Thursday, April 30, 2009

Iranian unionists call for action

We don't have independent labor unions in Iran and Iranian labor like other parts of society having a hard time to fight peacefully for their rights. Mansour Osanloo and Ebrahim Madadi, Iranian union workers activists received a total of 8.5 years in Jail, solely for their union activity. Teacher and trade unionist Farzad Kamangar, in detention since July 2006, was sentenced to death in February 2008 and transferred to Tehran's notorious Evin prison and also five leaders of the Haft Tapeh Sugarworkers’ Union are sentenced to one year prison.

A coalition of some international trade union organizations asked Iranian government to respect citizen’s right to free assembly on May Day - International Workers' Day which usually Iranian authorities brutally has attacked peaceful demonstrators.

Their statement is in the below:

May Day 2009 and Freedom for Imprisoned Trade Unionists in Iran

Around the world, for over one hundred years, workers and their trade unions have celebrated May Day - International Labour Day. It is the day on which workers internationally show their shared commitment to justice and freedom. Since the first International May Day in 1890, it has been celebrated in public gatherings but also in jails and prisons - for there are still governments which forbid unofficial gatherings on the first of May.

Iran is one such country. For years, workers attempting public May Day demonstrations have been harassed, beaten, and jailed. For the past two years, workers and labour rights supporters seeking to organize May Day gatherings have been sentenced to public whippings. Mahmoud Salehi, leader of an independent bakers union in Iran's Kurdistan province, served one year in prison for attempting to organize a public rally on May Day 2004.

The government-sponsored Workers’ House or Islamic Labour Councils organize annual official ceremonies on the first of May, designed for workers to speak about the things officials like to hear rather than the real issues they face. But free trade unions are illegal in Iran and independent trade unionists have always been prevented from joining this ceremony.

Repression of trade unions in Iran

But it isn’t just for celebrating May Day that trade unionists are attacked in Iran. All expressions of free trade unionism face the prospect of repression.

In June 2008, five thousand workers at the Haft Tapeh Sugar Company in the southern city of Shush formed an independent trade union following a 46-day strike for the payment of 6 months' back wages. On December 20, 5 elected leaders of their union were charged with "endangering national security" and "anti-government propaganda" in connection with the strike and the formation of the union. Following a low turnout to the February 24, 2009 election to the Islamic Labour Council at Haft Tapeh, union officers were arrested again, including Haft Tapeh union President Ali Nejati. As a result of pressure from his work mates and trade unionists globally, Nejati was freed on bail following 45 days' detention - 33 of them in solitary confinement. On March 14, Ali Nejati and 4 other Haft Tapeh union leaders were sentenced to one year imprisonment.

Mansour Osanloo and Ebrahim Madadi, leaders of the Union of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company, are currently serving five-and three and a half-year sentences, respectively, solely for their union activity. In his current prison term, Osanloo has been harshly treated and denied essential medical treatment. Just weeks before the establishment of the union in 2005, activists including Osanloo were attacked severely by company thugs and members of the government-sponsored organizations. Some workers remain unfairly dismissed after supporting union actions.

Teacher and trade unionist Farzad Kamangar, in detention since July 2006, was sentenced to death in February 2008 and transferred to Tehran's notorious Evin prison.

All trade union activists currently imprisoned in Iran solely for their peaceful, legitimate trade union activities must be released immediately, and charges unconditionally dropped against all those facing jail.

This year’s May Day

Inside and outside Iran, individuals and organizations have campaigned for the release of these imprisoned workers' leaders, who are struggling for the advancement of basic trade union rights in Iran and for worker and human rights everywhere.

The government of Iran is intensifying its repression against independent trade unionists ahead of May Day 2009 and the June presidential elections.

As we near May Day 2009, Amnesty International, EI, ITF ITUC and IUF again wish to draw international attention to our common struggle in support of fundamental labour and trade union rights in Iran. The right of workers to organize, to bargain collectively with employers and the right to strike are essential human rights as enshrined in the ILO Conventions. Workers in Iran must be free to exercise these rights that workers everywhere are entitled to. We call on the authorities to let workers in Iran freely join their sisters and brothers around the globe in celebrating this May Day, and we demand the immediate and unconditional release of, Mansour Osanloo, Ebrahim Madadi, Farzad Kamangar and all other Iranians currently imprisoned or facing imprisonment for attempting to exercise their fundamental rights as workers and trade unionists.

