Saturday, September 26, 2009

A summary of New York protests against Ahmadinejad

If you happened to miss out what Iranian protesters were doing in New York, let me share these videos with you.

This is a good report from NYPost about protests in New York on September 23 that shows different Iranian fractions protesting Ahmadinejad and it is not all green supporting Mousavi & Karroubi. Well mostly green, I guess.

Iranian protesters angry at Ahmadinejad and his atrocities didn’t want him to enjoy a good night sleep in New York. They took the protest behind his window in front of InterContinental The Barclay New York at night of September 23.

Protests continued on second night on September 24 in NYC:

It gets interesting when Iranian delegation in hotel were recording video from protesters. You might ask what do they want to do with this video?! It is should note that the green protest in New York organized by people who are families of reformist party members and dissident mullahs (ayatollahs) which in fact were part of establishment until recent pro-conservative purge within Islamic republic of Iran. So any evidence that proves dissident reformists and ayatollahs’ relatives involved in protests outside of Iranian border (which brought shame to Islamic government) could be used against their relatives inside of Iran.

There were other Iranian parties which green organizers (mullahs and reformist relatives) don’t get along with them, they don’t like their anti-regime slogans and so on so asked them not to be on their way. They call it green democracy.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Iranians protesting Ahmadinejad in New York

Even before Ahmadinejad reach to New York Iranians gathered to protest against his presidency, poor human rights records, wild and threatening rhetorics on national and international scene, presidential election fiasco and last but not least his presence in UN.

First Iranians presented NYC with moving posters about poor human rights situation in following of fraudulent election protests on day and evening of September 22, 2009.

At the same evening, Iranians preformed Human Screen protest against Ahmadinejad. Here is a photo from that event but you can watch the video in here.

Then on September 23, 2009, the day that Ahmadinejad was about to give rambling hypocritical speech people came on New York streets to protest. Here are some videos:

Protest in front of the United Nations (UN):

Photos courtesy of onlymehdi

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ahmadinejad speech in UN General Assembly

I just watch and listen to Ahmadinejad speech in UN general assembly and the only two words that come to my mind is hypocrite and disgrace. In fact I couldn’t expect anything else from him. He is a total failure!

It gets worse when he refers to Jews as

"small minority would dominate the politics, economy and culture of major parts of the world by its complicated networks, and establish a new form of slavery, and harm the reputation of other nations, even European nations and the US, to attain its racist ambitions."
What did he accomplish? Except disgrace that many diplomats and countries’ delegates walked out while he was speaking and more than half of seats were empty, probably his hypocritical speech would attract some Islamic radicals in Arab countries and Pakistan.

If you didn’t get to watch it, you didn’t loose anything, indeed you saved some of your worthy time. Anyway you can read the transcript here.

Ahmadinejad in New York

Well, not exactly himself but someone paid a truck to carry a poster calling to hold him accountable for murder, torture and rape during election crisis in Iran.

Doesn’t look like a nice welcome, does it?! I just have problem to point fingers only at him while we know Iran supreme leader Khamenei has to be far more responsible for crimes than only Ahmadinejad. In fact I go further and I hold whole establishment accountable, all of these ayatollahs and clergies, now reformists and conservatives!

Anyway today Ahmadinejad is in New York and Iranians are just welcome him with protest in front of UN headquarters.

Photo courtesy of Daylife

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Deepening political fraction in Eid Fitr in Iran

The end of Ramadan in Muslims marked by an Islamic holiday called Eid Fitr, in Iran it called Eyde Fetr. It supposed to be at the end of Ramadan and beginning of a new Islamic month called Shawwal but Different Muslim sects announce different days end of Ramadan and celebrate different days.

Above video shows, supreme leader’s chief of intelligence officer Mr. Vahidi is trying to place Rafsanjani next to Ahmadienjad in Eid Fitr prayer, while Khamenei leading the prayer but Rafsanjani refuses to stand up next to Ahmadienjad who is responsible for rigged also he called Rafsanjani and his family corrupt on state-own TV.

