Thursday, May 27, 2010

Islamic brainwashing is dangerous

During Iran-Iraq war Islamic republic of Iran used brainwashing techniques and methods on mass population to get them to the war. Many kids have gone to that war only to act as a human suicide machine.

Although Islamic Iran's death toll during war was something between 500,000 to 1 million people but they were happy from the outcome. The Iranian government-owned Etelaat newspaper wrote:
"There is not a single school or town that is excluded from the happiness of 'holy defence' of the nation, from drinking the exquisite elixir of martyrdom, or from the sweet death of the martyr, who dies in order to live forever in paradise."
Through Iran-Iraq war has been over for a long time but Islamic revolutionary Iran didn't stop indoctrination yet. Basij militia members and revolutionary guards go through some of the very same suicidal brainwashing techniques that you mentioned in above video. They are producing next generation of lambs for their Islamic revolution ideology.


  1. I cannot understand the mind set that sends children to clear mine fields, the way the Islamic Republic did during that war. This is why my Iranian-American son will never visit Iran as long as that regime is in power.

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  3. @ anon

    let me help you with your questions, he won't answer you or even he answers he won't say all of it, i promise.

    he is a zionist jewish works for mosad, cia, mi6 and foreign powers against islam and iran. look at this website he has no regard and respect for god and allah and all he propaganda about islam and show the worst in islam. islam is way better than what these people write about it.

    allah promised hell fire for people like u

  4. and America is so brave they never tortured people, never invade other countries, never violated the UN agreements.

    In europe where people are "free" why do women sue the state so they can wear the hijab like in Belgium? could it be that "democrasy" is just not working as it should?

  5. Another Islamofacist apologist and the very same flawed and fallacious argument. What is going on in Islamic countries under the rule of Islam and Islamic our problem and it has nothing to do with what is going anywhere else. Don't you think so it is better if you quit blaming others and instead choose to face the reality in our countries?

    What people do in other countries, whether right or wrong, doesn't justify tyranny in our countries which has been going on under Islamic rulers and Islamic laws.

  6. By the way, Belgium didn't ban hijab. As I know of they only banned burqa which I am totally for it.

    What are you? Ninja?! People have the right to ask, what is wrong with you if they see you cover your face? Why would you wanna come on the street if you wanna hide your face?! Darling, no one should have the right to show religious symbols on the street. YOu are religious, good for you, please keep it for yourself, in your heart and at your home.