Saturday, May 22, 2010

Islamic republic of double standard

I am going to look at different angle to the reception of mothers of three American hikers in Iran. These American mothers traveled to Iran to visit their children that imprisoned in Evin prison. Islamic republic of Iran orchestrated the perfect opportunity to influence world public opinions by their so-called Islamic compassion; allowed international media to cover the emotional reunion of these mothers and their children.
This happens in the ever expanding shadow of arbitrary arrests and continuing news of  torture, rape and abuse in prisons.

I just want to touch down on one thing in this post. The difference of reception and treatment of American mothers and their children and Iranian mothers. While I am happy that these mothers got the opportunity to meet their children in one of the best hotels in Tehran, at the same time it makes me sad to see Iranian mothers are lining in front of Evin and other prisons that may they get chance to visit their children. Let's go through this with following photos. These photos speak volumes.

In the video, one of the American hikers say they have good food, medical care, reading material and Television. Why Iranian prisoners don't get such treatment in Evin prison? Isn't it the very same notorious Evin prison that these young American hikers kept there? The only news I know of Evin prison is torture, rape, abuse and inhuman treatment.

Followings photos are showing Iranian moms and dads in front of the very same Evin prison, looking for piece of information about whereabouts of their children, whether they have been imprisoned there or not. Some of them were asking to grant them a visit with their loved ones. Although these photos has been taken in aftermath of disputed presidential election crisis in 2009 but doesn't change the fact that Iranians go through and live with lack of justice and double standards everyday.

Photos courtesy of daylife: 1, 2, 3 and norooznews


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