April 27, 2009

International Union of Food, Agricultural, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, Tobacco and Allied Workers' Associations (IUF) Education International (EI) International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) International Trade Union Confederation (ITUC)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The confession to priest

“Preachers preach a lot while they are on podium but they will do something else on private place” it is an old saying in Persian language.

Ahmadinejad on Iran-US relationship

Ahmadinejad said that “American administration, 29 years ago, unilaterally cut its relations with Iran”. He was a young man back then so let me remind him that the US embassy hostage crisis led to break of diplomatic relations between two countries. You guys violated international principal and law by taking diplomats hostage in 1979 and you shouldn’t expect normal relationship afterwards.

I don’t want to comment about other parts of his speech because I guess I have written enough on past posts about stuff he is talking about but if you find anything interesting, please write a comment then we will discuss more. Thanks.

Second part of the video and transcript of the interview.

Interview on ABC News site; first video, second video.

Petition to free American journalist

Roxana Saberi is an American journalist who has been imprisoned in Iran since late January. She was first arrested for purchasing wine (which is illegal in Iran) and held without charges for over a month. On April 8 she was suddenly charged with espionage and on April 18, based on a closed, one day trial, Ms. Saberi was sentenced to eight years in prison for spying for the United States, a charge the White House denies as "baseless."

Please sign the petition to Free Roxana Saberi.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Ayatollah song, oldies but goodies

Ayatollah song is from Steve Dahl classic parody vault which made back in the day in 1979 around American embassy hostage crisis in Iran.

If you are fond of songs or rather, music video about ayatollahs, well take a look at let’s do the Ayatollah.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dubai Sheikh Torture video

In this video shows how a sheikh tortures a man inhumanly. United Arab Emirates is famous by its skyscrapers and welcoming tourist environment. But in fact there are more dirty sides behind this beautiful look and one of them is Sheikhs’ tyranny in the UAE.

I am not going to write about slavery, human rights abuse, trafficking women and children for sexual exploitation, mistreatment of foreign workers! You know what, please take a look at video and you will find out how Sheikhs get away in that country no matter what they do, even if they kill you!

If you found a country in the Middle East doesn’t torture, you should be surprised. I for sure can say all countries in the Middle East in one way or another torture their people.

Hat tips: ABC News

Update on June 13, 2010: One of viewers put a comment on this post that YouTube video is unavailable. This video has been here more than a year and now all of a sudden is gone. Unfortunately when YouTube takes out a channel, it takes out all videos within the channel. YouTube should revise its policies towards videos like this that has gone viral.

Obama Turkish song

I came across this video clip thought I don’t understand Turkish language but it sounds cool. If anybody knows what it is saying, please let me know. Thanks.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Will Facebook ban Iranian users?

As you perhaps noticed recently facebook developed two new documents for governing the site and gave users the option to vote for either the current Terms of Use or the new Facebook Principals and Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

Article 4.3 of new Statement of Rights and Responsibilities indicates “You will not use Facebook if you are located in a country embargoed by the U.S., or are on the U.S. Treasury Department’s list of Specially Designated Nationals.” This basically means Iranian users among other users from countries sanctioned by US shouldn’t use facebook.

This is what I call do-it-yourself censorship, thanks Zuckerberg you just made Iranian internet censorship easier for ayatollahs. They have been trying so hard to keep people out of Internet. Facebook, like all other social networks is more than fun tool. It is a tool to share news with masses across the country in a heartbeat which is less likely to happen in a normal circle of life without social networks.

I know that you guys probably wouldn’t understand the value of freedom of communication and expression that you have and honesty I don’t blame you because you born in freedom. As Ms. Aung San Suu Kyi once said “Do take it from somebody who have to live in a society which is not free, that freedom is precious, freedom is necessary” so please don’t help oppressors to censor people, let’s people have freedom over the net which is a noble goal.

I hope Facebook live up to its promise that said “We are building Facebook to make the world more open and transparent, which we believe will create greater understanding and connection.”

To all my bad teachers

I was lucky to have some great teachers that touched my life and I have learnt a lot from them and you know what, every now and then I remember them and admire them for my entire lifetime.

But now I want to share this video with my bad teachers who didn’t have passion for teaching and didn’t have the knowledge of teaching. I hope you pick up something from this video and please advise your fellow colleagues not to make same mistake and follow teaching job with passion, not for money.

