Friday, June 11, 2010

They never had the opportunity to dance

The judge asked "what is your family background? Are they all dancers?" She laughed and said: "No, well, my mom, actually both my parents are from Iran and they obviously never had the, my mom, is actually here, um she has always wanted to be a dancer, so..."

The judge continues "are you saying your mom wasn't allowed to dance in Iran?" she gasped: "No, she tried to...she said she stretched know."


In Iran music was forbidden for a long time since 1979-1980 so dance too. These arts considered against Sharia law and means to corrupt society.

Mohammed Khordadian is an Iranian dancer who was living in Los Angeles. He was performing and giving dance lessons outside of Iran. His mother died in Iran so he returned back home, then later he was arrested and jailed in solidarity confinement. He was charged for "spreading corruption on earth". He was sentenced to whipping and also was banned from leaving Iran for 10 years. (Sources: BBC, Khordadian video, Khordadian wikipedia)

You might think this is an old story sometime about post revolutionary time in early days of 1979. I have a news for you, you are wrong. It happened in 2002 when Khatami, a reformist was president. I do not remember what exactly happened but I think under International pressure, later they permitted Mohammed Khordadian to leave Iran.

There have been dance classes only for women in past 10 - 15 years (I am not really sure about the exact year that dance classes finally got permission to operate) but still they are not allowed to perform in public.

So at the end, if you have the opportunity, I hope...yeah, I hope you dance.

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