Thursday, May 19, 2011

Islam disturbs Iranian evolution.

Our human species evolves in long-term; our people in Iran could have continued evolving into their advanced culture if the process had not been inhibited by the Muslims’ invasion 1400 years ago. The protagonists of the invasion are today the current Islamic authorities who can never be in harmony with the evolution of moral and democratic views of today’s man.

This 1400-year old belief system was politically re-grafted on our society after the 1979 revolution. During the anti-Shah revolution, people were looking for a quick demise of the Shah’s dictatorship while were not aware of a totalitarian state which could flick out of Islam -- a bitter ignorance for which we are today paying a colossal price. The politicised Islam under the Mullahs’regime has since 1979 committed the most hideous crimes. On its black records, one routinely sees torture, rape before execution of many thousands political prisoners, application of Sharia by stoning, amputation, lashes, state terrorism (chained killings, kidnappings, mass killings in / out of the country). All these crimes are well-documented.

Of course some non-Semitic religions like Hinduism, Buddhism, Confucius, Baha’i or nature religions in some African tribes reflect their direct cultures and are the outcome of their daily lives, wishes, and ideals. For them, the faith is tending towards the emergence of their needs. They qualify their faith as a source of morality what consists in acting and living in such a way. They understand their human conditions because faith suggests a supreme being(s), a pathway to an ideal life here and after. All these aspects of these religions cannot objectively explain Iranians’ belief in Islam. We see the faith as a false patch imposed on our culture. The reason is that Islam has never been intellectually or morally discussed by any Iranian intelligentsia. From 1400 years ago on, the Muslim men of sword prohibited such contemplation.

The evolution cannot be accepted by Islam because it considers itself as the only and last valid religion to guide mankind for all time. The 1400-year-old imposed Islam demands omnipresent role in daily attitudes of Iranians whose ancestors were once forced to believe in it and today are forced or mesmerised to follow. Islam with its dictates-teachings on murder, rape, torture, enslavement, humiliation, misogyny is today the legacy of the Islamic regime. All these immoral commands of 1400-old- religion show deteriorations, but contain no impulse of evolution for any Muslim community. Little scientific progress in the Golden Age of Islamic Caliphates was not because of Islam, but despite of it. Indeed the Islamic rough credo constrained the scale of a normal evolution.

As an omnipresent, omniscient, Islam has continued to remain for many centuries as a pivot character formation, mindset and moral pattern of our mesmerised Muslims without being any impetus for their evolution. The entire evolution in programming causes and effects have strategies of temporal changes, what actually would be considered un-Islamic for the two following reasons:

1-feeling that a change is highly appropriate for each phenomenon, including people’s thoughts, feelings, morality and faith seem to discord major teaching of Islam as a totalitarian social order;

2-furthermore it opposes its anti-evolutionary behaviour.

Concretely, formation of institutionalised morality in a level of the international institutions like the Human Rights Organisation, Amnesty International, The Hague Court etc., step up worldwide moral evolution. Such a morality protects our national interests and sovereignty which are today jeopardised by the Islamic regime. Iran is not the only country with a crisis of totalitarian regimes, but the only one with a totalitarian regime which is also characterised as an occupying force. Iran needs more international support than other Arabic oppressed nations because Iranians do not fight against their totalitarian regime, but they want to free themselves from an Islamic occupier force.

We know that, unfortunately, a number of factors stand over humanitarian factors. Historically meant, the “civilised” world is not that civilised and so evolved to avoid sacrificing its humanitarian values for the lucrative interests, but our species could only survive if it is adaptive to the basic humanitarian values. However after all, in a clash with religion, the West created these humanitarian institutions. Their values trigger our integration into international community and make us more vigilant to protect ourselves. The more isolated we are, the more we can be trampled by aggressors of inside or outside of our country.

My issue is that Islam and evolution are like fire and water, two complete opposites. I do not mean that Islam can eternally stop the motion of evolution, but can disturb, slow down and charges it with huge human casualties. I am not evoking the clashes between creationism and evolutionism help Iranians, what another topic is. What seems to me important is the fact that all Semitic religions propagated their credo based on the mindset of people. These are more or less formed in a historical process by the interaction of people’s cultures and psychological needs, let alone the fact that none of them proves a source of divinity and all of them have been historically fooling masses.