And thanks Mr. Benjamin Zander for sharing your philosophy.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ahmadinejad in anti-racism conference

I understand Ahamdinejad and ayatollahs gang and why they point fingers at others while there are huge problems of a same kind in our country, Iran. Why didn’t he talk about racism towards minorities in Iran? How about discriminations against Arab, Baloch, Kurdish and Turkmen people in Iran?

And why Palestine and Israel should be your issue?! They have speakers on their own and you should not speak on behalf of Palestine and I am sure they will come to peace as soon as Islamic Iran and Arab countries, let them to decide on their own. The interference of Muslim countries in Israel and Palestine relationship made peace harder to reach than ever.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Politics of Roxana Saberi’s case

Roxana Saberi an American journalist convicted for spying for foreign intelligence services sentenced to 8 years prison after a short trial behind closed doors.

She initially accused of buying Alcoholic drink, then working without press credentials and finally with espionage! But her dad believes that they coerced her to confess, a method that Iranian interrogators use all the time either with physical torture or mental torture they push people to the edge then would ask people to say whatever they want and instead they will make easy for them to get out, and because they isolate people and don’t let them to have lawyer at first, so accused would fall for anything and end up saying things that they have never done that.

Known Islamic Iran’s regime for past 30 years, politics affected her case, either they want to exchange Roxana with Iranian hostages in Iraq or Mr. Ahmadinejad will support her rights to his advantage to gain some attention for upcoming elections.

Unfortunately judicial system in Iran has nothing to do with justice and this regime have proven records of human rights abuses. Iranian regime publicly takes hostages from peaceful civilians and uses them as pawn to get what the want and this is not the first time.

That should alarm all of us. We need to send our strongest message against these atrocities; it should stop now and forever. Civilized world shouldn’t stand on the sideline and watch regimes with abusing human rights record get away with this sort of behavior. will keep you update about her status and case.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Have you ever showed courage to save others?

(Double-click on clip to switch to full screen)

Have you ever had courage to save others, not exactly like what this voodoo doll does but at least to show compassion and provide your support?

I am not talking only about your loved ones, think about people who don’t have any relationship with you. Think again.

Joaquin Baldwin thanks for this brilliant animated movie.

Delara Prisoner of Colors

She doesn't have much time, only two days left, please take urgent action to stop this at Amnesty UK.

“Do you know what a prisoner of colors means?
It means Del Ara,
I, whom from the age of 4 had my life divided by colors,
At the onset of my 17th birthday lost them.
I depicted grimy red as cobalt blue…
And in place of the skies I spread gray. I lost the colors.
And now a wall is the only image by my side which each day unfolds its sigh.
From behind the walls, to you who have come to view the paintings, I say hello and welcome.”
Since this was written, Delara has had her art tools removed. She is a gentle soul who is physically, mentally & spiritually tortured daily… She is a minor awaiting execution and hope you help to stop it.

…and they are trying to cover it up.
Please sign this petition to save her life.

A similar petition was made for another Iranian minor, Nazanin Fatehi who also was facing execution. However After more than 350,000 signatures and worldwide attention she was found innocent and freed from prison in January 31, 2007.

Stop Child Executions has been asking people to send email or fax to head of judiciary and following contacts:
Head of Judiciary of Islamic Republic of Iran Ayatollah Mahmoud Hashemi Shahroudi Phone: [00 98 21] 391 1109 Fax: [00 98 21] 3390 4986 Email:

Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations: Mohammad Khazaee, Ambassador and Permanent Representative Tel: (212) 687-2020 / Fax: (212) 867-7086 E-mail:

New additional contact information from Iran judiciary: E-mail: [00 98 21 66491152 ]

and here is a sample letter:

Your Excellency Ayatollah Shahroudi,

Delara Darabi, the young artist who has been in Rasht prison for the last 6 years in Iran, is at risk of execution. I understand that her lawyer Abdolsamad Khoramshai has been informed that her execution is scheduled in the next few days. He is convinced that if she were to be given a new trial whereby they could re-enact the scene of thecrime, it would be easily proven that Delara is innocent of the alleged murder she was convicted of.

Khoramshahi has said many times that he has new evidence including the crime being committed by a right handed person whereas Delara is left-handed. Many attempts have been made by human rights groups and celebrities to try and get a pardon from the victim's family, however they have said that they want her execution to be carried out.