Due to differences of interests among Iranian Shia clerics and neighboring Sunni clerics (except that majority of population in Iraq, Bahrain and Azerbaijan are Shia), Pakistan and Afghanistan; Iranian Shia clerics usually used to announce one day later than Sunni clerics as Eid Fitr. Also you need to take into account that there has been a historical hostility among Arab countries and Iran that in fact played major role in development of Shia sect and of course different Islamic ceremonies and traditions. (map of Sunni and Shia Islam)

But this year was a little different. As a result of fraction in Islamic republic establishment in aftermath of presidential election crisis Ayatollah Khamenei’s position as supreme leader is threatened by reformist clerics and some clerics threatened to remove him from the position backed by Hashemi Rafsanjani. So in a tit for tat move, Khamenei indirectly threatened dissident Grand Ayatollahs’ authority (I would prefer) by declaring Eid Fitr on Sunday September 20, 2009 the very same day that Sunni clerics declared Eid and it celebrated among majority of Sunni Muslims in neighboring countries and Shia Muslim followers of Khamenei.

But Iranian dissident ayatollahs didn’t follow and approve Khamenei’s choice of Eid holiday and they declared the day after as Eid Fitr so their Shia followers, mostly Iranians celebrated Islamic holiday (Eid Fitr) one day later on Monday September 21, 2009. It is not really hard to observe the moon and find out when Ramadan finished but it is all about clerical politics and differences among them. This last move proves that fraction is deepening among ayatollahs.

Khamenei who’s “Grand Ayatollah” title has been in question and doubt by major Shia clerics since 1989 and nowadays he faces widespread protests, and criticism for threatening protesters over presidential election dispute and afterwards for killing, torture, rape and show trials of reformists and protesters, either has to accept defiance and cut a deal with reformist clerics to rule the country and crush the rest of people who naturally doesn’t subscribe to ayatollahs, reformist ayatollahs or any kind of mullahs at all. Or he has to deal with reformist ayatollahs asap and the crushing noise calm down the public for a while.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Taking down Hezbollah poster in Iran

We, people never liked Hezbollah or any other terrorist organization specially when Islamic regime feeds them with Iran's petrol dollars.

At 0:22 young protesters chant “set it on fire, set it on fire”. Irony is all of this happened on the Quds day, the day that the Ayatollah wanted to see people supporting Palestine and of course naturally Hezbollah as an ally for Islamic Iran in their cause.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Green Quds Day

This post is follow up from Quds day protests post. Carpe Diem, an Iranian blogger published some photos from Quds day showing masses of people protesting and heading towards Tehran university.

Karroubi between his guards and close cadres

They were pro-government protesters and people who are not associating with government or green movement among these people too. Also I have to remind you these photos taken from one of 7th routes (an Iranian blog) that people supposed to rally for Quds day purpose.

It would be nice if we could have some estimation of how many people who came out to defy government orders but it is not as much important as that people changed Quds hate festive to a day for Iranians and only Iranians. People chanted "No Gaza, No Lebanon, I die for Iran" when they asked to shout "death to Israel" and this a big change in Islamic republic.

Surprisingly armed forces and Basij militia didn't stop people during protest until prayer at noon that they attacked people with tear gas and batons. They arrested some of them. Trtpersian published following photos:

This photo look funny, one his guards protects Khatami's turban and Khatami covers his face!

And here is a photo from pro-government crowd that a revolutionary guard member leading them. This guy is quite a famous face in government gatherings

Unfortunately some people ablaze Russian flag and as much as I don’t like Iran is getting all this much close to Russia but I don’t want to see people switch burning flags. Emotional people are still angry at Russia accepting Ahmadinejad and congratulating him for second term presidency.

On the right side pro-government people burning Israel and USA flag and on the green side this people set Russian flag on fire. I see some people are turning this movement to a radical one. We have to wait and see where it is gonna head!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Widespread opposition protests on Quds day - live blogging

As I wrote before, reformists seized the opportunity to arrange for a widespread protest on infamous Quds day rally and here we have some video footage of these events.

