Thursday, July 22, 2010

Welcome to Islamic Republic of Sweden

This article is published on All Voices on July 21, 2010.

I’ve been meaning to write about this for awhile now but there were too many things would come up but last night I thought I should sit down and write this piece. On 11 May 2010, Muslim protesters assaulted a Swedish artist Lars Vilks while he was giving a lecture about limits of artistic freedom in a university in Sweden. Muslims that knew Lars is going to lecture in Uppsala University had planned to stop his speech.

Once Lars presented drawing of a cartoon of the Islam’s prophet, Muhammad, angry Muslims attacked him and one of them managed to strike Lars with his head . Police had to use baton and paper spray to hold off angry Muslims.

Why these Muslims would want to attend to the lecture that they know they might get offended by the subject? and why they did want to stop Lars from giving lecture? The answer to these questions lies withing domination of Muslims and Islamic ideology to non-Muslim world which Islamists on this video pursue it.

In Islam generally people classified as either Muslim or non-believer, well seems Muhammad cut a little slack for other Abrahamic religions and called them people of the book. So from Islamic viewpoint followers of Abrahamic religions are believers but not as much as Muslims and they have to convert as soon as possible. In Islam non-believes don’t deserve a life, they are corrupting society and other Muslim minds. In Sharia law a retribution defined for murdering a Muslim but for murdering a non-believer there is nothing. Muslims have always gotten away with murdering non-believers.

Islam says its the last religion that god send to his slaves and Muhammad is the last prophet, so Islam is the superior religion. According to this ideology Muslims have to put all their efforts together to win through all other beliefs and thoughts and prevail Islam. In this ideology there is no place for a non-believer, and if a non-believer dare to find fault with Islam then he certainly should be crushed and that alone will set an example for the rest of non-believers.

Is this ideology alarming for you? If you do not find anything wrong with it, or if you don’t care to what happened to Lars on this video, trust me this is not going to stop there. One day you will wake and next thing you know, you do not have the right to speak about Islam. With higher Muslim birth rate in world, if the radical ideas would spread then there would impossible to stop it and this should concern you.


  1. What about "Everybody draw Mohammed Day"

    "Religion is a severe mental illness created roughly 6000 years ago, at the same time as the Earth. Since then, religion has been one of the biggest sources of drama, faggotry, and unwarranted self-importance in the world today, secondary only to the internet".

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  3. profanity should not be allowed in any type of media, it has a chilling effect on the expression of ideas and serves no benefit to any one. in writing about religion specially islam,90 out of 100 muslim have different interpretation of their understanding of islam, so it is not fair to generalize,also some people are very sensitive and may have a violent reaction when it comes to their deeply rooted believes,it is necessary to learn how to live with them peacefully, they may have a good side that can amaze you, once they realize that you are not disrespecting them.

  4. What a bunch of retarded people, ALL this over a cartoon - they need to cheer up man!

    Do you know how many cartoons and things we have made of us Jews and Israelis, but we have never cared to fight and kill just over a stupid picture! It shows the level of maturity in these people is as low as it gets...

    It also shows how insecure they are about their religion, that 1 picture can mess it all up for them!

    Israel Muse

  5. Israel Muse who are you kidding? we have jews as radical as muslims. you have to be fair some jews will kill over a cartoon. you and i are cool but not all jews are like us...

  6. but agreed they are retarded

  7. Yeah, all they got to say at said cartoon is. "hey, that's not him" rather than taking the cartoon for an actual portrayal of him. You could argue that a Transformer (robots in disguise) was Mr M, but i am sure they would be offended with that. Best not name anyone or anything Mohammed just in case someone gets the wrong impression.

    Oliver Stone the director simply called his movie "Ali" after the boxer. Good call. Might have got him into trouble otherwise.

  8. Michael Mann directed 'Ali'. Get it right Anonymous or you will burn in hellfire four all eternity you motherless son of santa's rancid elf!!

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  10. I am sorry to see that you have so many hateful people commenting on your insightful blog.

    Keep up the good work.

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  14. the no1 victim of islam are muslims(mainly their women and children)...