Those old cultures which shaped up religions are not representative today, therefore all Semitic religions, expect Islam, had to be reformed and updated. Because of its multifaceted nature of a totalitarian social order, Islam cannot be reformed; otherwise it loses all its sense. It is incompatible to our today's criteria and the philosophy of life, especially for conscious Iranians who feel themselves today as the 1400-year-old hostages of their captor, Islam, what represents today the Islamic regime.


  1. I hope you keep writing about the situation in Iran. Good luck.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, I will do so.

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  4. Yes, 1979 was a huge turning point for Iran and the people were usurped by the religious leaders.
    However, the true repression began with Britain and its attitude toward Iran and Iranians that led to a democratic government that began to nationalize the oil. I firmly agree with this past government's needs.
    The CIA entered and created a coup.

  5. @Ron...The people of Iran where more religious at that time because of rapid modernization of the country by the imperial government so they turned to their traditional religious leaders for solutions.Khomeini knew that most Iranians would have not excepted them so they lied how they would give FREE gas,electric,oil and bus rides if they take power and also women rights would not be touched the rest is history as we know he was a utter lyre.As for 1953 it was not as some say it was a lot of Iranians did not like communists and other extremist gangs the very same people who rule Iran today which was delayed by 25 years.Truth is Iranians did not have democracy previous to 1953 the shah and parliament approved of the prime minister but the prime minister went against the constitution and turned against the king.The CIA and British take to much credit for what happened in 1953 it was the Iranian army and sane people of Iran whom took action to save the country from destruction until 1979.The shah was not perfect but who is? But he was damn sight better than what we have today!So to sum it up Iran was not ready for democracy in 1953 and nor in 1979 the result was khomeini and his merry men and the Shah was the constitutional leader from 1941 after Reza Shah well before 1953 so he was not just put there from thin air plus Iran was not Europe and did not have democracy previous to 1953 and still is not a democracy but a extreme Islamic Fascist state.The good news is that the Iranian people want this leadership and system to go and die and hopefully have a democracy be it constitutional monarchy or republic by the people for the people.

  6. If I had a time machine i wud kill the guys who made religions.

  7. Keep writing, my friend, just keep writing. I thank you from Spain, a country fighting for centuries against catholic repression over any aspect of human life. Freedom is possible.
    I shake your hand.

  8. Hi,
    I’m a french young man and yesterday i saw a documentary about the Islamic Republic of Iran. I’m too far to watch exactly what is really true and what is false.
    But I analyzed that the state of Iran functions with two big systems:

    1) The kingdom of terror on the people (in generally also opposition and members of the majority).
    2) The devaluation of the opposition (= The Great Leader make something good for people in name of God but the dumb students are like pigs and we (the government) have to fight, to hurt and sometimes to kill them for their soul in respect of humanity, God, Mohammed …)

    It results that two kind of people live in Iran (like before in Third Empire of Germany):
    - The people who are for the Great Leader ( 1) because they approve his ideas, they are religious (in muslim religion), 2) because they are terrified.
    - The others who are against the Great Leader, the ideas, they want something other.

    The government of Iran feed this opposition between the pro and the contra Great Leader and during the people for the Great Leader follows him (I mind Bassijis, policemens, army…) and approve his ideas NOBODY can stop his influence.

    1) No foreign force can help the iranic opposition: because it makes stronger the ideas of the Great Leader that “America”, “Israel” and “Europa” want to make something bad against Islam.
    2) If the opposition brokes (shops, pictures of the Great Leader…) it makes stronger the ideas that the opposition is jst a band of pigs to bring up. So it makes stronger the Pro-Leader.
    3) If the opposition evince, it makes Bassijis, policemen and army angry (because you evince against their convictions (and for them you are pigs and they are the “soldiers of Allah”).

    So what can we do?

    You have to begin a psychological war against the Pro Great Leader:

    Simply: the strategy will consist to broke their convictions, to show that another world is possible.