Please keep in mind that Iran is a state party to the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR) and the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC), which prohibit the use of the death penalty against people convicted of crimes committed when they were under 18.

In the indicated circumstances, I'd request that she not be executed and be granted a new trial.

Thank you, (Your name)

Content from: Stop Execution of Delara Darabi, StopChildExecutions

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Poverty Increasing in Iran

I read nytimes and I like how they put out there opposite opinions and that’s kinda like a playground for grownups.

On April 9, I read this opinion about “increased standard of living and declining poverty in Iran” from Salehi-Isfahani who presumably is a professor of economics! I was astonished to read a miscalculated ad misinformed result from an economic professor then I dug the net and find out this professor using “$2 per person day rate” international norm for absolute poverty instead of using Calorie-based stats provided by Central Bank of Iran. (link)

On March 18, 2009 Hossein Raghfar Iranian Economic professor and poverty mapping expert said to Farsnews agency "with a possible 35 percent inflation and skyrocketing prices, a family of five living in capital would be in absolute poverty if they can’t make 8,500,000 Rilas monthly income”. Also minimum wage for Iranian Blue-collar workers announced which will set at 2,635,200 Rials ($268) monthly.

"This time last year, we predicted that that the poverty line for Tehran would be around 7,800,000 Rials for a family of five in last year, and we saw that the Central Bank released the same figure for the country's major cities later on in the year," he added. He continued “defining national poverty line in Iran is meaningless due to extreme differences in distribution of income, development and lack of balance across the country”

Despite that fact that Ministry of Welfare and Social Security is responsible to provide poverty threshold but they have been kept quite since 2005 and has not announced any data since then but they keep suggesting “According to International norms people who earn $1 per day fit in the absolute poverty population and so we don’t have such thin in Iran and nobody leaves in absolute poverty”

I guess we should experiment something with these guys and then we will ask their opinion about poverty and poverty line. For instance let's pay them $10 daily and compare to international norm of poverty line they won’t be considered in absolute poverty and let’s see how they are gonna end up living in metropolitan areas in Iran and trust me they will starve to death because they won’t afford to pay rent with this amount of money.

Hat tips: Nytimes, Iran's poverty line increased, FarsNews Agency (Persian language), IRNA (Persian language)

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Your children will be next

I don’t call religion crazy; it is just stupid. Religious scholars inject religion into existence of majority of people who prefer delusion than reality. Reality won’t promise you heavens, food, house and virgins without hard work.

Perhaps you still have faith into some of these so-called holy books, prophets or religions, if you don’t have the courage to admit that you don’t have the courage to face reality and if you still tolerate this then your children will be the next.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Islamic Iran Tortures Activists

Anderson Cooper asked:

What the purpose of torture in Iran is, Mazahery told Cooper, "To get these prisoners to say things that the regime wants them to say. In Ahmad Batebi’s case for example they wanted him to say that the blood on the shirt that he held up was not really blood … that it was you know everything from tomato sauce to blood of a sheep or what have you."

That’s a great question and let me explain on this issue a little here. The purpose of torturing detainees in Islamic Iran is to extract confessions, to make them recant their beliefs in televised announcement and associate activists (or dissidents or in fact anyone that regime opposes to) in activities such as spying for foreign intelligence services, violating of national security laws, insulting sacred religious icons, spreading Satanists beliefs, propagation of apostasy and etc. It depends on the person’s activity in society, for instance in the case of Mr. Batebi, an student activists, of course a televised confession would help regime’s propaganda machine to fabricate stories about foreign threats and then suppress dissidents.

There is one more thing in the interview that needs to be addressed is about following comment:

Three years ago, when Iran's judiciary admitted that torture was used to extract confessions, they had promised it would stop. But human rights groups say it has not.

It was a rare case that Iranian judiciary arrested son of former Member of Parliament then the father in a public letter to President Khatami, implicated Judiciray in the torture and secret detention of the detainees. As obvious as it is, it was just a sudden conflict of interests, so the story broke out and Judiciary didn’t have much of choice but admitting the torture. In the judiciary of Islamic Iran, they use “Tazir” (an Arabic word) which is basically refers to punishment instead of “torture”.

