Saturday, July 17, 2010

Suicide bombings in Iran's Baluchistan

I strongly condemn terrorism of any kind; grouped or state terrorism. In my opinion, any act to create terror and endanger safety of unarmed civilians, is just unacceptable. But that's my point of view.

This terrorist act carried out by Jundallah , a Sunni militant group on July 16, 2010 in Baluchistan in south-eastern Iran. This is terrible but it is going to be worse if Islamic Iran doesn't change its policies towards Sunni Muslims in Iran. The Shitte ruling class have harshly crushed any little dissent or even complain in Sunni areas in Iran and they have made sure to keep the Sunni regions of Iran underdeveloped and very poor that Sunnies wouldn't have enough resources and means to look for independence. That's worrisome for Iran.

But authorities have gone too far, the constant discriminating against Sunnis, punishing Sunni activists with death penalty and destroying Sunni mosques and seminary schools (I put video above), all together, have only festered hate and turned Balouchi resistance to a militant group backed up by Wahhabi fundamentalist. Don't get me wrong, I am not in favor of mosques of any kind but this is only my observation from politics of the region.

In 2008, I reported about execution of an Iranian blogger, Yaghoob Mehrnehad which he was a balouch ethnic from Baluchistan. Later on, anonymous sources mentioned that Yaghoob Mehrnehad was dead from excessive torture that he was gone through. Mehrnehad 's brother started to report on his brother so authorities in order to shut him down, imprisoned him. I think he is still in prison. Baluch people believe, they live in "forgotten land".

I have traveled through Iran, in North, South, East and West and I have met Sunnis of any ethnic. Islamic Shiite authorities tormented Sunni people on every corner of this country but I found them friendly and generous. They might not have much but they are proud and living their simple lives, they want to have a say in Iranian politics, a little participation, if you will and I am sure as long as Iranian authorities look at Sunni minorities like an outsider, this problem will last longer.


  1. please see this, this is one of the Salafi Kuwait member of Kuwait parliament accuses I ran government of killing the Sunni in Iran and he threatens Iran and says he will retaliates against Iran it is important to highlight what he is saying he is threatening Iran government clearly and he is supported by members of the royal family
    this is the youtube

  2. Thanks, if I recollect correctly it was about last year that I read this stuff in Persian blogosphere. what do you think?