Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Death threat against a blogger by radicals

I talked to some Iranian bloggers and all told me to go public about these threats and write down some of them here. I removed all cursing and foul language out and I write down here some of the threats that you can make sense of what these fanatics are all about:

  • I cut your throat
  • I pray god to take off your eyes
  • I swear if I see you i will choke you with my bare hands
  • I know well your worst end, remember that remember that
  • Now I will kill you. Allah is great.
  • The death is coming to you soon soon.
  • You will die in bad wayyyyy and slowly and u will see inshallah
  • and so on.
I have laid low for quite long long time and I've had good reasons to do that, trust me on this. So make no mistake, this is not publicity stunt and I am not looking to attract attention of any sort, in fact I still did not want to go public about it although constant threats have brought my life to a standstill. In 2009, I stopped writing for couple of months but it didn't help either. Unfortunately during all these years these threats never stopped and went from bad to worse and it makes me to believe these threats have been organized and are systematic.

I have publicly criticized Iranian human rights violations, Islamic doctrine and practices, Iranian public policy and etc. I believe these systematic threats organized by government agencies, radical mullahs and some fanatics here and there. Some of the blogs I write for include the following:
I am pro-free speech and anti-censorship, so I can not stop defending the values of modern world. If I stop writing as I did in 2009, my life turns to a melancholy so as long as I am okay, there is no stopping here and that's a promise.

Freedom of speech may sound unpleasant and offensive to some but in fact it also secures everyone's right to discuss and bring reasonable arguments on the table. Freedom of speech is crucial for civil society and every individual's mind and thought, and in today's world no one has a right to avoid being offended but death threats is different story!

I deeply appreciate all the support that you have given to me, specially from Andrew Ford Lyons in Committee to Protect Bloggers that instantly published an article and condemned these threats, Alistair and couple of  friends that I am not sure I can name them but I owe all of them a debt of gratitude.


  1. oh don't stop - I am not religious and yet I do consider the Dalai Lama to have some wise thoughts - Patience safeguards our inner composure: we are in a stronger position to judge an appropriately non-violent response than if we are overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions. It is the opposite of cowardice, which arises when confidence is lost as a result of fear. Being patient means we remain firm even if we are afraid.

    Take care of yourself and keep safe and know that what you write is so so well received

  2. hope bloggers recognize the threats from radicals and stand up all together to stop this nonsense once for all

    Stand firm buddy

  3. Natarsim, natarsim. Ma hame ba ham hastim.
    (Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid. We are all in this together.)

  4. You write a good blog and I encourage you to continue, but not at the cost of your life. Be strong and be careful. Take care.

  5. I admire your honesty and courage to speak out the truth but be careful. You should know better that the fanatics don't respect human life nor the freedom you talk about. forget rotten gods, free speech and save yourself

  6. I did not write for couple of months but it didn't change anything and I almost lost my sanity.

    I don't think self censorship is the viable option, how about the next blogger or atheist? what they should do?

    I think your support and also your strong condemnation of death threats in order to silence a blogger, will be go a long long way.

  7. Death is their cult thats all they believe in plus when they slip which they will their dead.The Iranian people will win.Some of these people sending threats are paid agents and some are friends or family members of smelly islamo fascist regime.The only cure is Piff Puff !!

  8. Disgusting how can anyone say I will kill you and take their God's name after that. This is why Islam is terrorism while other religions are peace they can never in a million years call to kill someone and then take their God's name.All the muslims out there who CHOOSE to follow Islam and I say choose because I know in many parts of the world you are forced to follow Islam, either forced to convert to it like how many Pakistanis kidnapped Hindus and Christians in Pakistan and forced them to convert or how in Egypt Coptic Christians particularly girls are kidnapped and forced to convert to pisslam, BUT the muslims in the west and in Europe shame on you! You are so brainwashed by this cult and fed lies about how it's peace since childhood I get it, but open your minds and learn about Islam. Do your research.