Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Islamic republic of India

Whenever I see a group Muslims protest like following pictures, it just reminds me of how radicals protests in Iran. I have never seen they protest like cool and easy, instead it is intense and they always struggle with one another and its full of emotional and physical force!  i.e. Basij protest against British embassy.

The above photos are about Indian Shiite Muslims that held a protest against the economic, trade, scientific and military sanctions against Iran by U.S. and Israel, in New Delhi July 30, 2010.

India has a good business relationship with Iran and the sanctions will hurt Indian businesses too.

Photos courtesy of daylife 1, 2, 3


  1. Like many Indians i've always believed there's no such thing as an Indian muslim, only traitorous pakistanis in disguise who got left behind on the wrong side of the border in order to forment violence and continually undermine India.

    These followers of the arab religion in India clearly care more about Iran and the muslim Ummah than they do about their own country, just like the ayatollahs in Iran care more about Lebanon and the Palestinians than their own people.

    As for "Islamic republic of India" it already exists, its called Pakistan!

  2. Iam Iranian and I say India will not become islamic state why? Because Iranians will kick out islamo fascists out of Iran to die for ever!Dont forget my friends Iran was here before islam and will be here after islam!Pakistan was born in islam and will die in islam!India is a strong nation with history it has nothing to fear but fear it self !

  3. Islamic Radicalism will grow in India and Indonesia faster than you think

  4. Islam is the single biggest threat and disease that mankind faces....Islam is like AIDS and Cancer put together....and god willing, the Iranians (not the stupid islamic iranians, but the cultured Iranians who are aware of their grand history and lineage from the times of Ardeshir, Xerxes and Darius!)and Indians (again, not the pseudo-secular INC idiots..but those that remember what it was to be a proud Hindu from the times of the Mauryas to the Vijaynagar empire) will obliterate that cess pool called pakistan first....and then co-operate so that, Iran can focus west and get rid of the camel-shit eating islamic arabs, and India can take care of the stupid eastern ulemas of Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines......The world will really stand to gain a lot by this!

  5. don't understand why Islam are always like this.
    India should only allows Hindu and Buddhist, please....

  6. idiot comments from stupid teenager

  7. idiot comments from stupid teenager

  8. idiot comments from stupid teenager

  9. I always thought that Indian muslims are Indians first and muslim second and that they would fight for India and for Kashmir against Pakistan when and if it is needed. Muslims are a minority in India and I would love to keep it that way IF Islam takes over we would be left back in the stoneages and all the work done by Hindus that gave India honor and made the the great country that it is today all the doctors,scientists,engineers,etc Hindus are some of the most intelligent people on the planet. Any country that is fully Islamic is way behind in the stonage and they will never recover. Look at the state of Pakistan today, it's called a failed state by the UN, the floods,which I must say they deserved and so many human rights problems. Pakistanis kidnap Hindus and Christians in Pakistan and force them to become muslims. Pakistan is said to be wiped off the map by 2020 by U.S and India takes all of Kashmir back. Hoepfully that say comes very soon because let's get real Pakistan and terrorism are the biggest threat to India. Blame the Arabs for this, they enforced their sh*tty, barbaric religion on all South Asians which divided India into so many different pieces I can't see Bharat Mata being divided anymore by losing our beautiful Kashmir. I ask all South Asians to leave Islam it was forced on us! Why practice a religion of the very people who raped your ancestors? Islam spread by the sword and that is how it went from Saudi Arabia to India,Iran,Afghanistan,Egypt,Lebanon,etc.

  10. Lets start with Iran because Iran is the country that has sufferd the most by islamic tyranny.This will happen when filthy islamic regime falls by the hands of its own people.

  11. stupid assholes who dont have the level of understanding and weird sicko's of blasphemy (supporters of the west) dont posses the right to make judgement for others or even for themselves

  12. india use to be ruled by muslim, and guess who invided india the muslim.india belonge to the muslim who live in india and pakistan.
    they were so nice to let hindus live in their country.

  13. islam will take over the world some day and that day is close

  14. @Anonymous..Islam will take over the world?Dream on!You work in burger king right? Just stick to flipping burgers you loser.

  15. if islam infringes on life liberty and the pursut
    of happiness , then only the ignorant will follow

  16. Hilarious.

    We call indian muslim PAKISTANI.

    No LAWS apply to them.

    Muslims in india is know for. (ex Movie star,sportsmen )

    1) Stealing
    2) Rioting
    3) Baby production ( What is with ISLAM and population explosion????? )It has nothing to do with poverty or lack of education. look everywhere around the world.
    4) Paying no tax.
    5) Land grab. I doubt if any indian muslim have bought a property LEGALLY. Hehe
    6) Hatred towards INDIA.
    7) Treason

    Muslims in india only prefer two jobs

    1) Sports
    2) Entertainment Industry

    And if all fails.........
    3) Trading, Even if it mean hawking of T-SHIRTs. ( Land stolen also the merchandise)

    Isn't it strange the same INDIAN MUSLIM would go to ARABIA to clean ARAB toilets.

    If any of the above job is not available then they would simply loiter around.

  17. Muslims can never, ever be loyal to their nation, especially if they are a minority in that nation and non-Muslims are the majority. The first and foremost loyalty of Muslims of India will always remain to Muslims, be it in Palestine, or Iraq or Pakistan.

  18. Bamsef ,Mulnivasi Sangh, Bharat Mukti Morcha etc are hand in hand with muslim traitors, fundamenatalists . Main and only motive is to handover this nation to radical Pakistnis to make 100 % muslim country . Unfortunately for this horrible mission they are using the names of great persons like Dr Babaso ,Mahatma Phule etc .Without war, just with high growth rate of production (population ) ,they wish to achieve this .How ever one should be proud of Muslims who are in main stream,peace loving, and really secular .

  19. ya islamisation of india... may be 2090 or end of this century. i think what muslims did with kashmiri pandits(3,00,000) will happen with the remaining 10-20% hindus who will not convert and are not murdered as kaffirs
    they will have to run from their homeland just like parsis did from persia but am sure many poor hindus sikhs buddhists non-muslims will die in this treachery

  20. As I m proud Hindu n member of RSS , we will always fight against Islam n make India a Hindu nation one day , that day will come soon ..jai hind