Monday, May 10, 2010

Protests against Political Executions in Iran

The sudden execution of 5 Kurdish political prisoner outraged many Iranians. Iranian people condemned this new wave of executions by demonstrating in Kurdistan region of Iran and abroad in front of Iranian embassies on May 9th 2010.

Protest in Koln

The other videos captured in low quality so here are the links, Protest in Sanandaj the capital of the Iranian province of Kurdistan and in Paris, France. It seems new wave of protests against execution of political prisoners in Iran are under way.

There is another harsh reality that Reformists, like always, didn't condemned these executions and Green people in general rarely participated in these kind of protests. Reformists usually take same stance as hardliners about execution of ethnic minorities in Iran. If you take a look at videos, it is hard to spot one or two pro-Green people among protesters.

Update: The idea that Mousavi should have condemn these executions was hot topic in Iranian social networks in a same day that execution news broadcasted. After one day, Mousavi issued an statement on his website, only questioning lack of news about due process, trial and hearing procedures in Judiciary.


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