Thursday, April 8, 2010

Naked legs endanger Islam

Islamic republic of Iran's state-own TV usually does not show international sport ceremonies, openings and closings because of it is un-Islamic scenes. Sometimes after removing of all un-Islamic scenes, which turns it to something totally different, then there is possibility that they may show it on TV. But because it is next to impossible to remove all scenes in a major international tournament then they basically avoid it, and for the same reason, Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games and ceremonies classified in that category and was not aired on TV.

But I have something here for you. Following photo shows Islamic republic team in Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic games opening ceremony which was on the net.

Here is the same photo but photoshoped and covered the un-Islamic part by Tabnak, an Iranian News website.

During past 31 years of Islamic republic, it slowly became quite bitter commonsense that "These scenes endanger Islam, so mullahs to protect their interest (Islam) have no choice but to censor them"!

After Iranian presidential election crisis in 2009, these so-called reformists were persuading Iranian people and outsiders to make them believe that Ahmadinejad government has a terrible record on censorship! These hypocrites seems they forget that during their time and their governance, we had the very same problem. Bear in mind that I am not defending Ahmadinejad, but I can not sit back and listen to the usual reformists' double standard.


  1. imagine that poor woman's conscience if she knew her bare legs could bring unrest and contribute to the downfall in Islamic Republic Of Iran. They could of at least asked her what her favorite color was first. She probably hates purple too.

    And i thought political correctness had gone bad in the western world.

    Mind you if they showed it on the telly they could just put big black squares or fuzzy bits over everyone except the Iranian team.

    Welcome back.

  2. that's a great unjust punishment that Islamic republic of Iran goes through by beautiful ladies like her! The damn thing is, only Islam has cure for this. cover the ladies in big long black bags! gosh, world doesn't listen to Islam! if they would, Islamic republic wouldn't have to go through this trouble to censor photos :-)

    Good to hear from you again, my friend.