This is stunning, crowd in Shiraz city don’t pay attention to what mullah want them to shout. They refuse and chant their own slogans. Mullah (in the background) shouts “Death to Israel” but people chant “Death to Russia” and they continue to shake the very foundation of Quds day by chanting “No Gaza, No Lebanon, I die for Iran”:

"No Gaza, No Lebanon, I die for Iran" is today's opposition chant and Isfahan city is no exception (some translated it to "Neither Gaza nor Lebanon, my Life for Iran" or something like that). They continue chanting “Confession (false confessions on show trials), torture does not deter us”:

In this video form Tehran, protesters chant in support of Karroubi (another opposition figure) and against dictator:

While speaker in background chants against Israel and America people refuse and chant “Death to Russia” in Tehran:

Protesters chant in support of Mousavi, Karroubi and Khatami in Tehran:

On this video, people warn Ahmadinejad by chanting “Ahmadi this is the last message, Green movement is ready to revolt!"

Look at the green crowd in Tehran heading towards Freedom (Azadi) Sq. Iranian state-own TV carefully censors all this and instead they will produce a propaganda report and air it on TV.

On this video camera man is among the pro-green crowd (above video), shooting the event, says "Quds day, 11:05am". Though conservatives were shouting against Israel and USA but mass pro-green protesters were chanting "Death to Russia" instead, in Tehran. You need to pay attention to hear conservative voice in the middle of pro-green protesters.

Here people chant “coup d'état government resign, resign” and “liar, liar, where is your 63 percent (vote)?”

Cell phone services shutdown in some areas in Tehran and internet blockage is in extreme level. Even email services like Gmail and Yahoo are restricted now.

Parleman News and other sources reported that a group of Ansar Mojahedin (radical conservatives) attacked former president Khatami. People and his guards protected him and he left the scene without a delay.

Mousavi appeared among pro-Ahmadinejad crowd! I received reports that they assaulted him but he was like always kept cool.

Basij militia and armed forces attacked protesters in different areas of Tehran. They detained some protesters; I don't have figures yet.

This photo shows that a pro-Ahmadinejad wants to attack Mousavi:

Ahmadinejad: Killed protester is a suspicious death

Ahmadinejad shamelessly declines to answer to rape charges and imprisonment of thousands of people instead he throws propaganda about police officers and their companions killed…where are they anyway? Why they don’t publish their names and pictures?

He talks about police officer companions. Alright, so who are these companions? Ann Curry should have asked about them. They are the notorious Basij militia which in fact Police forces are at their service!

Are there conditions that Islamic Iran would weaponize? The right answer is Islamic Iran is behind schedule. This regime has been pursuing nuclear weapons technology since 1980s.

Update: rest of the interview.

And here is last part of interview.

Opposition rally on Quds day

Today, September 18 is the last day of Ramadan called Quds day supposedly for liberation of Palestine but it was really a hate festive towards Israel, nothing constructive came out of it since it first suggested by Ayatollah Khomeini (dead), the first supreme leader after 1979 revolution.

But this day is a little different since reformists planned long time ago for this day. There was a general consensus that regime wouldn’t suppress protesters in the presence of masses of their followers in Quds day so reformists seize the opportunity to organize for this day to come.

So on Tuesday September 15, 2009 Mousavi travelled to Qom city to meet with some ayatollahs and mullahs, reformist’s websites called it secret meetings!

In this photo Mousavi’s brother with mullahs in a meeting in presence of Mousavi and other mullahs.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ramadan enslaving practices

I just finished writing "Ramadan stinking month" post that I cam across a Persian blog called Close-Up (persian language) with fascinating, yet depressing photos and story of poor people who line up in front of a mosque to get some soup during Ramadan.

As I wrote in other post this tradition, to give food to strangers called Nazr and they call the food Nazri, one might say a good deed but I call it hand out. In these photos the line is very long and people are very poor, they ask for more soup every time they reach to the man who shares it.

Most of the time they empty their dishes hoping to get some more soup in a next round:

If one have adequate food to eat would they go and beg for food? Or even for more?! What I see here is a group of people cut off from huge wealth of Iran and made them to beg for soup and yet they call it Nazr, good deed, a Ramadan practice to shatter people’s dignity and humiliate their soul, if there is any left out.

Probably now you know why I abhor this mass indoctrination and am in fight with all these religious traditions that enslaves people.

Ramadan: Stinking month

I never knew when it is coming. I know it sounds odd but it is true. I never knew when it is Ramadan until I notice many people have some stinking mouth smell. At first when that gulp of stinking air comes to your face, you might think, probably this person had raw garlic and onion for breakfast (!) or it could be dental or gum infection but when you notice there are more stinking breath air that flows around and hits you hard in your nose then you realize that could be Ramadan!

