Wednesday, May 12, 2010

No burial, No funeral for families of 5 Kurdish

Iranian judicial won't deliver bodies of 5 executed Kurdish prisoner to their families. Families will be informed about their children's burial place in future. Also families warned about funeral ceremony.

"They have decided keep the bodies. They informed us they will bury bodies themselves and will advise families about burial place after couple of days"
lawyer of three executed prisoners, Khalil Bahramian said. Iranian authorities fear protests during burial ceremony.

You may have hard time to believe what you read, even some of you might think this is propaganda against Islamic republic of Iran! But it is not. Let me give you an example of Islamic Iran's hysterical history. Back in 1988, Islamic establishment summarily executed political opponents of regime and buried them in mass graves in unknown locations. Authorities didn't disclose burial location with families for years.

Hat tips: Rooz


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