    The Islamic Republic of Iran lives on 3 principles:
    - the terror
    -the materialism of the people (I mean: “I must to live”)
    - the Islamic religion and her goodness for the people

    The target is not Khomeyni, the target is not Ammadinedjad. The target is the man and the woman behind the Bassaji, behind the policemen and behind the soldier.
     If you broke the convictions of Bassajis, policemens and soldiers, the Islamic Republic of Iran will die. Because, without soldiers, Bassajis and policemens Great Leader and his group can’t nothing, NOTHING.

  9. How?
    Stop to evince, stop to broke, stop to cry: just one thing: you have to be the most perfect muslim and to show that Allah is most important that “Islamic Republic of iran”.

     The ground of this war is psychological so it will be long and most of you HAVE to die.
    It will functions on this principle:
    The most of the bassajis, policemens and soldiers are 1) muslims pro Great Leader 2) humans (also children of God).

    The psychological strategy will be the following:
    “I’m a good muslim and my religion is better that “war”, “torture”, “violence” because my religion is positive, is the power of love”.

    Your arms will be:

    1) Don’t protest when a policeman hurt you, say just that you believe in Allah and that you forgive him.
    2) When a policeman (bassiji…) will shot you, don’t be afraid,put the gun on your head and when possible shot you. Generally show your happiness, show that YOU believe in God, you are happy to meet him and that you are not afraid about violence and materialism.
    3) Show that you believe, read Quran, pray on the street, show your faith.
    4) The most difficult but THE most important point of this psychological war: in front of the policemens, bassijis and soldiers commit suicides and show your happiness to live in the Eternal Iran of God (and not the Islamic Republic). Mens, womens, children: if many people die, soldiers, policemens and Bassijis can’t nothing and will stop their violences and you win.

    It will result:
    1) You show that you aren’t afraid with this government.
    2) YOU are good muslims so YOU are right
    3) With all this muslims brothers and sisters that die many soldiers, Bassijis and Policemens will begin psychological crisis: Am I in the right camp? Where are the pigs? I’m killing/hurting my brothers: they are muslims like me. I’m a murder because of this government. I stop my engagement in army.

    Most of you HAVE to die to destroy this government. Most of you don’t will see the results: a most democratic republic of Iran. That is for your children and children of children but be sure that another eternal world of freedom is ready for you.

    If I was in Iran, I will make that I said.

    In solidarity with you,

    (And I believe in the Eternal Spirit)


  10. I have to admit, I have not read the all the comments and I am not very clear who the author/owner of this blog, but I have to say, after looking into Iran over the past couple of years, I am so surprised at the beauty and the people. So bright and intelligent and should be included in global community.
    Regardless of the political and religous state of Iran ( or any country for that matter) I believe sanctions just creates havoc against people and does not punish government. So sad, that people of such intellect and 'know-how' are paying the price of government mistakes.
    Although I am not Iranian, I hope and dream one day that Iran will be totally included in global community---the people there are worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. I'm so happy to see you write again


  13. Nope.

    All of this is false.

    These are false information and actually Iran is the most developed country out of all the countries.

    It is now developing nuclear energy for its people and doing various other things. Iranians are getting more advanced because of Syed Ali Khamenei.

    The Iranians themselves decided to be free of communist rule for the Islamic Revolution in the following video called 'For Freedom':

    Just posting to tell you facts.

    Read the facts, not the hatred opinions.

    Go Khamenei!

  14. It would have been fantastic to see Iran evolve rather than devolve. The country has so much to offer the international community. It's a shame that years of bad fortune, bad governance, bad influences, and bad religion truncated those opportunities. I'm exceptionally glad to be an American but I deeply regret the hypocrisy of our foreign policy and the manipulation of other cultures. It may not have such a terrible lasting effect like the Islamic invasion, but it's just one more undeserved humiliation for the Iranian people. I hope that the natural course of evolution in culture will eventually overwhelm the Ayatollahs and give Iran its rightful place as a powerful regional influencer for a better quality of life and better citizenship in the world arena. Thanks for your insights Jahanshah.