They say they want to purify themselves during Ramadan but I don’t understand why they don’t take care of that stinking breath at the first place?

The other thing about Ramadan that’s very common about Muslims who fast is they pack their belly with lots of food in early morning and they don’t eat for whole day and after that, they eat like crazy and stuff their belly again. I can’t really comprehend the purpose of this kind of fasting!

They say Ramadan is a festival of giving and sharing with poor. From my observations I have noticed every Ramadan grocery and confectionary prices goes high and they make substantial profit. I haven’t seen any Ramadan prices go down and poor of society could actually feed themselves. They are already short on basic foods and during Ramadan they will face more hardship than other months and they have to rely on hand out of strangers that called Nazr, a good deed! Isn’t it amazing that Bazaar people are looking forward to Ramadan more than others?!

All in all I can say the idea of Ramadan is just stupid. I know Ramadan is going to finish soon and I couldn’t found time to write much about it so far this year but I guess made some people happier until now.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Terrified memories from Tehran

Iranian authorities treat imprisoned foreigners with respect and very carefully, specially foreign journalists and even though they released Iason Athanasiadis more than two month ago but he still gets terrified when he talks about his arrest and afterwards.

You can watch his first interview with Aljazeera after he released in here.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Venice film festival gone green

These days Iranians go green on any venue that they can and this time they took green to the 66th Venice Film Festival in Italy.

Director Shirin Neshat (middle) arrive before the screening of the film "Zanan Bedoone Mardan" (Women Without Men) at the Palazzo del Casino during the 66th Venice Film Festival on September 9, 2009.

Hat tips: Hydra, Y!News

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ahmadinejad is a liar?!

I can’t laugh at Ahmadinejad’s rhetoric at all but seems a witty group of artists came together to make a sarcastic animation from his presidential campaigns.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Can music overcome violence in Iran?

I don’t know anything about this topic but seems Heiko knows how music can play a positive role in Iranian struggle for democracy. I guess a montg ago he wrote me:

Salam Fariborz,

I live in Germany with a mixed family background. I want to support and encourage all Iranians in a non-political way to overcome the separation of their nation with a positive self-belief.

Together with European Universities we have developed a method to digitally transform words into music. I have designed a soundtrack in Farsi (he meant Persian language) and I would like to spread it into the Iranian online community.
We exchanged some emails and he sent me a song. It was interesting song. It reminded me of Kitaro music, a new age genre. Here you can listen to small part of this song:

This soundtrack contains Persian (Farsi) positive words that are synthesized with the music.

Then he continued:
My idea is to build a strong positive future vision for the Iranian community to finally solve the conflicts in Iran itself. We have done so in Eastern Germany and e.g. Ukraine, or South America and it always works out positive results without any political interference. Like Gandhi I am convinced that strong passive moral powers are much more effective than violence.

As I said earlier I don’t know anything about this topic so I leave it to you and your inputs very much appreciated. Let me add that couple of days ago I saw a program from PBS about “Playing for change: Peace through Music” and it reminded me again of Heiko so I thought I should share the story with you guys too.

By the way don’t miss this song that so many musicians and vocalists united to inspire people.

Rape in Mullahs’ Prisons

Since the inception of the Islamic regime in 1979, rapes of political prisoners in Iran have increasingly been committed and decreasingly reported. Many courageous victims have recently revealed their rapes. However this time, for the first time, Mehdi Karrubi, the losing candidate of the recent June controversial election, surprisingly revealed that both male and female detainees of post-election protests have been systematically subjugated to vicious rapes.

After the conquest of ancient Persian by Arab Muslims in 644, thousands or millions of Iranian females were raped, enslaved, and transported as war trophies to be sold on slave markets in Arabian territories. The Persian word “Tajovoz” does not only mean “rape” by which a man seized or stole a wife, but also means destruction and occupying of own environment by invaders. In a belief system that a passive nine – year - old girl can be raped by her “husband”, rape, as an extension of such a patriarchal society’s control over females, was introduced as the most hideous, shameful, and submissive embodiment in the culture of occupied Iran. Since the occupation of Arab Muslims, Iranian women, who once equated with their male compatriots, have been since viewed as possessions of first their fathers, and then of their husbands. In the case of rape, they were more subjected of blame and shame than their rapists.

