Sunday, August 8, 2010

Divine death sentences in Islamic Iran

Following photo reads: "Do you know that General Prosecutor's Office and Islamic Revolution court has carried out the divine death sentences for 18 corrupted and criminal people in Ahvaz last year." This photo was taken in Ahvaz city in Iran in past two months.

Following photo announces two separate executions on different times and locations:

It reads:

"Execution Event
Execution of drug trafficker [s]
Date: Wednesday March 10, 2010  Time: 4 pm
Location: Ramadan alley

Execution of armed thief [or thieves] and enemy of God and His Prophet (Pbuh)
Date: Saturday March 13, 2010  Time: 4 pm
Location: Naseri sq"

In above announcements were not specified that they were going to execute one or more people.

Last photo courtesy of Haghighatnews


  1. Dudes, I've got a lot of respect for you do! Keep up the good work.

  2. what you mean it's kind of an event.....that people like to go and watch? It makes me lose faith in humans.......infact sometimes I don't want to be part of the human gang anymore..........

    Is there anymore news on Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani ? I was wondering if all the hostage taking of her lawyers' wife and family was trying to detract from her plight......

    I was reading a piece by Asadi, a journalist who now lives in Paris and has written a book 'Letters to my Torturer'

    "When I met him in prison, he was a nice person, someone who always had a smile. He was a real believer who would read the Koran and pray and weep and sob loudly. He was of a happy nature and understood literature. In general, he was a positive person. Since he came to power, the world has changed. As a matter of fact, I think the image I have given of Khamenei and the image we have from him now demonstrate what power does to people, how it turns a tortured prisoner into someone who is in charge of hundreds of torturers and who tortures others through them.

    RFE/RL: What would you tell Khamenei if you could talk to him right now?

    Asadi: On a cold winter day in 1975, I was about to be transferred from the cell we'd been sharing. [Khamenei], who was very thin, was shaking. I was wearing a sweater, which I took off and gave to him. He first resisted and didn't want to take it. When he finally accepted it and put it on, we hugged each other. He cried and told me, "Houshang, when Islam will come to power, not a single tear will be shed."

    I would like to ask him, "Mr. Khamenei, do you remember what you said that day? Now that you've become the most powerful ruler in the history of Iran, is no tear being shed? Or, on the contrary, are we witnessing tragedies that are unprecedented in the history of Iran?"

  3. @ Andy

    Thanks man, same here. You have a nice blog over there to.

  4. @ Esther

    Yes it is an announcement for public execution event. Barbaric, medieval, dark ages? yeah

    This is graphic but you can watch one these barbaric public execution events.

    Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is still in prison. After this much world's attention on this case,
    mullahs should be crazy to execute her.

    Also Mostafaei's wife released from prison too
    No, I do not think so that authorities were trying to detract attentions from her, nope, although Mostafaei was very diplomatic in his human rights activities but Iran couldn't let him to bring shame for Islamic Iran chronically corrupted islamic judiciary.

    They couldn't take it anymore so they had to make him run away for his life.

    I heard one or two things about Asadi.

  5. Thankfully, he is safe in Norway now I believe and I also heard yesterday that his wife and father-in-law had been released.

    I think it's the power and corruption and sckewed?? (I'm not sure actually how to spell that word) way of looking at everything that I find so perplexing

    I don't know if you heard that a couple of days ago in Afghanistan, 10 aid workers were shot dead. The English woman among them, who was a doctor, was an humanitarian - no religious beliefs and yet she cared so strongly and passionately about her work and the Afghanis and wrote an amazingly inciteful and witty blog about her time there. I think it's probably only a matter of time before someone will make it into a book or a film or something....anyway that's another story.......but what I find so so depressing and sad is that anyone could feel enough hate to kill people because either they don't believe the same way...or...because they value human life so little.

  6. Some usa states do it as well believe it or not, not in public but they bring witnesses to watch and sign that the execution has been carried out. Usually a few members of the prosecutor and the defendants families are present. They film it as well Nasty ha?!!!!!