Saturday, July 31, 2010

Iranian reformist self propaganda

Following picture was taken on June 17, 2009 five days after disputed presidential election. The picture reads that Ahmadinejad is worse than Nazism and Fascism but wait a minute, Ahmadinejad has been president only for 5 years, before him all these mullahs and reformists who happen to be opponent of Ahmadinejad nowadays, had the power, and we, Iranians situation if it wasn't worse than today, it wasn't better too.

Let's be honest, Ahmadinejad and revolutionary clans are epiphenomenon of Islamic republic of Iran. What Ahmadinejad, Basij militia and revolutionary guards are doing today has been done and said when Mousavi was then, the prime minister. One only needs to look at the archives of papers of those days.

I mentioned back then that there are two forces, one is people movement and the other one is green movement. Green movement is a fractions among political elites of Islamic republic of Iran and people movement has been around since the beginning of Islamic republic in Iran on 1979. While reformists trying only to portray Ahmadinejad as a bad guy in Islamic republic, people's movement has targeted whole Islamic republic. They know enough that the Islamic republic is a pernicious regime.

Mind you that I don't defend Ahmadinejad in anyway. In fact I have been criticizing his policies and atrocities for quite a long time but I am also fed up with reformists' hypocrisy and self propaganda.

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  1. you're right. One needs only to read this to see Mousavi's involvement in past atrocities

  2. Hello,

    There are many reasons to critisize reformists, for sure. Kahatami for example had a great chance for big changes, that where wasted by him and his administration. Sure.

    But "Iranians Situation" was better, I think:
    The present of Bassij-militia on the streets was not more there 6 years ago. Student organizations got money from the government, today most of them are forbidden. Attacking of Religion-Police (komite) has raised enormously after Ahamdinejad got the power. Economic Sitaution is much worse than on Khatami's time.

    Do you mean also Khatami's era by writing "Iranians situation if it wasn't worse than today, it wasn't better too." or the first decade of IR, as the reformists were not reformists till that time?

    Dust and Trash

  3. Hi

    I know they were not reformists in the fist decade but they have been claiming they were even different back then and they are truly faithful to that period of time! How? I don't know.

    Ahmadinejad government is Basij and revolutionary guards government, so what do you expect? They appear more than ever in public scenes but don't forget that the very same groups had streets on their hand in the first two decades of Islamic republic too.

    I know they were not reformists in the fist decade but they have been claiming they were even different back then and they are truly faithful to that period of time! How? I don't know.

  4. Hello and thank you for answering.

    I don't know either; how? ( a question every one of have asked himeself)

    But I could imagine that some use Khomeini as a protective shield. At least some.

    On the other side not all the reformists say that they are faithful to that time. For example Abdollah Nuri (may be he is an exception) or Tajzadeh questioned that time.

    So I think you would agree with me, that Iraninas Situation in Khtami's era whas better than now?

  5. IRAN BEDAR!!! These people are the same people as in 1979 dont let them trick you the KKK only look out for each other.Islam is their stick and the Quran their God.Dont buy into this Green movment at all they are just buying time.Its like Hitler puts forward 3 candidates Himmler,Goering,Goebels and then askes you to choose and they all work with in the frame work of the NAZI state.They are all KILLERS!MA MELLAT IRAN HASTIM!!

  6. Curse the Islamic regime and all its so called reformist scum.Death to all traitors and free loaders(mozdors va mehan forosh)that dirty mullas tomb shall be turned into car park.

  7. @ Dust and Trash

    Sorry to get back at you late. I know one or two reformists started to question some of the wrongdoings of the past but compare to loud and clear voice of reformist leaders who wish to return to so called "Khomeini's golden period"...this is nothing.

    Do you wanna know Iranian so-called reformists truly? Look at their history. Akbar Ganji, a reformist himself, in a comparative analysis fashion, proved that reformists governed as equally as conservative when they were in power and it is highly unlikely they would change their course of action.

    That article was in Persian langauge, if you look it up, I am sure you will find it.


  9. Sag berinnie tu ghabre hendi zadeh.Va reedam tu halq hammashoon.

  10. What reformists islam is not for reforming they follow the line of iman and thats that.They only understand force [zoor].God bless REZA SHAHS SOUL he knew how to handle them.If only he had a little more time to finish those BASTERDS off!Now the people must pull thier braces up and end them for good.