Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Iranian blogger in court

I heard today that Hossein Derakhshan had his first court appearance after 21 months imprisonment. I am not sure I should feel happy for him that he finally appeared in a court or I should be worry about the court sentence and his future.

You know, as an Iranian blogger I wish him well and I do not want to see any blogger in prison only because they express their thoughts and opinions in weblogs. Mr. Derakhshan as a blogger had ups and downs, like everyone else but at the end, he turned out to be leaning towards Islamic republic. He slowly became outright defender of Islamic revolution's doctrine, and acted like a true apologist. His change of mood didn't quite fit well in Iranian blogosphere.

He eventually became way too extreme that even he supported Iran's policy on executions and Iran's corrupted judicial system. e.g. Yaghoob Mehrnehad was an Iranian blogger who later executed on July 2008. Back then Derakhshan supported that execution sentence too, because he considered Yaghoob Mehrnehad as a separatist. Derakhshan held abhorrent views about Human rights and Iranian dissidents.

He has been detained without due process in prison for a long time now so I hope he changed for good but nevertheless, I defend his rights and freedom although I detest what he said and stood for.

Hat tips: farsnews


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