Female rape
Shortly after the 1979 revolution, many intellectuals, political activists, and sympathisers of leftist opposition were arrested and a number of them were summarily executed. Virgin prisoners were raped before being executed. The reason is that according to IRI interpretation of Islamic laws, killing of a virgin woman is prohibited because her soul does not go to Hell after death. To solve the dilemma, the night before the execution, the virgin is married (raped) by one of the guards. Such a rape, before execution is however different from the usual rape committed by interrogators as a tool of torture to obtain information, confession, or simply to humiliate the prisoner.

Male rape
The rape of a male victim typically consists of forced penetration of the anus by a penis or other object as is reported by some Iranian rape victims. Because of traditional self sensor, male rape has until recently remained unreported in Iran. It is believed that man in a patriarchal culture should be emasculate, strong and able to protect him self. Therefore, nothing can be worse for a proud man than being raped. Young men who have survived the post-election rapes are now suffering from rigorous psychopathological injuries. Rape of male prisoners in the Mullahs’ jails has resulted in serious damage of the inner organes and depression. Since male victims feel shame to identify themselves, they avoid medical treatment unless the victim is physically injured.

It is believed that religious permission of rape including male rape of “opponents of the Islamic regime” has been recently given by Ayatollah Mesbah - Yazdi, the monitor and guru of president Ahmadinejad. Islamic authorities usually deny that rape is being committed in their prisons because they fear facing the response of the inner and outer public opinion.

In an interview at the Jamkaran gathering after the revelation of rape in the Mullah’s prisons, Mesbah-Yazdi was asked, “can an interrogator rape the prisoner in order to obtain a confession?” He answered, “The necessary precaution is for the interrogator to perform a ritual washing first and say prayers while raping the prisoner. If the prisoner is female, it is permissible to rape through the vagina or anus. It is better not to have a witness present. If it is a male prisoner, then it’s acceptable for someone else to watch while the rape is committed.”

Zahra Bani Yaghoub, Azar Al Cana'an and Roya Toloui, are among the female prisoners who were raped and murdered in previous years under the same Islamic regime. Additionally, at least two recent teen female victims of the post-election oppression in Iran, Taraneh Mousavi and Saeedeh Pour Agha’i, were documented by the media as being burnt in an attempt to cover up the hedious crime.

To shed light on Mesbakh -Yazdi’s permission of rape, It is believed that in numerous offensive raids called “Ghazawat”, early Muslims, under the Prophet, attacked “infidel” tribes; they killed men, robbed their properties, and took whichever females they wanted, raped them, and then brought them to their tribe as their possession. Tolerance of such brutalities may not be the general belief of all Muslims and might be regarded as myth; however these are the mindsets of the brutal Islamic regime which occupies Iran and commits such crimes.

In an ultimate psychological analysis of rape, rapists seem to come from a subculture of violence whose values may be different from those of the dominant culture. A rapist is often a poorly educated man from the lower socioeconomic level who had a criminal record of offences. Therefore such a man may be demonstrating his toughness and masculinity in a more violent and antisocial manner, but in the case of a rapist of the Mullahs’ prisons, this is not the dominant factor.

Rapists of the Mullahs’ prisons are not necessarily the psychopathic and antisocial torturers, but most likely are “good” Muslims, married men, and even can be kind fathers. They are just following the “divine” guidance of the Islamic regime and do not consider raping as a crime, and do not feel remorse after the assault. These sexual “offenders” are not accountable for their sexual assault because rape is allowed or tolerated by Islamic clerics of the regime.

Rape in the Mullahs’prisons is not an individual decision of an interrogator, as one may commenly believe; it is a systematic process due to a belief system and for promoting a political agenda. In the Mullahs’ prisons, rapes are often planned. The primary motive for rape is not sexual. They regard and believe in rape as a routine duty, due to its acceptance by Islamic clerics like Ayatollah Mesbakh -Yazdi. With that in mind, their act of rape is not merely a question of psycho-criminology, but a justified crime.