Poker is a delightful game that marries the concepts of mathematics, human skill, and luck that is handed down or withheld by some pretty capricious rotten gods. This is partly why it has captured the interest and devotion of so many throughout the globe.

Luck is a valuable aspect of poker—it dictates the sort of cards that you get in your hand. It can also be responsible for spotting certain tells at key moments.

Rotten Gods is here to provide you all with a handy resource website that approaches the discussion of poker with humor. Our writers each have dozens of years of poker experience and will be sharing this with you.

This site will be discussing history, tips, strategy, and play styles from both the point of view of a play and an outsider. When understanding a game, it is important to take in views from different vantage points—this will bring on breakthroughs that are otherwise unavailable from your own point of view.

If you have any requests for discussions or any poker related questions, feel free to reach us at 216-578-3918. Feel free to go through our many categories and tongue-in-cheek articles that touch upon the different intricacies of a good poker game!