Friday, May 7, 2010

A Contemporary Account of Prostitution in Iran

This is a 2010 documentary film by two underground filmmakers. Prostitution is illegal in Iran and offender may receive from prison term and fines to execution but still it is on the rise.


At 4:36 the lady prostitute says:
"I had some problem with getting custody of my I had to go the family court. I talked to the judge there and begged him...that I was hopeless, confused and morally down and told him that if he could help me to get the custody then I would owe him a favor. What do you think this cleric answered me? He said the only favor you can do is that you become my mistress. Just like that."
This documentary has nothing new for me, I have heard similar stories like a zillion time but I am going to write a short comment on sexual bribery in our society and leave you with that thought.
Women have been reported over and over that they have been approached for sexual favour (even raped but I am not going to discuss it on this post) by clergies, officials, judges and so on specially in government agencies when they needed to get a job done. Unfortunately sexual bribery is a nasty social predicament that Iranian society is struggling with but surprisingly there is no effort to deal with this issue from government agencies. In fact government agencies are the one that exploited this issue and they are ought to blame but no one have high hopes from chronically corrupted justice system. It should be as a bit of a shock for people who know Islamic Iran with its compulsory hijab and though rules for offenders!


  1. ...the women in that documentary are so terms of their almost....'outside looking in' depiction of their incredibly awful articulate......and thoughtful.....

    I watched a documentary about Segahs??? is that how you spell it? I'm not too sure. Is that kind of legalised prostitution - or am I just putting my western eyes on a situation I know very little about......? I'd never heard of it before.

  2. In Persian we call it Sigheh, well it is basically temporary marriage in Islam.

    It is a little different than prostitution. A prostitute can sleep with one person and next hour sleep with someone else. In Sigheh, woman must wait before marry (temporary/permanent) again.

    Another thing is, if any child would result from temporary marriage the man should financially support the child.

    It Iran, in some cities one can easily do the Sigheh, in some cities there are resistance from traditions and people and so on.

  3. On a second thought, no one can really make sure that woman wait before remarrying or not. So, yeah it can be used as an excuse for prostitution. In fact, I heard it that in Qom city which is a religious city in Iran, there are lots of prostitution is going on the pretext of Sigheh. just remembered this.