run women's organisations in Iran. These "yellow" organisations are a greater threat than the governing male fanatics to the liberation of women. The real activists, working to defend women's rights and to bring about real change in Iran, risk their safety: IRI's authorities have been harassing, detaining and intimidating them in the last three decades.

In the 21st century, the international community should not accept that women's rights be crippled by shari'a, a 14-century-old legal code. It is time to outlaw shari'a internationally, because it reduces women to second-class citizens in a male-dominated society. It is time for the global community to condemn the archaic belief system that reduces women to a subhuman entity.

Promotion of gender equality is not only a responsibility of women, but of all humanity. Not only is it an important factor for women's participation in social and economic development, but also a necessity for a healthy development of the society as a whole. Gender discrimination creates frustrations, perversities and aggressiveness with blind obedience, typical of oppressed societies.

On this International Women's Day, let us re-dedicate ourselves to the hundreds of millions of women who are conscious or unconscious victims of Islamomisogyny. Much should be accomplished to put into place legal foundations to urge the international community to remember that it is the responsibility of all of us to defend the right to live in dignity, freedom and gender equality.

Man wore scarf to support women in Iran

On March 08, 2009 a young Iranian man wore a headscarf to support International Women's Day. While he was walking along the well known Valiasr Street in Tehran, Police arrested him. His shirt reads "down with the patriarchy".

This photo appeared on Yahoo News through Retures too.

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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Animation documentary about Iranian nuclear issues

Like always that I have tried to correct western politicians that Ahmadinejad is just a political puppet in this regime but yet again I see in this animation, you took him as your main target, the person who is after nuclear bomb.

Let me say it once and for all, he is just a puppet. Key decisions like continuing on nuclear programs, supporting Hamas and Hezbollah and foreign affairs all comes from supreme leader, Ali Khamenei and it is within his authority. He has the last word on every major issue that Iran involves so it was appropriate that producer would utilize more of Iranian supreme leader and his Ayatollah colleagues.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Political prisoner poisoned and killed in Iran

Amir Hussein Heshmat Saran, Iranian political prisoner killed. He was prescribed with some unknown medical powder at the Gohardasht Karaj prison health center. After he used this medicine, he went into coma for 48 hours and despite taking him to hospital, sadly he didn’t survive.

From the moment that his family noticed about his critical conditions they wanted to visit him in hospital but intelligent service agents thwarted them. Although he was unconscious, agents handcuffed him to the bed until he died.

It seems this is the new approach of Islamic regime to get rid of political prisoners. Instead of prescribing regular medicine, they provide them some powder which could be mixture of anything like drugs or poisons and at the end they issue death certificate inside of prison by the very same doctors who prescribed the medicine.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Barbaric Islamic punishment

I have an older post about this kind of punishment "Flogging is a barbaric punishment"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Love is forbidden wherever Islam rules

Police takes lovers to Islamic court. Sometimes I wonder why it is like this, wherever Islam goes, backwardness pushes forward?

Is the apologist blogger misleading us?

This photo of Mr. Derakhshan in Fars News Agency appeared couple of days ago in Iranian blogosphere community. While we, Iranian bloggers thought he was arrested and we were urging for his freedom, this photo shocked us. I am not sure when exactly this photo is taken but rumors suggest that it is valid photo and taken during the time he supposed to be in prison.

I could see him in a conservative paper like this; in fact he fits there very well but I didn’t expect to see his photo while Iranian judiciary said he is in prison and his family doesn’t say a word about him! Something fishy is going on here.

Fars News Agency (FNA) is an Iranian privately-owned news agency, but it is considered close to the Iranian judiciary. It is extremely conservative and pro-Ahmadinejad paper. It was officially launched to "promote the principles of the Islamic Revolution and safeguard national interests". Wikipedia

Anyway if you have some proof to debunk story behind of this photo, please let me know and support this plea.

Hollywood delegation puts on veil in Iran

US actresses Annette Bening (L) and Alfre Woodard (R), wearing headscarves, with Iranian actress Fatemeh Motamed Aria, they are member of a group of Hollywood team that is visiting Iran on private mission.

Now in the middle of their trip an advisor to President Ahmadinejad demanded an apology over movies like 300 and The Wrestler.

It is just unbelievable how this so-called advisors act unprofessionally. Isn’t he supposed to advise only President? So how come do we read from him on the news?! Why would you ask for apology from a visiting industry officials? If you wanted apology you should have ask for apology before issuing visa! What is this non-sense going out in Iran anyway for over 30 years now?

Photos from Getty Images by AFP/Getty Images

John Bolton on Iran’s Nuclear Power Plant Test

Monday, March 2, 2009

Militia thugs to suppress activists

Basiji Militias, they are everywhere and ready to take on activists. Anywhere that regime doesn’t want to involve directly, they would send this plainclothes militia thugs to suppress voices.

Photos shows one Basiji militia who attack two students during Februray 23, 2009 clash in university, second student is a female.

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Who is basiji? How they think?

A reader wrote me:

Who are Basiji militias that you refer to them whenever there is a clash between student activists and government side? Why are they different? You wrote there are Basiji students too, so why are they different than student activists?
The answer lies in the indoctrination that they go through. They believe that they are fulfilling god’s wish and they will be rewarded in this world and ultimately in heaven by Allah. They consider supreme leader, representative of Allah on earth. The question is, do they really think like this or just pretend to be like this? I guess the answer lies in the degree of indoctrination, there are many among them that would kill people if they get orders and there are some others just to gain benefits.

In short, I guess this video can show you a perfect image of how a Basiji thinks, Although he is not Iranian and he is in Israel but this guy is the perfect example of how a basiji thinks. If I could interview a perfect Basiji in Iran, you don’t find any difference between following guy and a perfect Basiji.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Students imprisoned and voices suppressed

During the February 23, 2009 event which militia assaulted about 600 students who wanted to prevent re-burying of unknown martyrs in the university; More than 60 students wounded and 20 students hospitalized, 3 students are in critical condition. Other students were detained on campus and taken to police station; eventually they released some of them and transferred 21 of students to notorious Evin prison.

The next day, February 24, security forces raided homes of four members of student organizations that organized the protest.

Read the full story about clash between militia and students on February 23, 2009 in “Fanatic Islamic Iran bury bodies in university with violence”.