Iranian judiciary authorities claim that they don’t torture in Iran and always keep speaking against the torture and have condemned the judicial system of Shah Era and the judicial system of the other countries for having torture in their systems. However, they mean that there is no act called "torture" in the prisons and interrogation centers of the regime but if you ask them what about "Tazir", they say it is not torture, and it is the ruling of the judicial officials. Bahman Aghai Diba, Ph.D. International Law

Hat tips: Stop torturing us

If you can’t watch the above video, please take a look at cbsnews page to read/watch the story.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Partially wrong prediction on the future of Islamic Iran

Bruce Bueno de Mesquita a specialist in the US foreign policy and international relations using a computer model based on game theory to predict future of Iran.

In this presentation he claims that CIA assessment confirmed that his model at “90 percentage of time has been right at predicting things whose outcome is not yet known when the experts who put the data input got it wrong”.

I know Islamic Iran would eventually comes to an agreement with the US, it is very clear and it is the best option for regime, they were crying out loud for discussions and at core an agreement with the US but your analysis about inside of Iran is based on wrong data so the output is just a failure.

The funny part of his presentation was “political winners and losers” section, totally ridiculous. Either he doesn’t know anything about Iran at all or experts who put these data together! Let me explain it; Ahmadinejad is nothing to be taken seriously in Iran, though he is representing revolutionary guards in Iranian politics but he is not a big deal now and won’t be, if there would be another person with strong revolutionary ties to replace him in upcoming elections. By the way, you need to take into consideration upcoming presidential election in Iran too. I don’t know how you missed it!

Velayati (Foreign policy advisor) part is hilarious, he has strong ties with Hamas and Hezbollah part and he is Supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s right hand but I am not sure that he would fit as an independent power element. Although he does have strong family ties with leadership in Iran but so many other wannabe leaders.

And last but not least about Moneyed Interests, Bankers, Oil people and Bazaaris; something that you need to reconsider in your data input is Revolutionary Guards and intelligence agency has had relatively strong pie of Moneyed Interests and after Iran-Iraq war, IRGC members involved in money making businesses legal and illegal in nation wide scale, they entered in every business sector including oil.

Now Sir, I guess you need to rerun your model with accurate input data and I am eager to see the results. No manipulations, only results!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

End the Conflict - Smart Commercial

Wow to this commercial, but when will it happen?!

Peace in that region needs greater effort from both sides but I don’t think so it is impossible. I think if other countries including Islamic Iran don’t mess around with Palestinian internal affairs, Palestinians and Israel will come to a peaceful agreement and will live in happily ever after relationship.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Toilet Prayers in Islam

In Islam there is a rule for everything even entering toilet! First there is a prayer that keeps Muslim safe from invisible evil spirits, remember they are invisible and lots of them are in toilets, and there is a another prayer before they come out of toilet. Don’t ask me why?! I am not making up stories. Muslims should enter to toilet with left foot and come out with right foot! Just take a look at following photos:

On toilet doors read (translation from Persian language): “enter with your left foot”

On toilet door reads (translation from Persian language): “exit with your right foot”

So here is the prayer before entering toilet “O Allah, I seek refuge in Thee from wicked and noxious things.” and prayer before leaving toilet "Thy Pardon. Praise be to Allah who relieved me from the suffering and game me health."

I don't know why there is not a prayer to digest all our foods at once and somehow magically remove urgency for toilet at the first place?! Instead of having prayer to seek refuge from invisible evil spirits! I guess muhammad didn't know about evolution by natural selection theory.

Hat tips: Blogger News, Prayer Guide, Toilet in Islam

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Islamic Absolutism by Khomeini

This photo was on adbusters entitled "The corpses of 11 dignitaries of the Shah's regime" with no more explanation. This photo originally taken by Abbas in April 1979.

Khomeini on the day that he appointed interim prime minister on February 4, 1979 he clearly explained his Islamic absolutism by stating:

[T]hrough the guardianship [Velayat] that I have from the holy lawgiver [the Prophet], I hereby pronounce Bazargan as the Ruler, and since I have appointed him, he must be obeyed. The nation must obey him. This is not an ordinary government. It is a government based on the sharia. Opposing this government means opposing the sharia of Islam ... Revolt against God's government is a revolt against God. Revolt against God is blasphemy. Reference
And the outcome of Islamic regime has been bloody since 1979 and unfortunately I fail to see a future without bloodshed and ayatollahs, there is nothing peaceful when you speak your mind, instantly you will be the enemy of God and the consequence if right in front of you, in above photo.